So, if you don’t care about Glee, the Warblers, or Klaine, you should probably stop reading now.

No seriously, I’m about to geek out on you in the worst way ever…

You have been warned


So, today was first listen Friday, which means they released all the songs for next week’s episode, “The First Time”.

You can listen to those songs HERE. I am super pumped for all the West Side Story stuff… that’s, like, one of my favorite musicals of all time.

But, more importantly, they released not one but TWO clips from next week’s episode

Clip 1 – They released the whole “Uptown Girl” scene. That’s right, folks THE WARBLERS ARE BAAAAAACK.

I, for one, am super excited about this. The Warblers are my favorite entity on Glee. In fact, I think the show would be better if if had way more Warblers and way less more story lines about Mr. Schue and Sue and Shelby. Yep, I said it (well, wrote it).

If you haven’t seen the clip yet, check it out HERE. Sooooooo much happening… the introduction of Sebastian. Blaine back at Dalton. CURT MEGA GETTING A SOLO!!!!!! WOOT WOOT. And man, if you think Sebastian is bringing it on strong for Blaine in this scene, then check out…

Clip 2 – Blaine, Sebastian and Kurt at the Lima Bean!!!!!

(I know, right?!?!?!?!)

There are so many good and bad things about this scene. One good thing is that Sebastian is hot… he’s a huge douche and very forward, but Grant Gustin is one fine looking boy. And he’s talented too… he was in the tour of West Side Story. Boy can get it.

Also good in this scene – Blaine’s overwhelming experience being hit on by Sebastian, and his firm stance on how he would never do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Kurt.

What’s bad about this scene? Kurt’s slight overzealousness/bitchiness. I get that he’s a bit angry that his boyfriend is getting hit on, but I don’t like that he kinda makes Blaine look like an idiot in front of Sebastian. Was Kurt just doing this to make Blaine seem so tame that Sebastian would lose interest? Perhaps.

All I can say is that I was already pumped for this episode, but now I’m super pumped. I have been reading spoilers like whoa, though, so as of right now, I don’t feel like I’m going to be hugely surprised by anything.

But, so far the critics have been saying this is a great episode. At the very least, it’ll be better than last week’s “meh” episode. KLAINE FOREVER 🙂


So yeah…

Other than all the Glee stuff, I had to go to work today. And then when I got home from work, I did work for my other job (which I’ll need to finish tomorrow).

I work all afternoon tomorrow, and then there is a new SNL – Charlie Day w/music guest Maroon 5. Should be a great show!

Have a good one