So, Glee Tuesday – “Asian F” – I will link out to videos as soon as I can 🙂

Since last week, critics have been hailing “Asian F” as one of the best Glee episodes ever. I agree and disagree in equal amounts.

There were a lot of music numbers in this episode… let’s discuss them now (and then add in my 2 cents about Klaine… since they didn’t sing this week)

1. Spotlight – So, this was a very Mercedes-centric episode (well, her and Mike Chang). Mercedes sang J-Hud’s “Spotlight” as her WSS audition for Maria. I like this song, and Amber Riley sang it well (of course), but I am finding myself more and more distanced from Mercedes. I kinda didn’t want her to get cast as Maria. As much as Rachel Berry bugs the hell out of me, I appreciate her friendship with Kurt and think that a Rachel/Blaine pairing as Maria/Tony would be way better than Mercedes/Blaine. And this has nothing to do with race or weight or anything. I just don’t think Mercedes has ability to play the vulnerable side of Maria. As much as Rachel Berry is full of herself, so is Mercedes. The only thing is, Mercedes doesn’t have the ability to even fake being nice/vulnerable. She’s all attitude and is being constantly told by her football playing BF that she’s the best and she should just take it all. I’m all for support from a significant other, but Mercedes is all about Mercedes, and a student musical is a team effort.

2. Run the World (Girls) – So, Brittany S. Pierce is running for senior class president against Kurt. More props to her – I support when strong women want to be in charge. And HeMo friggin’ KILLED that song. I wanted those socks. And I want to be an amazing dancer like her. *sigh* I felt a little bad for Kurt during this scene… since we assumed at this point he wasn’t going to get the part of Tony, I kinda wanted him to at least have a shot at senior class president.

3. Cool – MIKE CHANG!!!!!!! I am so glad we finally got a Mike Chang episode because Harry Shum Jr. is AMAZING. I felt so bad that his dad was wanting him to break things off with Tina and not do the school musical or Glee club because he got an A- on his Chemistry test. I understand where Mr. Chang Sr. was coming from, but week after week we see Mike Chang dance/perform his ass off in the glee club, so you know it’s important to him. It was really powerful to see Mike dealing with his passion for dance and the fear he had of going against his father’s wishes. I was super impressed with Mike’s audition for Riff in WSS. “Cool” was the PERFECT number for Mike Chang because of the entire performance aspect of the number. First off – Mike CAN sing!! But, more importantly… Mike can dance. Like WHOA. I love his solo work, but I really loved when the rest of the football guys came out for the group dance sequence. (btw – Mark Salling’s face is always priceless 🙂 ) This might be one of my favorite Glee dance sequences of all time.

Also, how amazing was that scene between Mike Chang and his mom?!?!?!? Mike Chang’s mom is on par with Burt Hummel in that she embraces her son’s dreams and promises to do what she can to make sure they come true. I LOVED how she told Mike that when he got the part in the musical, they were going to tell his dad together. And then they danced. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Mike Chang and Mike Chang’s mom! I hope we see some more of her throughout the season. At the very least, the writers owe us a scene with Mike and his mom telling his dad about the show. And I would love to see Mike’s mom (and dad) at the show, cheering on Mike 🙂

4. It’s All Over Now – Okay, was I the only person who thought Mercedes was pregnant? (She’s NOT, at least she’s not as of this episode.) But, with all her sudden “sickness” during rehearsals and then how she was directly paralleled to Effie during this song (and Effie WAS pregnant in Dreamgirls), I was thinking to myself – “oh hells no, she best not be pregnant.” (Thankfully she wasn’t.) I dug the Dreamgirls-esque sequence of it all… loved the pink dresses and the guys in suits (btw – Cory Monteith looked extra hot with his hair slicked back like that…).

5. Out Here On My Own – I saw Fame, so I was familiar with the song. I thought both Rachel and Mercedes performed admirably. The best part of this scene was Finn fist pumping when Rachel won the coin toss. I really don’t have much to say about this song. It wasn’t the Diva-off I hoped it was going to be, but it was a decent performance by both girls. *shrug* Beiste, Artie and Emma decided to split the role of Maria between Rachel and Mercedes. Mercedes thought the 3 directors were doing this to cater to Rachel, so Mercedes quit before rehearsals even start. At the end of the episode, she goes to Shelby and tells her she’ll basically be the star of this rival McKinley Glee club. BOOOOOOO Mercedes (Oh, btw – Mike is Riff, Santana is Anita, and Kurt is Officer Krupke. But who the hell is going to play Bernardo?!)

6. Fix You – I’m not a fan of Coldplay (unpopular opinion, I know), but I do like this song. (Well, I liked it when Javier Colon sang it on The Voice… holy hell, that was AMAZING.) I thought this was a good song for Will to sing to Emma. I felt so bad for Emma in this episode… no wonder she is OCD, her parents are CRAZY Ginger Supremacists 😦 Props to Jayma Mays for that last scene where she was rubbing her hands and then got down on her knees to pray – that was really heartbreaking. I’m sure Glee was only finally allowed to do a Coldplay song b/c Gwenyth Paltrow and Ryan Murphy are practically besties by now since she’s been on the show 3 times *and* won an Emmy for it. I liked that the whole Glee club was backing up Will by the end of the song… and of course Blaine’s pants were rolled up and he didn’t have socks on. And of course he had white suspenders on over his white polo shirt. WHO DRESSES THIS KID? Are his pants going to be rolled up in the Winter time too?

So, there was an epic lack of Klaine this week. This was, I believe, because Darren was filming Imogene in NYC while they shot this episode (that, and his concert at Market Days in Chicago… which was part of the best weekend of my life 😉 ). We had a bittersweet Klaine moment on the steps outside. I want to say they were the same steps where Blaine first confronted Karofsky with Kurt. Kurt presented his BF with some flowers and said how Blaine was the one who was going to get cast as Tony. Blaine was surprised by the flowers and Kurt’s gesture (he said something along the lines of how Kurt always zigged when he thought he was going to zag). The boys were looking like they were leaning in for a hug or a kiss, but stopped short and Blaine kinda just clasped his right hand on Kurt’s shoulder. I get why they would shy away from PDA at that school. It’s kinda heartbreaking, though. You just want them to be happy and in love and be able to express those emotions. I read somewhere that Blaine pulled away first, but really it looks like it’s a mutual reaction, as both boys turn their heads in a “I want to, but we probably shouldn’t do this” fashion. There was a small Klaine moment before the Diva-off, and then Blaine hugged Kurt when the WSS cast list was put up and Blaine officially got the part of Tony.

On a whole, I dug the episode (even though I am really not liking Mercedes right now), but I didn’t think it was as Earth shattering as the critics seemed to make it out to be.

We don’t get new Glee for 3 weeks now b/c of the X-Factor and baseball. However, in upcoming episodes, according to the promo, Blaine sings “Last Friday Night”. Mercedes convinces Santana to defect and join Shelby’s glee club (where they sing “Candy Man” – one of my FAVORITE Christina Aguilera songs). Will convinces Burt to run against Sue for political office (BURT FOR ALL THE AWARDS!!!!!!!). And we’ll get to see Rory (Damian from The Glee Project joins the cast in episode 4 as a foreign exchange student). I need new Glee now, but I will be as patient as I can 🙂


What else did I do today? Not much… I spent most of the day trying to brainstorm about a video project I need to have done by Friday. I’m going to try and film tomorrow and/or Thursday so I can edit Thursday night.

Tomorrow I have to work during the morning. And it’s also my mom’s birthday 🙂

Well… I’m off to read

Have a good one