So, my day started freakishly early for a Saturday. I had to be at work for around 8:30, so my alarm was set for 6:30. I’m not a morning person, so I need a bit of time when I wake up to fully function properly. I don’t like to talk to anyone when I wake up. I don’t like being in bright lights. I don’t like lifting my feet off the floor. I shuffle around and grunt answers to any questions I am asked.

I worked until 3:15ish and was super happy to drive straight home as soon as my shift was over. I was super busy most of the day, which was nice because it makes time go by faster. I was able to help a lot of (nice) people today, so that was a good feeling.

(Oh man, I am yawning so much right now. Yikes. Thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow.)

After work, I got home and had an orange. (Exciting, right?) I watched an episode of Sports Night and then watched some college football with my parents. Right now we’re watching the pre-game for Game 3 of the World Series. They are announcing the starting lineups and then someone will sing the anthem.

… And apparently that “someone” is Ronnie Dunn. This is the third country male country singer to sing the anthem this week. And there have only been three games. So, you do the math… Where are the ladies? Where are the non-country singers?

I’m still rooting for the Cardinals, even though they let me down the other night. (That 9th inning was stressful, man.)

I have to work the next few days, but then I get a week off. I can’t wait to go see my sister. Also, road trip means I need new mix CDs. So, I will be working on those during tonight’s game. I definitely need another Broadway mix because I forgot Spamalot and She Loves Me on my last 10… plus, I could do with some more Sweeney Todd and Book of Mormon in the mix as well. And the new H2$ (although, I can’t listen to any music from that show without breaking into the biggest grin ever and exclaiming to no one in particular that in a couple months, I’ll be seeing Darren Criss in his Broadway debut. NBD or anything… 🙂 ).

Well… the game is about to start, so I’m gonna get my World Series on.

Have a good one