October 2011

(P.S. I will link out to videos and such later… I promise)

OMG, I have not been this tired in a while 😦

I want to say that the reason I didn’t sleep was because I ate right before I went to bed, but I’m honestly not sure.

See, since I didn’t get my break at work yesterday, I ate lunch/dinner as soon as I got home around 4:00. So, by time Castle was almost over around 10:00, my stomach was growling. I wasn’t going to eat anything since I would be going to bed soon, but I was hungry, so I had a croissant and some trail mix. Cut to me trying to sleep and watching my clock go from 11:45 to 12:30 to 1:50. Then, right as I was about to drift off, I felt my leg tense up and I knew I was about to get charley horse. It wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever had, but I was just so upset that I wasn’t sleeping and that it hurt that I felt like screaming. I didn’t, but I was not a happy camper. (My worst charley horse experience happened in undergrad… both my legs cramped up at the exact same time. I was in so much pain I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both.)

Today was my day off and I was up before 7:00 am. I dragged myself upstairs and have been yawning ever since.

I had a semi-productive day. I did go to the DMV (or whatever they call it here) to take the written part of the driving test so I could get a MN license. I have taken written tests 6 times by now (thrice for my temps, and then once apiece to get my licenses in the 3 states I’ve lived in), so I am a freakin’ expert by now. I was done with my test in about 90 seconds. The guy next to me was not impressed… he was there before I was and I finished way before him (it was a computer test). I don’t understand how people wouldn’t be able to pass that sucker with flying colors. It’s all common sense. I did get one question wrong, so I only got a 97%, but still… I passed. Yay me

After that, I went back home and read for a bit while my mom mowed the front lawn. Then we went and saw Ides of March.

(SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Ides of March yet)

So, this was not the greatest political movie of all time, but I dug it on so many levels.

First of all – I think George Clooney is an excellent director. Of his four films, this is tied for first with Good Night, and Good Luck. as the most visually stimulating. While Ides of March cannot really compare the the GORGEOUS black and white amazingness of Good Night, and Good Luck., it does have its moments of cinematic gloriousness.

One of the early shots of Ryan Gosling’s character reminded me a lot of one of the most famous shots/the movie poster from Robert Redford’s film Quiz Show (1994). (For the record, Quiz Show is my second favorite film of all time… and if you’ve never seen it, then you are seriously missing out.) The shot in Ides of March was of Gosling from behind, standing up a a podium. It was a medium shot, and the camera was positioned low and tilted slightly up. This image really stuck with me because of it’s similarity to the shot of Fiennes in his booth in Quiz Show.

Another shot that really stuck out to me was Gosling’s silhouette against a huge American Flag. Even though this was a kinda obvious/cliched shot, it was still powerful and it actually worked.

Major props to Clooney for directing himself in a very anti-Clooney role. Clooney’s Michael Morris was not the upstanding person everyone thought/wanted him to be. It was really fascinating to see how Director Clooney lit/portrayed Actor Clooney. George Clooney is a great enough director (and likely not a self-centered person) to know how to best capture his own performance as a crooked politician. I admire how Clooney showed the various sides of Morris.

I honestly didn’t know the whole plot of the film before I stepped into the theater today. I had seen the trailer a few times and a bunch of commercials. What I read/saw made it look like Gosling’s character was the main “bad guy” because he was flip-flopping between campaigns. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the film exposed several more seedy plot lines which ultimately revealed that every major (and even several minor) character was crooked in some way, shape or form.

I hate politics. I have always been turned off by people fighting over power and trying to impose their beliefs or platforms on others. I greatly dislike politicians who spout on about various platforms in order to earn votes, only to renig on their promises at a later date.

So, it was super interesting for me to see Clooney’s character’s arc. For most of the film, I could identify with his politics… his character was in support of a lot of stuff I support. But then, oh boy, but then, it comes out that this family-man of a politician schtupped a 19 or 20-year-old intern and got her pregnant. BUH-WHAT?!

See… Clooney’s Michael Morris was set up to be the Obama candidate. He had an Obama-esque campaign poster. Hell, the “O” in Morris was the same shape as the “O” in the Obama posters.

But of course he couldn’t just keep it in his pants. (UNLIKE Obama… because as far as I know/am concerned Obama is a respectable and responsible family man who has not had an affair. Which is just one of many reasons why I really respect our current president. He actually does seem to be an upstanding man, in addition to a seemingly honest politician. But I digress…)

The Morris/intern affair was not the main plot of the film, but it certainly added drama and was a plot point that drove/assisted other plot points.

