This will be a short post b/c I’m super tired (I got home from work an hour ago and have to be back early-ish in the morning).

I didn’t do much today – watched the last two episodes of Mad Men from Season 4. I figured out how to use my camera as a video camera, how to upload said video onto my computer and then edit/compress said video for a couple projects that I’ll need to do this weekend. (I’ve been practicing for my Glee Project audition, but I still need to go over the questions to answer for that reality/game show I got asked to submit a tape for.) I worked all afternoon/evening. Today at work, my manager asked me if I would take over as a specialist in my work area. I told her I needed to think about it for a little bit, but would get back to her soon. I think I am going to take the position, but I need to let her know about my intentions when it comes to how long I’ll be working there. As of right now, I need a week off around New Year’s, and I know that’s not possible with where I work, so I was going to have to quit (which I was hoping I would have another job lined up by then anyway). I don’t think my mom is too happy at the thought of me quitting my job to go on a trip with my friends and then not having something to fall back on. The truth is, I can’t be here anymore. I have felt like I waaaaaaaaaaay overstayed my welcome and I need to move on. Yes, I do not have a job or an apartment lined up yet. But, I really have my heart set on finding a job in/near NYC. I need to find a way to make that a reality sooner rather than later. *sigh*

And that’s about all that happened today…

Oh, except for I got home to find this HUGE Glee-related spoiler all over the Interwebs… (If you want to be SPOILED, then click this link.) What?!?!?!??!! Right?


I’m off to bed

Have a good one