Sorry I haven’t really updated very well lately. My family is here (well… almost all here… some people are still en route) and we’re watching a movie and about to watch Modern Family/Happy Endings.

This morning, we went to see The Muppets. It was soooooooooo cute. My already epic love of Jason Segel has just increased even more. That script had so much heart – it had so much love and respect for the muppets that it made my heart hurt (in the best way possible).

So, I wrote a huuuuuuuuge paragraph about how much the Muppets mean to me, and then my computer went and deleted it. BAH

But, here’s a video of “The Rainbow Connection”

Enjoy. (They sing it in the new movie and it almost broke me because I was having so many feelings. This song is really important to me. It’s just a super beautiful and meaningful song… take a listen.)

Well… Imma get back to the movie and my shows. Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Have a good one