Even though the whole cast of this film was stellar (Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marissa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, Clooney, etc…), this film belonged to Ryan Gosling.

I live a Ryan Gosling appreciation life.

Yes, he is ridiculously good looking. But even more important is he is a ridiculously brilliant actor.

I walked away from both Drive and Ides of March thinking to myself that Ryan Gosling is not only an amazing actor, but he’s an amazing reactor.

I studied acting for a little bit, I watched Inside the Actors Studio religiously, and I read a bunch of acting books. I’m not the best actor, by any means, but I feel confident in being able to recognize the talents of other people as well as grasp the concepts of what it takes to be a good actor. Acting isn’t just saying lines. It’s becoming that character. But in a scene, it’s not just your character… it’s your character and the other people within that created world. In other words; it’s not just acting, it’s reacting to the people around you as well as your surroundings in general.

Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor. He completely embodies his characters and makes each of them completely different from other characters that he’s played. But, more importantly (to me, at least), Gosling is an amazing reactor. Most of his best moments in Ides of March were when Gosling’s Stevie was listening and reacting to another character. His eyes are beyond expressive and he has the complete ability to think as his character. You see those wheels in his head turning in real time. You see his eyes widen. You see those tears form. You watch his jaw clench. You see his nostrils flare. It’s not him showing off his range of emotions, though. It’s him totally experiencing them as his character. His performance never feels forced – it never feels less than completely authentic.

I have been a Ryan Gosling fan for over a decade now… ever since Remember the Titans (2000). His movie choices have been interesting, to say the least. Here are the ones I’ve seen (clips are either trailers or my favorite RG scene…):

Remember the Titans (2000)

The Believer (2001)

The Slaughter Rule (2002)

The United States of Leland (2003)

The Notebook (2004)

Stay (2005)

Half Nelson (2006)

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Blue Valentine (2010)

Drive (2011)

Crazy/Stupid/Love (2011)

Ides of March (2011)

While all of these are not great movies, they are totally worth the watch for Gosling. He’s very capable in comedic and dramatic roles and I just really respect his acting skills.

Well… I’m gonna go watch TV and read. I have to work tomorrow, but only for a little bit. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight

Have a good one

OMG, my head is about to explode. I have the hugest headache and I just had to read the entire MN Driving Manual and now my parents are discussing across the room where the DVS place is I’ll need to go tomorrow to take the test. And our TV is on at full blast. My head = bouts to explode.

The headache started much earlier, though. I worked all morning/afternoon and was denied my break once again. By time I left, my head was spinning faster than that top in Inception. As I walked to my car, I choked down the PB&J I had made to have during the break I never got to take. I sat in my car until my head stopped spinning and then drove home.

When I got home from work, I made brownies. Baking is my happy place. I had on my Darren/Glee/Gaga mix and I was good to go πŸ™‚ I made Dark Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts. They were quite tasty πŸ™‚

I’m sitting here watching DWTS and chatting with some friends online. Both the show and conversation have been 80s-tastic. Tonight’s DWTS theme is 80s music… LOVE IT! And my friends and I have been talking about 80s cartoons and 80s toys. Gosh, those were the days. I’m proud to be an 80s kid. We had the best music and the best toys and the best cartoons.

Well… I’m gonna go. Maybe take some Tylenol or something

I have off tomorrow, but I have to go take my written driving test. I need to watch another movie for my writing job, but maybe I’ll go see one instead πŸ™‚

Have a good one

Buh-what a day.

It started off as just one of those mornings where nothing was really going right. I found a hole in my shoe right before I left for work. I only have one pair of work shoes, so that sucks. I ended up wearing some Chucks to work, which probably isn’t the most professional footwear, but I didn’t get in trouble. So, that was good.

Work was super busy today. I was supposed to be by myself, but an awesome colleague who was in charge of decorating helped me out a bunch. I was super thankful for her help.

After work I had to go to the shoe store to get new work shoes. Shoe shopping ranks in my Top 10 least favorite things to do because I have horrible feet. They are super wide and have super high arches. It makes shoe shopping really difficult because I end up having to buy shoes that a bit too long for my short feet because only the larger size shoes have the proper width. Even the wide-set shoes sometimes won’t cut it. *shrug*

So, I found some shoes. I think they are pretty hideous, and I have fairly low standards when it comes to what I wear on my feet. There were lots of pretty shoes, but I only bought the ones I will use for work.

