Sorry I’ve been sucking at blogging lately. BUT, I have some time now and today was busy, so I will post about things in the order they happened and will save SPACE Tour videos for the end.

1. When I woke up this morning, one of the first things I saw online was this:

I still kinda can’t believe this is happening and I get to go see it. H2$ is pretty much my favorite stage musical of all time (even though I haven’t ever seen it on stage before…). I saw the movie when I was in elementary school and have seen it a bajillion times since. I’ve listened to the Original Broadway Cast recording and the 1994 revival over and over and over again (for some reason I can’t bring myself to listen to the DanRad version… I’m not a super huge fan of his singing voice). This clip just made me super happy, even though it doesn’t really show much except for some BTS on his photo shoot.

2. Also released today was “Perfect” from tomorrow’s episode of Glee … c/o


So, Kurt and Blaine duet on Perfect. And it’s PERFECT. No, seriously… listen to it. I think the plot of the episode is that Finn and the other Glee kids are singing women’s songs to Santana after her Episode 6 outing. In my head canon, Blaine and Kurt start off singing this song to Santana, but part way through the song they are really just singing to each other and Blaine has tears in his epic Heart Eyes for Kurt. Please let this be accurate…

I have listened to this song an embarrassing number of times today. #noregrets The Pink version is already one of my favorite songs ever, so this is just the icing on the “Perfect” cake. The lyrics to this song (minus the rap… bah) are so beautiful. Catch me in an emotional state listening to this song and I will have legit tears in my eyes.

3. So, I finally saw J. Edgar.

I honestly didn’t know a whole heck of a lot about the man before I saw the movie and was definitely a bit enlightened by the content of the film. While I thought he was a bit paranoid and full of himself, I found his relationships in the film super compelling.


So, I was a bit unaware of Hoover’s personal life. Do I take this movie as a 100% completely accurate depiction of Hoover’s life? NO. But I found the relationships with his mother, his secretary and Clyde Tolson to be very moving.

I thought Hoover had a good relationship with his mother until that scene where he tells her he doesn’t like to dance, and he doesn’t like to dance with women. When his mom reminded him about a boy from his childhood (“Daffy” – short for “Daffodil”) who killed himself and then said “I’d rather have a dead son than a daffodil” (or something along those lines), my heart BROKE.

I thought Hoover’s relationship with his secretary was interesting. I liked watching it progress throughout their time together. It was beyond awkward watching their “date” in the Library of Congress, especially when he dove in for a kiss that was utterly rejected. But, they overcame that and they ended up being quite the team. It’s amazing how much respect there must have been between them – her keeping all of his secret files for him like that.

But, my favorite relationship of the film was between Hoover and Tolson. Was Hoover gay? I tried to Google that, but didn’t really get a solid yes or no answer. (For the record, the answer may be out there … I didn’t spend a whole hell of a lot of time google Hoover’s sexual history. That’s his own business.) But I was beyond intrigued by Hoover and Tolson’s working and personal relationship in this film.

Tolson doted on Hoover. He looked at him fondly and was very caring and giving with his time and actions to the other man. Even I swooned a bit when Tolson made Hoover promise that they would never miss lunch or dinner appointments with each other whether it was a good or bad day for them.

The first time they sort of held hands in the car (Hoover placed his hand on top of Tolson’s), my heart stopped because it was such an intimate moment. However, their hotel scenes made my heart hurt. Scene One: When Hoover told Tolson, “I care so very much for you, Clyde,” to which Tolson took him by the hand and responded, “I love you, Edgar” and then Hoover changed subjects to talk of a lady friend he was considering marrying… my jaw dropped and my heart broke. It stayed broken during the fight scene.

Scene Two: My heart legit hurt during this sequence. The way Tolson snapped because Hoover was mistreating his feelings. I read some online comment on some message board that said commenter was disappointed in the fight because it looked like the two were having a cat fight. UMMMMMMM NO. Those men threw punches. Legit punches. Out of anger and love. And then when Tolson kissed him… and Hoover’s forehead wrinkled and he just sort of melted for a fraction of a second. Holy shit. He must have been so conflicted in that moment. Tolson had every right to walk away… but Hoover calling him back “Don’t leave me! Clyde, please! Clyde, I’m sorry!”. GAH. MY HEART.

I thought DiCaprio and Hammer were amazing in this movie. Their old man makeup was hella distracting, but they both gave fine performances despite what they looked like as old men. Clint Eastwood is an amazing director. My biggest complaint besides the makeup was that creepy boy from Gossip Girl (Ed Westwick?) was in the film. BOOOOOOOO

4. SPACE Tour

So, as I mentioned yesterday, StarKid just got done with their month-long SPACE tour. I bookmarked a shit-ton of videos from youtube and I haven’t gotten a chance to watch them all yet. HOWEVER, here are a few of my favorites from when Darren joined up with the group on the last couple concerts of the tour:

Status Quo – I f-ing love this song. And I love it with 5-part harmony. And tambourines.

To Have A Home – Darren fans just know what this song means on every possible level. It’s just really special to get to watch him sing this, okay?

Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts – GAH, I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH 🙂

And, finally, Not Alone. This is just one of the best anthems… it’s got such a great message. Plus, it’s super special getting to see him perform this because it’s been used now for so many things and all of them represent something amazing and positive. Also, Darren is freakin’ talented when it comes to performing. Obviously.

So yeah… there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more SPACE videos on youtube and tumblr. Check them out.

Imma go read… remember, tomorrow is Glee Tuesday

Have a good one