… so, Federal Student Loans suck.

I mean, they’re awesome when they help you pay for college. But they aren’t so awesome when you have to pay them off.

The paying off process would be infinitely better if you were actually able to get in touch with the Federal Student Loans people when you had questions/comments/concerns.

See, when I went to pay my November bill, I saw that they were charging me double what I normally owe.

So, initially I was like, OH HELLLLLLLLS NO, because I know I paid my October bill and therefore should only owe one month’s worth of payment for November.


You’d think so, but no.

I even double and triple checked my bank account – and sure enough, I made a payment on September 30th.

So, when I tried to call the Federal Student Loans phone number to see if I could clear up these shenanigans, I was met with an automated message telling me that because they have just done an overhaul to their process, they are getting a huge amount of calls and therefore if you need to get in contact with them, check out the website and email them.

Even though I would much rather talk to a person about such delicate matters, I went back to their website and emailed them.

I have emailed them three times in the past two weeks. And how many responses have I gotten?

Zero point zero.

What is the use of even having contact information if NO ONE WILL F–KING ANSWER YOU?!?!?!?

So, I am a lot pissed off right now.

I work two part time jobs to pay my bills and whatnot and the least the government/student loans people could do is make the process at least somewhat accessible.

I NEVER pay stuff late, so I was horrified to see that they said I didn’t pay in October. And, now instead of paying the amount I have allotted for the month, I had to pay double.

I refuse to just bend over and take it from the Federal Student Loans people, but since I knew no one was going to respond to me before my payment was due, I had to pay the double amount.


But, all this all caps writing on here is for naught because I know (1) no one from the Federal Student Loans will ever read this and (2) even if someone did read this, they wouldn’t care enough to respond and help put right what was obviously wrong with my loan payment statement.

It’s entirely frustrating feeling so helpless when it comes to loan payments. And I know there are people out there who have it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than me. So, to all of you who are trying to pay off your student loans too, I will say an extra prayer for all of us tonight. These are financially shitty times we live in – and I hope a reprieve is on its way. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but some day our time will come where we won’t be bogged down by these stupid loans anymore.

Besides dealing with student loans shit today, I worked. At both my jobs. True, my second job can be done from the comfort of my couch, but it’s still work. I have to work both jobs again tomorrow, as I have a movie project due on Monday and I have a few more things to finish up.

Have a good one