I got home later than I should and had a few minutes to feed the birds and take care of the dogs before my parents got home. They were gone for 10 days and are now back. I know they are glad to be home – we’re all sitting in the living room watching the Race. My parents made a fire, so the house warmed up a bit. It got a bit cold around here as of late… and since I don’t like making fires, the house just got cold while they were gone πŸ™‚

I have to work all day tomorrow, and the I have a day off. I’ll start on the second half of my first set of movie projects I have due in the next few weeks. That makes no sense to you, but I know what I mean.

Well… I am going to finish my show and then read for a bit. I’m super tired, so I might go to bed earlier than usual. But I love reading…

Have a good one


I had a productive day. This is going to be a short post because I need to finish up some chores and read some before SNL is on later.

I worked all morning, then did a bunch of chores this afternoon. I also typed up a bunch of stuff for one of my writing gigs. I still need to find some quotes and websites, but then I’ll be 1/2 way done with my first set of assignments. WOOT

Well… my movie just ended, so I should go let the dogs out and finish up my chores. (I watched I Love You, Phillip Morris, in case you were wondering.)

Work tomorrow. Then working on my writing stuff some more.

Have a good one!

Well, I did get quite a bit done today. So, yay!

I love that my dogs let me sleep in. I didn’t get up until 8:30… that was marvelous. Sleep is the best.

This morning I converted all my Glee Project audition videos into the right type of file and then uploaded them onto the Glee Project website. I basically have 4 good interview clips, and then a hot mess of an actual audition. I hope I provide the casting people with a good laugh at the very least πŸ™‚

I raked leaves today. I only did the front yard… who knew one giant tree would have dropped enough leaves to fill 1 yard waste bin and 5 50-gallon recyclable bags. I didn’t even get to the side or back of the house. I have a hunch my back is going to hurt tomorrow, but that’s okay. My back hurts all the time anyway! It’s just something I deal with on a daily basis at this point. Curse you, lasting sports injuries from middle school.

I played with my dogs outside (My one dog has a rash on her stomach, though, so I have to be careful. That poor dog has so many allergies. None of our other dogs have ever had allergies.).

I also watched one of the movies I need to take notes on for my freelance writing gig. I have two movies to watch for the coming weeks, so I’m almost halfway done (for each movie I need to take notes, but then type them and some other stuff onto a website… i haven’t done that yet… but I will tomorrow). I’m grateful that the movies I’m writing about this time are movies that I love watching πŸ™‚ It helps to write about stuff you like!

I really don’t have much else to write about for today. I need to read up on some driving stuff as I need to get a MN license in the next couple weeks. (I was trying to avoid this… I was hoping to be gone from this state by now. Boo.)

I have to work this weekend, but I’ll need to do some more chores and try and get my other movie project done.

Have a good one!

Skies were gray at times. It definitely was colder. It finally felt like fall today. Silly me still was wearing a t-shirt when I let the dogs out, so I was a bit cold, but it felt good.

I kept busy today, though I should have gotten more done.

I don’t even remember what I did this morning… all I know is I found out what movies I need to watch for my next writing gig. I had one on DVD, but I went out today to buy the other one since it’s not on Netflix. (It was only $5, and I actually like the movie, so it’ll be worth it in the long run.)

Oh, I guess I rehearsed this morning for my Glee Project audition. (I’m not going to make it… I know that… but I still am going to try πŸ˜‰ ) I was 100% sure I was going with one song, but decided to change my choice to something else. I also did some laundry this morning and figured out what I wanted to wear in my audition video.

I fed the birds and put some fresh water in the bird bath. There was a friggin’ flock of starlings and bluejays in the back yard today. I felt like I was in The Birds. It was disturbing. I was going to brush my dog out back (she’s shedding so bad!), but since the birds were giving me the willies, I opted to brush her in the kitchen. (Plus, it was warmer in the house…)

This afternoon I folded my laundry and then spent awhile working on my audition videos. You have to answer a few questions and then sing your song. I got everything taped, I just have to convert the files into something that can be uploaded onto the audition website. I will do that tomorrow morning.

I decided to cook dinner tonight. Made some sort of ground beef/cheese/pasta somethin’ somethin’. And I made some lima beans. YUM. Lima beans are the best. For reals.

It’s Thursday night, so I watched Community and Parks & Rec. Community was all right tonight – I liked the 6 timelines (well, 7 actually) aspect of it. However, Parks & Rec once again took the cake for funniest show of the night.


