Yes, this will be quick, as my life has been anything but exciting as of late.

Today I finished up my latest movie writing assignment and sent it in.

The only excitement was a one-sided row with the Student Loans people. I had to send them a stern email since no one would pick up at their phone number. Their records show that I missed my payment last month when my bank account would argue the contrary. So, I hope that gets fixed :/

I found my quotes notebook from undergrad while I was straightening up my room today. I was looking for something I had autographed for my sister to bring her when I see her next week and came across my notebook. I flipped through it and found some scenes I had written for potential grad school applications from back in the day when I was going to go to grad school for film. (Which, I totally still want to do one of these days…) I typed up one of the scenes in Final Draft just to see if I still had it in me… not too shabby. I laughed, though, because the scene I typed up was based on a conversation I had with one of my classmates one day before class and I can totally still remember it actually taking place. 🙂 Good times…

Well… I am off to read for a hot minute and then I’m going to try to sleep. I understand it’s 8:30 pm as I’m typing this, but I have to be up by 6:30, so I’m trying to get some rest because I know I won’t actually be able to fall asleep since I’ll be worried the whole night that my alarm won’t go off. (I’m paranoid, I know.)

I work the next four days, but then I have a week off – woot!

Have a good one