Soooooooo… today is my birthday. And for my birthday, there was a brand spankin’ new episode of Glee on – “The First Time”. (btw – I will link out to scenes when I can. I found some links, but will need to dig for others. Sorry!)

Let’s just say, this was probably the best television-related birthday present a girl could ever get.


So… so much happened in this episode. The episode’s title (“The First Time”) is beyond completely appropriate for more reasons than you may initially think.

Yes, to get this out of the way, it does refer to Finn/Rachel and Kurt/Blaine having sex for the first time (well, it wasn’t Finn’s first time in general… just his first time with Rachel. But, it was Kurt and Blaine’s first time.). But, “the first time” also pertains to the first time someone tries to come in between Kurt and Blaine. The first time Kurt and Blaine have a huge fight. The first time Coach Bieste gets a date (shown on the show, at least). The first time we hear about Tina and Mike’s first time. The first time we see Karofsky outside of school and the first time he and Kurt really have a two-sided conversation on par with how friends would talk to each other. There are so many other firsts, but I am epically distracted by Darren Criss.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Darren. He’s an amazing actor, musician, and person. But, tonight’s episode just solidified, for me, that he has the potential to earn himself a career on par with someone like Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio.

You might be thinking – really?


Next time you watch this episode, watch Darren’s eyes. He plays Blaine with such genuine sincerity that every feeling Blaine has is painfully written all over his face. As Blaine, Darren uses his talent to show Blaine’s every emotion and reaction to the other characters. The scene on the stage at the end of the show KILLED me. So much truth and love and fear and vulnerability was just painted all over his face. His eyes were wide with the overwhelming amount of feelings that Blaine was experiencing in that moment. I was so happy that he didn’t cry. It was more powerful for him to just work through his feelings and lay his whole heart out like that. GAH. I can’t wait to rewatch this episode.

Let’s break this down from start to finish, shall we?

So, the show opened with Rachel and Blaine singing “Tonight” and Director Artie not being super impressed (though, crying director Coach Bieste was… she’s too cute for words). Artie tries to explain how Tony and Maria are having a sexual awakening during that song and asks Blaine and Rachel if they have the practical experience in this department. Neither of them do… and Artie makes it seem like that’s a bad thing for their musical. (For the record – it’s called “acting,” Artie. Rachel is also playing a Puerto Rican, but you don’t expect her to change her nationality now, do you?)

(btw – i’m sure I’m going to miss a few small plot points/scenes here and there in this post… I am overcome with so many feelings and I only saw the episode once, so I’m going from memory here. Sorry)

OMG – Blaine dancing around his bedroom was just about the cutest thing ever. Props to the writers for putting this scene into the show – I think it’s awesome they had two people in a committed relationship discussing their desire to move forward, but their hesitance to do so because they aren’t ready yet. And I love how nonchalant Blaine is about masturbation. Has that topic ever been addressed like that on television before?

AND THEN THERE WAS DALTON! Omg, watching Blaine walk down that staircase in civilian clothes (well, Blaine’s version of civilian clothes… which looks like an ice cream man circa the 1950s) brought me back to last season when Kurt was walking down those stairs and his first meeting with Blaine. kdjsahfkasdiuyf

So, yeah, Blaine walks down the stairs and hears the Warblers singing “Uptown Girl,” so he goes to watch. Curt Mega got a solo – woooooooot! And this was one of my favorite music numbers of all time on Glee. Seriously – I missed the Warblers like you would not believe. Besides being a super fun song, Blaine got to perform with his friends once more, and we’re introduced to Sebastian (Grant Gustin’s character).

Sebastian has eyes for Blaine from the moment Blaine leans on that door frame. He’s the one who pulls Blaine into the group number. He’s the one who propositions Blaine after the number. He’s the one who hits on Blaine while they get coffee after the number (btw – I LOVED how this was such a parallel to the coffee scene btwn Blaine and Kurt in “Never Been Kissed,” except that Sebastian is a man whore and Blaine is a gentleman). He’s the one who makes Blaine fidget by referring to him as “sex on a stick” and other (creepy) terms of endearment. And then, Sebastian has the nerve to ask Blaine if they can meet again. Oblivious Blaine agrees … oh, that poor boy. (btw – I loved how this scene was juxtaposed with Santana singing “A Boy Like That”).