Oh my goodness, I have not laughed that hard in awhile. Adam Scott deserves all the dollars for not only wearing that Batman suit, but crying while wearing that Batman suit.

I am still laughing.

Well… I’m gonna get going. Gonna maybe watch another episode of Sports Night. Maybe play some catch with/wrestle Moose. Definitely put a thicker pair of socks on… geez it’s cold πŸ™‚

Have a good one

After I put down my magazine last night and turned off the light, I snuggled deep down into my covers and tried to get comfortable before my dog flopped down on top of my legs.

I realized I hadn’t prayed in a couple days. I’m not a super religious person, but for the past few years, I have tried to remember to pray before bed and thank God (and/or whoever else is listening) for my family and friends and ask for their safety, health and happiness.

While I was trying to fall asleep, I had a lot of stuff going through my head. Earlier in the evening, I was talking with a few friends about the StarKid SPACE Tour. I can’t go since I live way out of the way. And although I’m a bit jealous of my friends, I tried to remember that even though I can’t go, it’s okay. I have seen some of the StarKids perform before. I was lucky enough to meet a few of them. There are StarKid fans on the other side of the world who likely will never have that opportunity.

I’m a lucky person. I went through a good public school system. I was fortunate enough to go to college. I earned two degrees. I have a family who loves me. I have a family who supports me. I am healthy. I have a job. (I might complain about it, but I am thankful to have a job in this economy. For reals.) I’m fairly well traveled (within the US, at least). I gots it goin’ on.

So, even though I know I complain on here at times, I really know that I am a lucky gal and my life could be infinitely worse.

I had a busy day today. I worked this morning, then did some chores this afternoon. Watering plants. Changing fish filters. Etc.

I then went and saw 50/50. What a really great movie! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such an amazing actor. I almost had tears in my eyes multiple times throughout the movie because of how intense and vulnerable his performance was. He’s been one of my favorite actors for awhile now, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I have off tomorrow – woot! I hope to get my Glee Project audition tape done, as well as laundry (priorities, yo)

Have a good one!

Sleeping in was divine. My dogs tried to wake me up at 7, but I managed to stay asleep until around 8:30. It was lovely.

I got a lot done today, even though I didn’t really do much. That makes no sense, but it does to me.

After watching The Sing Off last night, I was inspired to reconsider the song I was going to do for my Glee Project audition. I had it very set in my head that I was going to do Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” (there is a list of songs, so it’s not like I pulled that title out of thin air). However, when that group of older men sang “Unchained Melody,” I decided to throw that into the ring as well.

(Dude – The Sing Off. I friggin’ LOVE that show. I am crushing on the Dartmouth Aires, even though they totally sang two songs that were very much like other all-boys a cappella groups. For their first song, they did “Animal” by Neon Trees, which we all know the Warblers/Tufts Bubs did for Glee. And then they did “Pinball Wizard” and the Tufts Bubs did a Who medley when they were on a couple years ago. So, yeah…)

So, I spent the better part of an hour going through my CD collection to try and find a copy of “Unchained Melody” so I could upload it onto my iPod. It only took me 8 CDs to find the song – woot. (btw – Susan Boyle is totes singing “Unchained Melody” on DWTS right now. Brooke Burke announced it as “Unchanted Melody.” And Boyle is not impressing me right now 😦 )

It was such a nice day out, that I played outside in the front yard with my dogs for awhile. I still can’t believe it’s sunny and in the 80s out in October. Crazy times.

I multitasked this afternoon by cleaning my bathroom while rehearsing for my Glee Project audition. I had four songs I was throwing around for possible choices, so I sang those on repeat for awhile. I finally broke down and taped myself singing all four songs while I was cleaning. And, not to sound super cocky or anything, but I didn’t suck. I mean, I am not the best singer on the face of the planet. But I was not horrible either, which is HUGE for me. I am the first to admit that I was never super confident in my singing voice. I have been working on it, though, since high school. I’m torn now between two songs. I plan on doing my audition on Thursday, so I have a couple days to finalize my choice.

I was on a cleaning streak, so after I finished cleaning my bathroom, I washed dishes, and then brushed the dogs. Well, brushed one of my dogs – she is shedding like a mad fiend. Poor girl 😦 Giant clumps of hair are everywhere. She was really patient while I brushed her, but even after 15 minutes, she still had huge patches all over her. Hopefully the shedding will slow down soon. I feel bad that she’s growing in her winter coat but it’s still so warm out.

