Did you know that one year ago today, Darren Criss made his debut as Blaine on Glee? The episode was “Never Been Kissed” (Ep 2×6) and I had absolutely no idea who this kid was, but as soon as I saw him sing “Teenage Dream,” I was intrigued.

Turns out, that performance has changed my life.

Because of him being on Glee, I found out about his theater production company he started with his peers (StarKid). I found out about his solo music (check out his EP). I went down to Kansas to see the StarKids on the Digitour. I saw Glee Live in Minneapolis solely because of him and the other Warblers. I joined his Street Team (you can to – request to join the team on our Facebook page!). With the Street Team, I participated in a Flash Mob of his music in Chicago. I saw him perform live at Market Days in Chicago and premiere a new song. I got the opportunity to meet him after said concert. I’ll see him at least once on Broadway in January in H2$. But more importantly, because of Darren Criss, I have found a close-knit group of friends who I am proud to say have become a second family (albeit a slightly dysfunctional one 😉 ).

I love this group of people that I first met just a couple months ago. We are spread out all over the USA and there are a few people form other countries, but we are in constant communication with each other thanks to social media and phones.

It’s hard for me to properly put into words what these people mean to me. I became involved with the Street Team because I had had a bad falling out with my best friend of 15+ years. I had found myself alone and hundreds of miles away from my next closest friend. I felt a bit lost and the Street Team seemed like a way to connect with other people who had similar interests in Darren’s music and StarKid. So, I joined. And I soon found myself traveling to Chicago and sharing a hotel room with over a dozen strangers who have since become some seriously great friends. (I know that sounds super shady, and it’s not something I would have done, but I made sure before I went that the people I was traveling with were on the level.)

It’s just nice having a group of people I can turn to at a moments notice if I have a question, or I want a second opinion about something, or if I want to gush about an episode of Glee :). We respect each other. We trust each other. We love each other. We don’t always get along, but that’s just how it goes with any group. I haven’t felt like a part of something special in awhile, so it’s kinda nice to feel like I belong somewhere.

Anyway, so that’s my schtick. I’m selfishly thankful that Darren got cast on Glee because I’ve gotten to experience a bunch of awesome stuff in the last year. Thanks, Darren. I owe you one 🙂


Today was my last of 3 days off in a row. I didn’t get my next film assignment yet, so I was a waste of space today. I made a few mix CDs for an upcoming road trip. I started watching the extras on the Bridesmaids Blu-ray.

I just got done watching Survivor and now we’re watching the CMAs (even though I honestly don’t like country music… but my mom does).

I work tomorrow and Friday. I honestly don’t know what else to write right now. Perhaps I’ll get a piece of birthday cake…

Have a good one