Sleeping in was divine. My dogs tried to wake me up at 7, but I managed to stay asleep until around 8:30. It was lovely.

I got a lot done today, even though I didn’t really do much. That makes no sense, but it does to me.

After watching The Sing Off last night, I was inspired to reconsider the song I was going to do for my Glee Project audition. I had it very set in my head that I was going to do Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” (there is a list of songs, so it’s not like I pulled that title out of thin air). However, when that group of older men sang “Unchained Melody,” I decided to throw that into the ring as well.

(Dude – The Sing Off. I friggin’ LOVE that show. I am crushing on the Dartmouth Aires, even though they totally sang two songs that were very much like other all-boys a cappella groups. For their first song, they did “Animal” by Neon Trees, which we all know the Warblers/Tufts Bubs did for Glee. And then they did “Pinball Wizard” and the Tufts Bubs did a Who medley when they were on a couple years ago. So, yeah…)

So, I spent the better part of an hour going through my CD collection to try and find a copy of “Unchained Melody” so I could upload it onto my iPod. It only took me 8 CDs to find the song – woot. (btw – Susan Boyle is totes singing “Unchained Melody” on DWTS right now. Brooke Burke announced it as “Unchanted Melody.” And Boyle is not impressing me right now 😦 )

It was such a nice day out, that I played outside in the front yard with my dogs for awhile. I still can’t believe it’s sunny and in the 80s out in October. Crazy times.

I multitasked this afternoon by cleaning my bathroom while rehearsing for my Glee Project audition. I had four songs I was throwing around for possible choices, so I sang those on repeat for awhile. I finally broke down and taped myself singing all four songs while I was cleaning. And, not to sound super cocky or anything, but I didn’t suck. I mean, I am not the best singer on the face of the planet. But I was not horrible either, which is HUGE for me. I am the first to admit that I was never super confident in my singing voice. I have been working on it, though, since high school. I’m torn now between two songs. I plan on doing my audition on Thursday, so I have a couple days to finalize my choice.

I was on a cleaning streak, so after I finished cleaning my bathroom, I washed dishes, and then brushed the dogs. Well, brushed one of my dogs – she is shedding like a mad fiend. Poor girl 😦 Giant clumps of hair are everywhere. She was really patient while I brushed her, but even after 15 minutes, she still had huge patches all over her. Hopefully the shedding will slow down soon. I feel bad that she’s growing in her winter coat but it’s still so warm out.

I watched a few more episodes of Sports Night today. I’m 17 episodes in now and am beyond hooked. Josh Charles… gosh I still have the hugest crush on him. (I have swooned over him ever since Dead Poets Society, I kid you not.)

So, I was going to boycott the new Footloose movie because I am sick of remakes. But, Julianne Hough, Kenny Wormald and some dancers just did awesome choreo to “Footloose” on DWTS and I totes might cave and see it. I love dance movies. I can’t dance, but I LOVE dancing movies. Like, a lot.

I am going to go see 50/50 or Ides of March tomorrow. (Okay, so I love movies in general.)

Well… I’m gonna finish DWTS and maybe watch some more postseason baseball and/or more Sports Night.

Have a good one