I watched a few more episodes of Sports Night today. I’m 17 episodes in now and am beyond hooked. Josh Charles… gosh I still have the hugest crush on him. (I have swooned over him ever since Dead Poets Society, I kid you not.)

So, I was going to boycott the new Footloose movie because I am sick of remakes. But, Julianne Hough, Kenny Wormald and some dancers just did awesome choreo to “Footloose” on DWTS and I totes might cave and see it. I love dance movies. I can’t dance, but I LOVE dancing movies. Like, a lot.

I am going to go see 50/50 or Ides of March tomorrow. (Okay, so I love movies in general.)

Well… I’m gonna finish DWTS and maybe watch some more postseason baseball and/or more Sports Night.

Have a good one

I was on my feet the entire day and now I’m sitting on the couch (bouts to be laying down on the couch) and I will be doing that for the next 3 hours watching The Sing Off and Castle.

I am so drained, I can’t even put into words how much I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep for an entire day. You might be thinking, “Hey Katie, just go to sleep already.” But, it’s 7:15… I have to let the dogs out after 9 at the earliest so that way they’ll sleep through the whole night without needing to get up. So, I will watch television for awhile and rest a bit, then let the dogs out, then sleep. And because I have off tomorrow, I will be sleeping in. I already told this to the dogs… not that they completely knew what I was saying. I was the one who woke them up this morning, so I’m sure they will appreciate sleeping in a bit too tomorrow morning.

Work was busy today. I was by myself the entire day, which usually happens. However, it was predictably going to be a busy day and both the other areas in my work area had more than one person working. That’s frustrating, but there’s nothing i can do about it. *shrug*

I may have come off a little rude to my manager today. It was right before the end of my shift and I was in the middle of some stuff and she asked me if I could pick up extra shifts this week and next week. At this point in the day, I was ready to run out of work and fall asleep in my car. So, I told her I would have to check my calendar and let her know. I could tell she wanted an answer, like, right then. But, I was barely thinking straight at this point in the day and I could barely remember what I had for breakfast let alone knowing what I had on my schedule at the end of next week.

I cannot even put words into sentences right now. I thought I would feel better after I ate dinner (I was dizzy… I thought food would help), but I’m still a bit out of it. I think I’m going to get a cold drink, some tylenol and maybe some popcorn or something. My eyes are really bloodshot (it’s super dry where I work, so if you’re there for more than a few hours, you end up looking like shit) and they hurt.

Sorry I’m complaining so much… I’m just super worn out.

I’m gonna go watch The Sing Off and Castle and then sleep.

Have a good one

But, alas, the game that was supposed to air on FOX got postponed until tomorrow because of rain. Sadness 😦 I turned on the X-Factor rerun while I was waiting for Amazing Race to start, but I cannot stand to watch crappy people sing. It’s not funny anymore – it just makes my ears/head hurt.

I had a mostly uneventful day today. I had to work this morning – which I did. Work was consistently busy, which made time pass. (Always a good thing.) I didn’t get a break (not a good thing, but since it happens almost every time I work, I’m not surprised in the least by this point). I met my sales goal. My manager and I had a discussion about my job performance (I’m doing well at my job). I have to work all day tomorrow… it should be a consistently busy day again, so hopefully time will pass quickly then too.

I’m looking forward to my couple days off this week. I have a lot of stuff I need to do (chores, my Glee Project audition tape, apply for jobs), and a lot of stuff I want to do (catch up on HIMYM and Dexter, and go see 50/50 and Ides of March). I doubt I’ll get all of that done, but if I can make a dent in my needs and wants lists I will be a happy girl.

Did you watch SNL last night? It wasn’t the greatest episode of all time, but parts of it made me chuckle. Definitely not as good as last week’s episode where Melissa McCarthy hosted.

My favorite bit from last night was the Andy Samberg-as-Hugh Jackman bit (which as of right now isn’t available on NBC.com… WTF, NBC?). It was super funny because of Bill Hader’s Clint Eastwood impression, and that Jackman showed up as Daniel Radcliffe.

However, the Melissa McCarthy episode from last week was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. The Hidden Valley Ranch bit alone made me laugh so hard I almost cried. Also, the Arlene bit was some of the best physical comedy on recent television. πŸ™‚

Well… I think Amazing Race is finally on. Yay!

Have a good one

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