The next day, Blaine and Kurt meet up at their lockers. After his conversation with Sebastian, Blaine’s thinking that they are moving too slow for people their age. But, Kurt says that they are young and have forever to do stuff (awwwwww – Klaine forever). He’s even made a Bucket List, which Blaine thinks is kinda hot (at least, Kurt wanting to make sweet sweet love with Taylor Launter on a dewy meadow of Lilacs or something like that). I LOVE that Blaine called Kurt “hot” in this scene – another “first” for the show, if you will. I also loved that as the scene ended and the boys parted, the camera lingered on Kurt’s hands and him kinda rubbing his knuckles. Remember last season when he said that he was into romance and how on Broadway that the touch of the finger tips is as sexy as it gets? Well, I think Kurt is realizing more and more that there is so much more to be had in a relationship than touching fingertips…

Silly Blaine meets up again (alone) with Sebastian later at the Lima Bean (Oh no you didn’t meet up with him at your and Kurt’s spot… oh, Blainers). Sebastian keeps hitting on Blaine (calling him hot, etc…) and implying he wants more and that Kurt doesn’t have to know. Blaine puts the brakes on and tries desperately to explain that he has a boyfriend and wouldn’t want to do anything to mess it up. Kurt walks in and you can tell he doesn’t want to think the worst. He does get awful bitchy (or as I like to say, “uppity”) and clingy. Sebastian just sounds more and more like a creeper inviting them to Scandals (West Lima’s gay bar). Blaine declines the offer, but Kurt accepts, saying the two of them have a bunch of firsts to cross off their list. You can tell Blaine does not want to go, but Kurt’s mind is made up.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Finn have made plans to play house while Burt and Carole are MIA because of election stuff. Finn asks Puck some condom questions (Puck doesn’t use them… not smart, kids. Not smart.). Later at the Hummel-Hudson house, Rachel and Finn share a meal and then go to get cozy by the fire. Rachel is her selfish self and it slips out that she has to “get this done” before opening night so she can act better. UGH. Poor Finn. I haven’t liked him much this season, but I did this episode. Finn walks away from the situation and Finchel sex will have to wait for a better time.

At school, Rachel gathers all the girls from the Glee clubs (except for Mercedes, which makes sense since they don’t really like each other after Rachel got the role of Maria) and asks them for advice about sex. Santana and Quinn say she shouldn’t have sex with Finn (for different reasons), but then Tina FTW. She totally comes out of left field and shares about her first time with Mike, which was over the summer. It’s a really sweet story and I love how Rachel’s jaw just hung there.

Artie rolls up to Bieste who is welding a scene piece (omg, I love her) and asks her about why she is uncomfortable when he was talking with Blaine and Rachel about sex. Turns out Bieste also hasn’t found the right man. She likes the football recruiter (and who wouldn’t? He was small-town cute stuff), but she’s too oblivious to his advances. (He does finally ask her out and tells her she’s a beautiful woman. It’s one of the most adorable scenes ever. I love Coach Bieste. She is my spirit animal.)

Blaine and Kurt roll up to Scandals. Blaine is still wearing a stupid bow tie and sweater vest (seriously, bro?) and his fake ID says he’s 38. The boys get into the club with no problem – it’s Drag Queen Wednesday. Woot woot. They meet up with Sebastian at the bar. He hands Blaine a beer and Kurt a Shirley Temple (designated driver). Sebastian and Blaine dance while Kurt hangs at the bar. And who should show up but Karofsky!

OMG, I cannot tell you how great it was to see Max Adler back on Glee.

And this scene! Oh this scene!I loved how Kurt and Karofsky were given this conversation – it was so nice to see them talking as if they were actually friends, or at least on friendly terms. I hope the writers bring him (Karofsky) back for more episodes. I don’t ship Kurtofsky by any means, but I would love for Karofsky and Kurt to become better friends. I loved their little toast to baby steps. And then I love how Kurt hopped off the stool and totally broke in between Sebastian and Blaine and then was dancing all up on Blaine.

i was not a huge fan of the Drunk!Blaine scene outside of the bar. Don’t get me wrong, I love Drunk!Blaine because he’s all honest and handsy, but I thought the car sequence was awkwardly shot/edited. But, super props for the writers allowing the boys to have a legit fight. Sure, Blaine was drunkish (he only had one beer…), but I think he was also caught up in the moment and had the “i need to have sex before opening night” as well as the “I am seriously in love with Kurt and actually want this to happen” on his mind when he propositioned Kurt. Good for Kurt for turning his boyfriend down. When you’re in that kind of loving relationship with someone, who wants to be that intimate (esp. it being their first time) when you know the other person isn’t even going to remember it? Instead of talking it out, Blaine walked home.

