… I don’t get how one smallish dog (okay, she’s 70 pounds, but it physically the smallest dog we’ve had in a long time) can take up an entire bed. When she sleeps in the living room, she curls up into the tightest little ball. But, when she hops up on my bed, she starts off in a ball, then unravels herself. The piece de resistance is when she kicks her legs out like a zombie and just paws me in the back/neck/face/stomach/etc… She’s cute as hell, but man does she take up a lot of room. And she is fast asleep as I’m typing this… so there is likely no chance I can get her to move. Alas. I love my dog. Ergo, she will sleep and I’ll get kicked.

This will be a short post as I just got home from work and literally have to be back in 11 hours, so I need some sleep. I hate closing and then opening the next day.

Work was slowish. It should pick up tomorrow. And hopefully my manager will let me have the couple days I need off in November to go visit a friend for her vocal recital. I need to get out of this state, if only for a little bit.

I finished editing my video and sent it in… I’m afraid to check my email because I know my video was not as awesome as the woman who asked for it wanted it to be. *sigh*

Well… off to read for a fraction of a second and then sleep.

Have a good one