So, today was Tuesday… Glee Tuesday…

SPOILERS for “Mash Off” if you haven’t seen the episode yet (BTW – I will link out to videos ASAP)

So… after last week’s “first time” episode, one would have thought that the Glee writers would have slacked on the next episode… but they totally didn’t.

Sure, there were some plot lines that were “meh,” but there were more than several plot lines that are meant to drive a few plots forward.

First off, the “meh” plot line for me this season has been Puck’s crush/infatuation/budding love for Shelby. Maybe it’s because I liked Puck with Lauren. Maybe it’s because I think it’s creepy that Puck is in love with his former girlfriend’s biological mom (and you *know* Puck still has feelings for Rachel… he’s not in love with her, but he’s been on the lookout for her best interest for a long while now). And maybe it’s because the Crazy Quinn plot line is getting a bit old (seriously, I would be completely for this plot line if someone addressed if she’s just crazy or if she is legit suffering from postpartum depression, but right now they just have her acting out like an immature/irresponsible teen who cares more about herself than that baby).

One oddly entertaining thing to come out of Puck’s inappropriate crush on Shelby was his rendition of “Hot For Teacher” with Bike Chanderson on backing vocals/backup dancers. NGL, but I couldn’t watch Mark Salling because I was too distracted by Darren Criss and that mic stand. Buh-what the heck was all that?

The rest of the show was pretty solid.

It was episode 6, so obviously some mashups were upon us (see also 1×6 “Vitamin D” and 2×6 “Never Been Kissed”).

Shelby and Will had a teacher’s lounge conversation about how the Troubletones and the New Directions are Sectionals competitors. They decided that a little friendly competition was in order before Sectionals, so the two groups join on stage only to find themselves being sung a “You and I/Just You and I” mashup from Will and Shelby. (On a personal note, I friggin’ LOVED this mashup. “You and I” and “Just You and I” are my JAMS. Also my jam, was Blaine’s outfit during this scene… he had another one of his old man sweaters on, as well as a Newsies cap. Adorable.)

When it came time to pick what mashups the groups were going to do, they took two different approaches. For New Directions, Finn suggested a Hall and Oates mashup because Hall and Oates are a group that has stuck together for the long haul. This resulted in a “You Make My Dreams/I Can’t Go For That” mashup that was kinda weak vocally, but was beyond aesthetically pleasing due to the Hall and Oates outfits worn by the boys. I totally dug the Miami Vice-esque outfits and the curly hair/mustaches. I’ve been singing this mashup a lot in my car the past few days. I love Hall and Oates as much as Dire Straits wants their MTV. Yeah, I said it…

The Troubletones, well, Mercedes, decided that they would sing an Adele mashup. I loves me some Adele. I do not loves me some bossy/diva Mercedes. However, I super loved me some Adele mashup of “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You”. Naya’s voice is GORGEOUS. I wish I had her voice. It’s so AKJDHFSJAKLJDHKL. There are not proper words to describe how much her voice oozes amazingness. The mashup was hot. The choreo was hot. Everything about that song/dance/performance was AWESOME.

What was not awesome was how horrible Santana was feeling about herself/her situation that whole performance.

See, for a majority of the episode, Santana was being the biggest bitch at McKinley. She hated on Finn and Rory a bunch of times – insulting them about appearances, accents, etc. While what she did was super wrong and very much bullying, what Finn (and then some stranger) did to her was even worse.

Soooooo it kinda started with some dodgeball. New Directions got their asses handed to them my the Troubletones. Blaine wore super short shorts (seriously – Did Darren offer to wax his whole body this season or did the PTB make him do it because there you don’t go from THIS/THIS to THIS/THIS without some serious waxing). Lots of people got hit in the face with dodgeballs. Rory got pounded with dodgeballs to the point where his nose bled. (Kurt put a stop to this… which we’ll get to a little later). There was also a mashup of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “One Way”… very 80s. I dug it 🙂

After some more insults to Finn and Rory post-dodgeball and days after, Finn stopped Santana in the hallway by saying that she’s so hard on everyone else because she’s hard on herself for being in love with Brittany when Brittany might not feel the same way back (though, for the record, I think Brittany does love Santana…). Finn called Santana a coward and that scene ended abruptly.

Cut to a few scenes later when Santana is brought into Sue’s office. Mr. Schue and Burt Hummel are there as well. Sue apologizes for how she has been running a dirty campaign (more on this later) and then Burt puts in a tape of another politician’s upcoming campaign and it shows how Sue put a lesbian (i.e. Santana) as head cheerleader and asks what kind of message that is sending. Poor Santana 😦 About to be outed on local television when her parents don’t even know 😦 This emotional punch to her self-esteem is what caused Santana to be a bit out of it during the Adele mashup. After the song, she even slapped Finn across the face for outing her like that.

(tangent – this is a super important story line and one that should be taken very, very seriously. Kurt has always been the character to say that he wouldn’t out another person. Finn probably didn’t mean for all this to happen to Santana, but it’s something that he can’t take back. I’m very much looking forward to the repercussions of his actions and to see if the campaign commercial airs before/during the events that happen in the next episode. As much as Santana is a bitch, no one deserves to have their private life/personal information exposed like that without their permission. This could just lead to more bullying, or worse.)

So… Sue’s campaign stuff goes along with Kurt’s campaign stuff, so I’ll mix those two story lines here.

Sue is running against Kurt’s dad for Congress. All of Sue’s ads feature very negative things (i.e. lies) about Burt Hummel. (OH HELLS NO, Sue.) Kurt confronts her about it and she says that dirty ads are what campaigns are all about. Kurt refuses to participate in that kind of campaigning. So, when it came time for speeches at the senior class president debate, Kurt got up in front of the few people that were there and said that he refuses to run a dirty campaign or make empty promises to his classmates. He says that his platform is anti-bullying and proposes that the school end dodgeball because it’s a violent form of bullying and that shouldn’t be tolerated in schools. (GO KURT!! – Also, how ADORABLE/HEARTBREAKINGLY CUTE was Blaine in that fraction of a second cutaway during Kurt’s speech? Ugh. They are endgame… they have to be.) Rachel gets up after him and says that she is withdrawing from the race and urges her peers to vote for Kurt because he’s the only candidate to run an honest campaign (JUST LIKE HIS DAD, GUYS!). Yay for Rachel stepping down… I don’t like her, but I like it better when she and Kurt are friends.

And that’s what we got on Glee…

I’m so thankful this didn’t end up being a lame filler episode. The songs were pretty great for the most part and we got some decent plot. There isn’t a new episode on next week, but there is in 2 weeks. Here’s the promo


Well… I’m tired since I’ve been up since 5:30. So, I’m gonna read for a bit and then sleep as I have to work all day tomorrow.

Have a good one!