It was a crazy busy/long day at work today, so I am very grateful to be sitting on the couch and watching Survivor right now. They just did an immunity challenge. I’m still not rooting for a specific person, though I hope Ozzy makes it to the end.

I have off from work tomorrow, so I will likely do a bit of work for my other job (i.e. the job I can do from my couch b/c it involves watching movies and doing some writing… right up my alley on both accounts). I might also try and go see J. Edgar. We’ll see…

I’m super sleepy, even though I got more sleep last night than the night before. Since I don’t have to work tomorrow, I don’t have to set an alarm, which will be super nice. I look forward to sleep. I know that’s kinda sad or depressing, but I just am feeling kinda blah right now and sleep would be lovely. Since the weather is changing so much, I’m getting a scratchy throat. Plus it’s Shark Week. Boooooooo

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! Already!!!!!!! i’ll get to see my siblings and their significant others!!!!!! (I know my sister’s fiance, as we’ve hung out several times over the past year, but I haven’t met my brother’s girlfriend yet… but everyone else in my family has and I know she’s really nice, so I’m looking forward to meeting her.)

Well… I’m gonna finish up Survivor and watch Modern Family/Happy Endings – woot.

Have a good one