Well, I did get quite a bit done today. So, yay!

I love that my dogs let me sleep in. I didn’t get up until 8:30… that was marvelous. Sleep is the best.

This morning I converted all my Glee Project audition videos into the right type of file and then uploaded them onto the Glee Project website. I basically have 4 good interview clips, and then a hot mess of an actual audition. I hope I provide the casting people with a good laugh at the very least 🙂

I raked leaves today. I only did the front yard… who knew one giant tree would have dropped enough leaves to fill 1 yard waste bin and 5 50-gallon recyclable bags. I didn’t even get to the side or back of the house. I have a hunch my back is going to hurt tomorrow, but that’s okay. My back hurts all the time anyway! It’s just something I deal with on a daily basis at this point. Curse you, lasting sports injuries from middle school.

I played with my dogs outside (My one dog has a rash on her stomach, though, so I have to be careful. That poor dog has so many allergies. None of our other dogs have ever had allergies.).

I also watched one of the movies I need to take notes on for my freelance writing gig. I have two movies to watch for the coming weeks, so I’m almost halfway done (for each movie I need to take notes, but then type them and some other stuff onto a website… i haven’t done that yet… but I will tomorrow). I’m grateful that the movies I’m writing about this time are movies that I love watching 🙂 It helps to write about stuff you like!

I really don’t have much else to write about for today. I need to read up on some driving stuff as I need to get a MN license in the next couple weeks. (I was trying to avoid this… I was hoping to be gone from this state by now. Boo.)

I have to work this weekend, but I’ll need to do some more chores and try and get my other movie project done.

Have a good one!