I need to find more comfortable shoes/better insoles for my shoes. I have the highest arches known to mankind. Like, those arches at Arches National Park ain’t got nothing on the arches of my feet. I have some sandals that I’ve had for years and the middle of the insides of them are like new because my foot arch is so high that they’ve never actually touched.

I had a super long shift at work today. It wasn’t horrible, but it was super slow and there was no music. I am never surprised by how much I depend on music to get through my day. I am always listening to music and or singing. I get ready in the morning to music. I sing the whole way to work. I usually sing when I’m not helping anyone at work. I sing the whole way home. I watch a lot of music-related stuff. Music is as necessary as air for me. *shrug*

Right now I’m watching DWTS. This week they are dancing to songs from the year that meant most to them. There are some good dancers this season, and it’s only week 3!

I forgot to include this yesterday, but did you see Saturday Night Live the other night?! Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls, Mike & Molly, Bridesmaids) hosted and she KILLED IT. I hadn’t laughed that hard in awhile… she just completely went for it. That ranch dressing sketch had me almost in tears 🙂 (I Will link out to a video soon, I promise)

Well… I’m gonna watch the show. I have off tomorrow – Glee Tuesday!

Have a good one