OMG, my head is about to explode. I have the hugest headache and I just had to read the entire MN Driving Manual and now my parents are discussing across the room where the DVS place is I’ll need to go tomorrow to take the test. And our TV is on at full blast. My head = bouts to explode.

The headache started much earlier, though. I worked all morning/afternoon and was denied my break once again. By time I left, my head was spinning faster than that top in Inception. As I walked to my car, I choked down the PB&J I had made to have during the break I never got to take. I sat in my car until my head stopped spinning and then drove home.

When I got home from work, I made brownies. Baking is my happy place. I had on my Darren/Glee/Gaga mix and I was good to go 🙂 I made Dark Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts. They were quite tasty 🙂

I’m sitting here watching DWTS and chatting with some friends online. Both the show and conversation have been 80s-tastic. Tonight’s DWTS theme is 80s music… LOVE IT! And my friends and I have been talking about 80s cartoons and 80s toys. Gosh, those were the days. I’m proud to be an 80s kid. We had the best music and the best toys and the best cartoons.

Well… I’m gonna go. Maybe take some Tylenol or something

I have off tomorrow, but I have to go take my written driving test. I need to watch another movie for my writing job, but maybe I’ll go see one instead 🙂

Have a good one