I love television.

I am seriously about to spend the next 3 hours in front of my TV watching DWTS, an hour of The Sing Off and Castle. I would feel bad for not having more of a social life, but I’m a bit under the weather and it’s really cold and dark out. Why would I want to leave my house right now?

Tonight is the competition part of the DWTS finale. The three best contestants are left – Ricki, J.R. and Rob. I think this is J.R.’s mirror ball trophy to lose. I’m just really thankful that Rob made it to the finals and not Hope. He’s a way better dancer than her and had a great attitude the entire season.

I’m way pumped to get to watch an hour of The Sing Off tonight – I love a cappella music like whoa. I haven’t seen much of this season b/c it conflicts w/DWTS (and we don’t have DVR), but I’ve enjoyed what I have seen thus far. Plus, the judges for this show are all amazing. Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman and Sara Bareilles are the trifecta of awesome judges because they are all super talented people who know what they are talking about. They have good, constructive criticism. And I just really loooooooooove how people can make such beautiful music without any instruments 🙂

Man… I am sitting here yawning. I got a horrible night’s sleep last night. Our furnace is going crazy or something because my room felt like it was on fire. It was maybe 20+ degrees out last night, and I was in a shorts and t-shirt with no blankets and was still sweating like I was in the middle of the Sahara. At first I thought I was just getting really sick/had a bad fever, but it wasn’t me – it was the furnace. Since it was so hot in my room, I only got a couple hours of sleep. I crawled up the stairs around 7, went into the kitchen and asked my mom if I could nap in her room for a little bit. I somehow fell asleep for another two hours… I was out of it to the point where I woke up with drool down my chin. (TMI, I know.) I needed sleep. I still need sleep. After my shows, I am going to crawl into my bed (the furnace is still going crazy, but we shut all the vents in my room) and sleep. I have to get up really early for work tomorrow, which I am not super looking forward to. But, I have Wednesday and Thursday off and my siblings will be here, so that’s something good that’s on the horizon. Also, Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 comes out tomorrow… so that’s something to look forward too. (There best be a version w/o a microphone… I need another Wii microphone like I need a hole in the head.)

Well… Dancing Show is on. So, I shall bid you adieu and watch people get their dance on.

Have a good one