I’m actually watching The Amazing Race and trying to find a video document on my computer at the same time. I uploaded a video I did for an audition and made a copy of it, but I’m having trouble finding the original video now, as I need to delete it b/c I am running out of room on my computer. (I just deleted 2GB of videos in order to try and make my computer go a little bit faster. Stupid .AVI files that are friggin’ huge… bah)

I had off from work today so I spent part of the day preparing for and filming an audition tape for a reality/game show I applied for the other week. I think my tape turned out pretty great. I usually don’t like to watch myself on video, but I think what I put together for this tape was pretty great. I would not be surprised if I don’t get a callback, but it was fun putting the video together. I need to make another video later this week for my Glee Project audition… At the very least, it should be ten bajillion times better than my audition for the first season 🙂

So, on the job hunt front, I never heard back from that phone interview I did the other week. Here’s what I’m thinking – I likely would have gotten the job if I lived in the city where the job was for. I also think that the ideas I had were awesome and that the company will likely still use my ideas even though they didn’t hire me. That sucks, but it’s the truth.

I really didn’t do much else today besides shoot that video and then upload it on my computer (which took friggin’ FOREVER). I need to splice two clips together and then compress it in order to send it to the people I need to send it too. I’ll do that tonight after Amazing Race.

Well… I gotta work tomorrow. Like, all day … 9:45 – 6:15. It’s gonna be a long, slow day. *sigh*

In happier news, it looks like Arrested Development is moving forward with some new episodes, as well as a movie. WOOT!!!!!

Have a good one