I’m watching the X-Factor right now b/c there isn’t much else on on TV right this second (I did watch Community and Parks & Rec… not the best episodes ever, but I love those shows like whoa regardless).

If I sang as bad as some of the people on this show, my family would have the decency to tell me. It really bothers me that the cockiest people on this show (and shows like American Idol) are usually the worst singers/performers. How does this happen? Why has no one been honest with them and told them that they are not God’s gift to performing. I mean, by all means, keep practicing and performing. But don’t expect to be the next American Idol or whatever.

I did not have a super productive day. I went to work this morning and was there for a few hours. I was super busy the whole time, so at least it went fast. I wasn’t able to take a break because the woman who was supposed to break me couldn’t b/c her work area was super busy too and she couldn’t leave. *sigh* I was going to run errands after work, but since I was dizzy by time I left, I opted to run them after work on Saturday.

I laughed on the way to my car, though, b/c I got a text from my mom saying that we could go to a movie at 4:00 – either Warrior or Drive.

I opted for Drive.

What an interesting film… I thought the color and text of the credits (neon pink, and sort of cursivey, but not really) was really great. Kinda 80s. The movie felt a bit 80s… probably because of Ryan Gosling’s white scorpion jacket.

(btw – take this guy on the X-Factor singing his original song “How We Make It”. I believe he thinks he is all that and a bag of organic potato chips. He’s a good singer, but I do not like his vibe. People who are that full of themselves make me want to hit them with a sock full of quarters. There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness. And he’s cocky.)

Anyway, Drive. I love love LOVED how little dialogue the Driver had. Ryan Gosling is one of the greatest actors of my generation and this movie was just one more example of how amazing he is at his craft. His eyes are so freakin’ expressing. His performance was mesmerizing – the range of emotions the Driver has to go through (sometimes within mere moments of each other) was intense.

(X-Factor – there is NO WAY this guy is 59… he looks so young!)

I knew Drive was going to be violent, but I didn’t know it was going to be *that* violent. I burst into a fit of giggles every time it got way violent because it was just so intense and that’s one of my coping mechanisms. (The same reason I laugh instead of scream on roller coasters… I often have the opposite reaction to whatever circumstance I am in. *shrug*) I really liked the movie, though. Solid cast. Great acting. (Carey Mulligan is amazing. AMAZING.)

(oh, this poor kid singing “Seasons of Love”… hell to the no 😦 )

Well… I’m gonna finish watching X-Factor and then read some.

Have a good one!