I just finished my fifth of five days of working in a row, so today is my Friday and I am beyond happy that I now have 3 days off ahead of me.

Work was okay this week. Since we’re busy, I was never really by myself at all, which was nice. I like my colleagues a lot so it’s always nice to be able to help people *and* chat with the awesome ladies I work with.

I’m breaking in new shoes, which hasn’t been super fun. I’ll wear comfy boots and socks over the next few days, so that’ll be a relief on my feet.

Right now my dog is snuggled next to me and we’re watching The Amazing Race. Today is my dog’s birthday. She is 4. My birthday is on Tuesday. I will be waaaaaaaay older than 4. (I’ll be 28. Yikes.)

I’m super glad I have the next few days off. If I get my movie assignments for my other job, I’ll work on those. I need to do laundry. I need to start really rearranging my room for Thanksgiving. I’ll job hunt. I have some paper work I have to fill out. I got stuff to do, and some time to actually do it. Yay 🙂

And I think I’m going to the movies this week with my mom (we kinda almost go every week…). I wish J. Edgar was open already, but it’s not open yet. So, I think for my birthday, I’ll go see the new Harold & Kumar movie.

So, I’m watching Amazing Race… I’m not really loving any of these teams. I guess if I had to choose, I’m rooting for the Snowboarders. But, the same goes with Survivor this season… I’m not really loving any of the contestants enough to want them to win the million. *shrug*

So, three days off. Woot. Then I work a couple days. (Un-woot.) Then, I’m going to visit a friend for the weekend. It’s her college voice recital next Sunday so I’m going to go hang with her for the weekend and see her recital 🙂 I’m super excited because (1) it’ll be super nice to see my friend since I haven’t seen her since August and (2) it’ll be great to see her recital because vocal recitals are awesome and (3) it’ll be super nice to just get out of town for a little bit. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay all around

I’m gonna finish my show.

Have a good one