This’ll likely be short as I’m sleepy and I didn’t so much today but work and watch stuff.

I worked all morning and got to leave around 2:15. Work is getting more and more crazy as the holidays approach, which is to be expected. I just wish that colleagues weren’t damn competitive. I was working with a customer for well over an hour and a half (between a lengthy phone conversation as well as in person assistance) and I come back from a short break to find someone who had just appeared mere minutes ago trying to take my customer. And my colleague had the gall to say to me after I greeted the customer, “Oh, *you* were helping her? I guess you can ring her up.” WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Did you just spend the last hour and half with her answering all of her questions and showing her the best options for her needs/wants?


After work, I had to run errands as I was on a quest for a DVD copy of “Benny and Joon.” I didn’t find it (i’ll try again Sunday). I did end up with the “Sexiest Men Alive” issue of People, as well as 5 DVDs… I had 12 in my hand, but put 7 back. I really wanted them all though. I did keep Quantum of Solace, Miss Potter, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Taking Woodstock and the Special Edition version of Memento. WOOT

When I got home, I helped my mom with some baking stuff (I iced brownies and sprinkled the bejesus out of them… yum). Then, I watched the last half of Bridesmaids, an episode of Community, and then PBS “Women Who Rock” special. It was super informative. I did not know that Aretha Franklin played piano. I also learned that Cyndi Lauper is writing the music/songs for an upcoming Broadway show based off the movie “Kinky Boots” – how fun!

Well… I should probably link out to stuff, but I’m too tired to search around online. I’ll link out to stuff tomorrow or the next day. For reals

Have a good one