… but there is no snow. Not yet, anyway. I half expected there to be snow on the ground when I got back from Kansas today, but alas. No snow.

It is super cold (or maybe it just feels that way to me because I think I’m coming down with something…), so my mom made a fuego. It is delightful. I’m sitting a few feet away from it as I’m typing this to keep my hands warm.

My dad is singing Christmas carols. No me gusta. I threw two tennis balls at him and asked him to stop at least until tomorrow. Let Halloween happen, man. Jesus.

We haven’t had any Trick or Treaters at the house yet. I’m not surprised. Where we used to live in Ohio, we had tons of kids come by… not so much here in MN. On a whole, Ohio was way more sociable/neighbor-friendly than here.

So, I was away at my sister’s place for the past few days. It was nice to see her and her fiance, as I hadn’t seen them since I visited in July for HP7 Part 2 and the NKOTBSB concert (omg, best concert ever… besides the Darren Criss one at Market Days in August 😉 ).

We didn’t do too much this weekend. Friday night we hung around and watched Game 7 of the World Series. Holy hell, what an end to the series. Game 6 was AMAZING. I was legit yelling at my television for those last 4 innings. I had all but given up on the Cardinals and they F-in’ PULLED IT OUT, man. Game 6 was the most intense thing ever… and then when they won Game 7. I was cheering like an idiot. And I’m not even a Cardinals fan! I just picked them to win before the Series started and was rooting for them for the seven games. Plus, that was just some awesome baseball – a lot of drama. A lot of walks. A lot of home runs. A lot of solid plays. A lot of not so solid plays. Very, very entertaining television.

On Saturday, I went with my sister to her job (she’s an Assistant Band Director for a college and that school’s marching band had a homecoming parade and a home football game to play for). So, I met some of her students and spent some time with the band. Since it was Halloween weekend, the band kids were allowed to dress up in costumes for the football game. Their halftime show was really great – they played Ghostbusters, The Time Warp and Thriller. And everyone did the Thriller dance! It was very entertaining.

Saturday afternoon my sister had to work at some other band function for the school she goes to, so I went to her apartment and took notes on a movie I have to watch for my part-time job. I was tired, but was proud of myself for being able to focus enough to get a whole movie watched/noted (I’ll start typing up my commentary for that when I’m done typing this up).

Sunday we just hung around mostly because my sister was way tired. So, we watched Casper, ran a couple errands, and then had a Party Down marathon. My sister and I both love Adam Scott, and she hadn’t seen any episodes of Party Down before. I think we watched 16 or 18 episodes this weekend… Henry Pollard is one of my favorite tv characters ever.

We carved pumpkins last night. I took a picture of our finished products, but haven’t uploaded them onto my computer yet. Perhaps I’ll post a pic in the next week or so.

So, it’s Halloween today. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a couple years (and I went as Rachel Berry in her “Don’t Stop Believin'” outfit from the Glee pilot… because at that point, only 2 or 3 episodes of Glee had ever aired. Yep… I was a gLeek from the very beginning.). I liked dressing up when I was little to do the whole Trick or Treating thing, but wasn’t really super into it as I hit college age and older. *shrug*

Well… I should get to work on my actually job. I have off from work tomorrow, so I’ll watch another movie for my part time thing. I wish I could just do the movie writing thing as my for real job – maybe one day!

Have a good one