Skies were gray at times. It definitely was colder. It finally felt like fall today. Silly me still was wearing a t-shirt when I let the dogs out, so I was a bit cold, but it felt good.

I kept busy today, though I should have gotten more done.

I don’t even remember what I did this morning… all I know is I found out what movies I need to watch for my next writing gig. I had one on DVD, but I went out today to buy the other one since it’s not on Netflix. (It was only $5, and I actually like the movie, so it’ll be worth it in the long run.)

Oh, I guess I rehearsed this morning for my Glee Project audition. (I’m not going to make it… I know that… but I still am going to try 😉 ) I was 100% sure I was going with one song, but decided to change my choice to something else. I also did some laundry this morning and figured out what I wanted to wear in my audition video.

I fed the birds and put some fresh water in the bird bath. There was a friggin’ flock of starlings and bluejays in the back yard today. I felt like I was in The Birds. It was disturbing. I was going to brush my dog out back (she’s shedding so bad!), but since the birds were giving me the willies, I opted to brush her in the kitchen. (Plus, it was warmer in the house…)

This afternoon I folded my laundry and then spent awhile working on my audition videos. You have to answer a few questions and then sing your song. I got everything taped, I just have to convert the files into something that can be uploaded onto the audition website. I will do that tomorrow morning.

I decided to cook dinner tonight. Made some sort of ground beef/cheese/pasta somethin’ somethin’. And I made some lima beans. YUM. Lima beans are the best. For reals.

It’s Thursday night, so I watched Community and Parks & Rec. Community was all right tonight – I liked the 6 timelines (well, 7 actually) aspect of it. However, Parks & Rec once again took the cake for funniest show of the night.


Oh my goodness, I have not laughed that hard in awhile. Adam Scott deserves all the dollars for not only wearing that Batman suit, but crying while wearing that Batman suit.

I am still laughing.

Well… I’m gonna get going. Gonna maybe watch another episode of Sports Night. Maybe play some catch with/wrestle Moose. Definitely put a thicker pair of socks on… geez it’s cold 🙂

Have a good one