I woke up to THIS article and saw that NBC is shelving one of my favorite shows of all time – Community – during midseason. Sure, 30 Rock will be back on, but WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY SMART COMEDY AWAY FROM ME?

Community is one of the most well written shows on television. It’s not your stereotypical sitcom. There is no laugh track (thank God), no one is related to each other. There are relationships within the group, but the plots revolve more around obstacles in and surrounding their friendships. The plots are riddled with pop culture references and often play homage to various genres have oddly specific themes (the Dungeons & Dragons episode, as well as all 3 paintball episodes are MODERN CLASSICS). I mean, this season has veered further away from the shows already off-course path, but it’s still been solid television. And now they’re taking it away because of ratings? Guess what, NBC, most of your shows aren’t all that great. Don’t pull one that actually makes your audience think WHILE they are being entertaining. Of course it’s not doing well – you put it up against The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy. It hasn’t been nominated or won jack shit because it’s probably above the heads of a lot of voters. That’s why shit like The Office keeps getting nominated for crap… it’s what people are used to.

I have loved Community since the first episode and I will continue to love it until it is completely pried from my cold, dead hands. The DVDs for that show are AMAZING. Commentary on EVERY EPISODE. Outtakes. Deleted Scenes. And more! That show treats its viewers/fans extremely well. It’s actors are present on Twitter. It’s themes are super relevant. It’s just such a smart and funny show and I hate to see how under-appreciated it is by the network 😦

If NBC ever does anything like this to Parks and Rec, I don’t know what I’ll do. Besides Community, Parks and Rec is the most quality show on that network. It shouldn’t work but it does – and boy does it ever. That show is so funny, but so poignant and full of heart. My heart has been breaking for Leslie and Ben this season, as well as Ron and Andy/April. And Tom! OMG, a few episodes, when Tom was confessing to Leslie about the downfall of Entertainment 7wenty… my heart hurt.

NBC needs to recognize that it has quality program in Community and Parks and Rec. They might not have the best ratings, but they are the best quality programming a viewer could ask for.

I just really love television, okay? GEEZ

I love movies too… I watched Heavenly Creatures today for my part time job. Holy shit, that movie was an eye opener. My mom watched the ending with me… I told her I would never, ever do that to her. Ever.

I have to work tomorrow, but then I have a few days off. I need to run to Target tomorrow to buy a DVD for work and get the latest issue of People. It’s the Sexiest Men Alive issue… and guess who made the list. If you guessed Darren Criss, then give yourself a high-5.

I’m gonna go read. NBC might be able to take my shows away from me, but NO ONE will ever be able to take my books and magazines. So, ha.

Have a good one