Buh-what a day.

It started off as just one of those mornings where nothing was really going right. I found a hole in my shoe right before I left for work. I only have one pair of work shoes, so that sucks. I ended up wearing some Chucks to work, which probably isn’t the most professional footwear, but I didn’t get in trouble. So, that was good.

Work was super busy today. I was supposed to be by myself, but an awesome colleague who was in charge of decorating helped me out a bunch. I was super thankful for her help.

After work I had to go to the shoe store to get new work shoes. Shoe shopping ranks in my Top 10 least favorite things to do because I have horrible feet. They are super wide and have super high arches. It makes shoe shopping really difficult because I end up having to buy shoes that a bit too long for my short feet because only the larger size shoes have the proper width. Even the wide-set shoes sometimes won’t cut it. *shrug*

So, I found some shoes. I think they are pretty hideous, and I have fairly low standards when it comes to what I wear on my feet. There were lots of pretty shoes, but I only bought the ones I will use for work.

I got home later than I should and had a few minutes to feed the birds and take care of the dogs before my parents got home. They were gone for 10 days and are now back. I know they are glad to be home – we’re all sitting in the living room watching the Race. My parents made a fire, so the house warmed up a bit. It got a bit cold around here as of late… and since I don’t like making fires, the house just got cold while they were gone 🙂

I have to work all day tomorrow, and the I have a day off. I’ll start on the second half of my first set of movie projects I have due in the next few weeks. That makes no sense to you, but I know what I mean.

Well… I am going to finish my show and then read for a bit. I’m super tired, so I might go to bed earlier than usual. But I love reading…

Have a good one