It appears that the next day was the musical. Artie was having an identity crisis – thinking he was a fraud of a director b/c he didn’t know what he was doing. But, everyone thanked him for his hard work.

Before the show, Blaine and Rachel admitted to each other they were still virgins. However, by mid-show, they talked it out and realized that Tony and Maria have a love for each other that mirrors the love Rachel has for Finn and Blaine has for Kurt. Regardless if they’ve had sex or not, they know what it feels like to be in that kind of loving relationship and are able to go on and perform.

During the show, we get to see the full “America” number. (Oh, btw – Mike Chang! Earlier his dad called him a liar and he basically disowned his son. He didn’t show up to the musical, but Mike’s mom did. Also, all the Warblers did, since Blaine invited them earlier in the episode. Anyway…)

“America” was amazing. Santana rocked it as Anita. And I LOVED how they worked the Jets into the Shark’s number. It actually totally made a lot of sense.

When the show was over, Blaine was all alone on stage practicing a dance move he messed up during the show. Kurt watches and then they start to talk things out. This was my FAVORITE scene of the night. I cannot properly put into words the amount of feelings I was having in my heart during this scene. I know it’s just a TV show, but between the content of the scene and the AMAZING performance Darren was giving, I couldn’t help but feel to the extent that my heart hurt.

This will likely go down as one of my favorite Glee scenes ever. I just rewatched it and I legit got tears in my eyes, which rarely happens when I watch tv or movies.

I love how it starts off tense between the two of them – Blaine trying to be perfect and Kurt using sarcastic humor to mask what he’s really feeling. Kurt admits to Blaine and Rachel being perfect, but Blaine immediately deflects the attention off himself and compliments Kurt’s Officer Krupke (which I wish we saw!). Kurt brings up how the Warblers and Sebastian were there, “They were all lovin’ it.” OUCH. I like how Blaine knows he’s the one who has to end this fight between them because he was in the wrong the other night.

It’s so sweet how he holds their hands up to Kurt’s heart (“Just like the song”) and he tells Kurt how Sebastian doesn’t mean anything to him. He apologizes and admits that their first time shouldn’t be like that, especially since he was drunk. I LOVE that Kurt teases him how the last time he (Blaine) was drunk, he made out with Rachel. Kurt apologizes for not being Blaine’s “Gay bar superstar” and for instead being a silly romantic. Blaine (who once admitted he himself was bad at romance) tells Kurt he’s not silly and he leans forward to kiss Kurt. When they break apart, Kurt murmurs that Blaine takes his breath away (awwwwwwwwwww) and tells him that it’s not just now, but how on that stage he was so proud to be with Blaine. And then Blaine tearily said, “I hope so. [he chokes back a sob] I want you to be.” GAAAAAAAAAH my heart just f-ing BROKE. Has Blaine ever had anyone tell him that they are proud of him?

Blaine composes himself and asks Kurt to go to Artie’s after party with him, but Kurt declines with a resolute NO and instead says he wants to go to Blaine’s house. Blaine breathlessly says “okay”…

… but then we cut to Rachel going to Finn’s house. Finn tells Rachel that the football scout didn’t want him. They have a discussion about how Finn’s dreams have been dashed and how he needs to find new ones. Rachel tells him he’s special and then says that she’s going to give him something no one else can ever have. And so the Finchel/Klaine montage begins.

Four for the Glee writers, director and editor for this finale montage. Juxtaposed with Rachel and Blaine singing “One Hand One Heart” (one of my FAVORITE WSS songs… god, it’s so beautiful), we see Rachel/Finn and Blaine/Kurt in their respective situations. There’s no dialogue, but instead we get small glimpses of each couple in some intimate moments. It was done so tastefully and really beautifully. This was a really, really touching way to end the episode. It breaks my heart to know that there are going to be some angry people who are going to say that this is an abomination or something equally stupid. It’s LOVE. Get the F–K over it.

Well… I totally wrote a novel about this episode. I couldn’t help it. It was a great episode on a whole and since Kurt and Blaine are my two favorite characters, it was easy to just keep writing…

Next week is some mash ups! Woot


Have a good one