I’m typing this blog post from my Mac, as per usual. I listen to my iPod multiple times a day. My dad is currently making travel plans on his iPad2. My siblings both called me today from their iPhones.

Steve Jobs and his Apple products have woven their way completely into the fabric of our society and even though he’s no longer with us, his ideas and entrepreneurial endeavors will live on for a long, long time.

I did not know Steve Jobs. I never even watched any interviews that he did. But I knew who he was and I know what he did and how influential he was to technology. I respected this man for pioneering Apple products and his participation in Pixar (did you know he was credited as an EP on Toy Story?).

Right now I’m watching Survivor. I spent the better part of the previous hour trying to figure out how to capture video from my Canon GL2 into iMovie. Somehow, my FireWire cable will not connect my camera to my computer and I am utterly confused as to why that won’t work. I need to do a video project by Friday and I was hoping I could use my GL2 instead of just my handheld Nikon. But, alas.

Another alas goes to the fact that I will be unable to go to any of the StarKid SPACE Tour 😦 I really wish I was in NYC so I could go see StarKid/Darren Criss/Charlene Kaye at Irving Plaza on 11/26. But, I’m not made of money, so even though I would love to go to the show I know I cannot afford to travel to any of the locations. Luckily StarKid fans are really good about posting videos, so I’ll likely still get to see it. (But, of course I would love to see them in person again, not gonna lie.)

Well… I’m gonna finish watching Survivor and then watch Modern Family and Happy Endings. I have off tomorrow, so I’ll work on my video project all day.

Have a good one