Glee Tuesday is BACK (btw – i will link out to music/video as soon as possible)


Well… a bit of stuff actually happened this episode. I was expecting just some filler before next week’s (most likely controversial) episode.

So… tonight. “Pot O’Gold” was the debut of Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty. He plays Rory, an Irish foreign exchange student who lives with Brittany S. Pierce. Rory has a bit of a crush on Brittany and Brittany thinks that Rory is a magical leprechaun who can grant her wishes (like a box of all-marshmallow Lucky Charms).

There were a couple major plot lines this episode – mostly involving Brittany, Puck/Quinn/Shelby and Sue/Burt.

So, Mercedes asked Santana to defect to Shelby’s glee club and Santana said she’d do it if Brittany did. Santana and Brittany are dating by this point… they go out on a date to Breadstix during this episode and hold hands (albeit under a napkin, as per Santana’s request). Brittany and Santana also mention that they took a bath together, so I guess it’s safe to assume they are dating. Or at least serious enough to take baths together.

Brittany doesn’t want to go to the other glee club, but after Finn calls her an idiot for believing Rory to be a leprechaun, she and Santana join Mercedes and Sugar.


Quinn is still dead set on getting her baby back from Shelby. She goes so far as to plant stuff in Shelby’s house so that when Children’s Services come to visit, they’ll take the baby away. Puck wants the baby too, but you can tell he does not support what Quinn is doing. So, he goes back to Shelby’s after the fact and steals all the stuff that Quinn planted. Puck then continues to crush on Shelby (and Shelby doesn’t do anything to stop him). He sings Beth (and Shelby) a song, and then offers his services to help Shelby with whatever she needs. (Shelby was telling him how being a single mom is hard, and not just the bad stuff like when the kid cries. She is upset that she doesn’t have anyone to share the good times with – like when Beth first stood, etc…) Puck and Shelby kiss toward the end of the episode. What the what, Glee writers? I’m glad to see that Puck is growing as a caring person, but having him with Shelby is kinda wrong because she is Rachel’s mom. And he dated Rachel.


The other big story line was that Sue was still having “cut the arts” as her platform and she got the WSS budget cut. So, Mr. Schue wants the kids to sell ad space in the WSS program. Kurt goes to his dad and asks him to buy some ad space. Kurt then tells his dad that the budget got cut, so Burt gets the 3 funeral directors in town to buy ad space/pay for WSS.

Mr. Schue then asks Burt to run against Sue, but Burt already looked into it. Burt supports the arts – he even goes as far as to say that the arts saved his son’s life. Burt goes on the news and does a “Burt’s Corner”esque segment that says why the arts are good for the schools and its kids. He says he wants to create more jobs in the area. Basically, Burt Hummel is just being awesome Burt Hummel and he says a lot of good stuff that should get him some hoss votes.

Later on at a Hudson-Hummel gathering at Breadstix, Kurt voices his concerns for his dad’s campaign (he’s worried about the stress Sue will cause him, since he totally almost died last season ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). The family also talks about how potentially some of them would have to move to D.C. if he won. Burt says Kurt would be off in college and Finn would be an adult… and Carole and Burt suggest that he could take over the Tire & Lube shop, if that’s what he wanted.

BTW – what is up with Finn? Why hasn’t he had any solos so far this year? Why does he hate Blaine so much? (IS it because the writers give Blaine ALL THE SOLOS?)

All in all, this was definitely not one of my favorite episodes. But, I liked Blaine’s red plaid shirt. Not so much the maroon pants… or that he still wears rolled up pants every episode.

But I digress

There were five music numbers:

1. It’s Not Easy Being Green – Rory – Aw, the new Irish kid keeps getting picked on. Maybe it’s because his hair looks like Kurt’s and the jocks are confused. So, he sings about being green because he wears green all the time. Because he’s from Ireland. (Stereotype much, Glee?)

2. Last Friday Night – Blaine/New Directions – Blaine sings Katy Perry and everyone loves it except for Santana b/c she wants some solos too. This was a fun number. Plus, Darren Criss sings Katy Perry music better than Katy Perry does (see also: Teenage Dream)

3. Candyman – Mercedes/Santana/Brittany – this is one of my favorite Christina songs of all time. And it’s not an appropriate song for a high school glee club to sing. But I LOVE THIS SONG. I love the Christina version better, though, ngl. That video is awesome.

4. Waiting for a Girl Like You – Puck – this was a cute acoustic number. *shrug*

5. Take Care of Yourself – Rory – I’ve never heard this song before. It was okay. I spent most of the song trying to figure out why Rachel was sitting in between Blaine and Kurt.

The best part of this episode was the promo for next week’s episode, “First Time”. Let’s just say, it’s going to be controversial regardless what does or does not go down in the episode.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how they handle all the sex-related plot lines next week. And I’m looking forward to the political/religious aftermath. Also, it’s my birthday next Tuesday… so all the Klaine, and the return of the WARBLERS is a huge happy birthday to me ๐Ÿ™‚


Well… It’s bed time. I have to work tomorrow. I haven’t been to work in a week, and now I have 5 days in a row. *sigh*

Have a good one ๐Ÿ™‚