So, Jason Segel is hosting SNL tonight (w/music guest Florence + the Machine). I am very much looking forward to the show tonight. Jason Segel is one of my favorite actors of my generation because he’s just super talented and extremely likable. If I ever get the chance to meet him in real life, I would totally give him a huge hug and thank you to his contributions to popular culture. I’ve been a fan since “Freaks and Geeks” and continue to support/admire his career. HIMYM is one of my favorite shows, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is one of the sweetest films of the past few years and he’s bringing back the Muppets in theaters next week! The man can do no wrong in my eyes… I just love him.

Today was an eventful day. We had our first snow of the season – I think we have an inch of two out there now. I’m thankful I didn’t have anywhere to be this weekend.

My parents threw a holiday party for my dad’s colleagues, so I spent the day helping them prepare the house and helped my mom set out all the food (that she totally made from scratch… my mom is such a good cook/baker… her food was AMAZING. Pumpkin potato soup with yogurt and pumpkin seed garnish. Barbecue chicken sandwiches. Sausage cheese balls. Cranberry chili meatballs. Almond toffee cake. Pecan cream cheese pie. Vanilla spiced nuts. Mint almond bark. White chocolate dried cherry cookies. And then some… your mouth is probably watering right now, right? Cuz it was all so good.).

We had a packed house… probably 30+ people showed up. I only knew a few of the people, but I met/chatted with a lot of the other guests and they were all really nice. It was nice to meet some other people in my age bracket as well as reconnect with a few other people who I met earlier in the year.

And now I’m sitting with my dog, watching the end of the USC/Oregon game (shit just got real – Oregon is only down by 3 and they are in possession of the ball and there is 1:35 left in the 4th quarter).

I can’t wait for SNL!!

I hope to find the DVD I need for work tomorrow so I can get that done. I’ll clean and do chores on Monday to get ready for my visiting siblings… and maybe I’ll see “J. Edgar” if I have time 🙂

Have a good one!