So, today was Glee Tuesday – Episode 3×7 – “I Kissed a Girl” (I will link out to video ASAP, I promise.)


So, this week’s episode revolved around Santana’s outing and lady songs – i.e. songs sung by ladies for ladies.

The episode opened in Figgins’s office where Santana was bouts to get suspended for slapping Finn. I liked how the writers managed to sneak in how Santana was getting punished for violence and she outright questioned why no one ever got in trouble for all the slushie facials. (Slushies weren’t on the list of violent behavior… bogus man. So bogus.) To keep Santana from getting suspended and banned from Sectionals, Finn said that Santana didn’t actually hit him. That she did a stage hit. (Right…) Well, they bought it. So, Santana and Finn had a chat in the hallway – he seemed really sincere about making sure she wasn’t suspended or banned from Sectionals. He also said that she and the rest of the Troubletones needed to be with the New Directions that week for a lesson.

Cut to the choir room where all the kids are sitting around. Finn writes something like “Lady Music Week” on the board and explains that everyone in that room cares about Santana and that they accept her for who she is. He asks Blaine and Kurt up to the front of the room to start things off.

I loved that Blaine introduced the song as something he and Kurt sing to each other in the car. They started singing “Perfect” and it was adorable. A-freakin’-dorable. I mentioned in my post yesterday how this is one of my favorite Pink songs. The boys totally did it justice, though I wish they would have used a longer version of the edited version on the show. Alas.

Other lady songs performed in this episode were:

“I’m The Only One” – sung by Puck at Shelby in front of everyone (though only Quinn picked up on his intentions). I love Puck. I don’t love Puck with Shelby, though. During this episode, Shelby called Puck in the middle of math class (btw – how great was it that he knew the Quadratic Formula?!) because Beth had hurt herself and needed stitches. Puck to the rescue… he made sure that she was going to get treated by a plastic surgeon (side note – the guy that played the doctor is the brother of one of my friends… random sauce). Shelby swooned a bit at Puck’s assertiveness and they slept with each other. She then immediately said it was a mistake. He got mad and left… and ended up over at Quinn’s (she had propositioned him earlier in the episode). Quinn was trying to get knocked up again, but Puck said no. He then said that he felt bad that everyone had been trying to help Santana that week but no one had stopped to help her. Quinn’s been crazy ever since she got pregnant and Puck finally said that out loud.

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Finn (w/some help from Puck, Mike and Artie) sang this to Santana. It was really quite a moving scene. He really, REALLY, slowed the song down to make it a slow ballad instead of an upbeat dance song. It really changed the meaning of the song and brought a new weight to the lyrics. The Finn/Santana interaction in this episode was amazing… especially after how sour their relationship went last week. Throughout this episode, Finn really did right by Santana (at least in his eyes). He directed the lesson directly at her. He flat out told her that he didn’t want her to die. He mentioned how someone from the “It Gets Better” project killed himself and how he knows Santana usually takes out her anger on other people but how that one day might not be enough for her and she might turn on herself. He reminds her that she was his first and that will always mean something to him – SHE will always mean something to him, and if he didn’t do anything about it, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. At the end of his song, Santana tearfully thanked him and they hugged. It was really very sweet.

“Jolene” – sung by Coach Bieste. STUPID SUE STEALING BIESTE’S GENTLEMAN FRIEND. Oh Coach Bieste… my heart goes out to you and your Tur-Duck-En and ALL THE CHICKEN. Poor woman doesn’t know how to communicate her feelings about Cooter to Cooter. So, Sue ends up asking him out and he accepts. He says he likes Bieste, but she’s always weight lifting or going to protein powder conferences. Sue flaunts her relationship with Cooter and Bieste just gets sad and jealous. So she sings “Jolene” in the middle of the gym during the senior class president elections. I love this song, but I didn’t really like its staging. It was a bit awkward watching Dot Marie Jones just kinda stand there most of the time and sing. I’m also really sad that they made Bieste into someone who will fight for a guy who honestly doesn’t deserve her. I’m so pissed that Cooter went with Sue, but I’m even more pissed that Bieste confessed her love for him and then said she was going to fight Sue for him… Oh, honey. You don’t want someone who jumped ship to another woman because of some miscommunication. He has feelings for you, yes, but didn’t you just hear him say he likes Sue too. Bieste can do sooooo much better than Cooter. I’m sad that the writers are having her think that he’s her only option 😦

I Kissed a Girl” – sung by the girls of the New Directions and Troubletones – Some douche approaches Santana and says that he’s going to straighten her out. THe girls from the two glee clubs surround her and tell him to back off because her being gay wasn’t a choice, but even if it was, she wouldn’t chose him. (Preach.) So, the girls all sing “I Kissed a Girl” while Rory kind of just oogled them all. (This kid didn’t have any lines this episode… but he sure made a bunch of weird facial expressions.) After the song, Santana announced to the others that she told her parents about her being gay the night before and they were okay with it, and that she still had to tell her abuela. Well, later in the episode, she was at her abuela’s house and she came out (great scene, btw) and sadly her abuela would have none of it. She told Santana that some things are meant to be kept a secret, how it was selfish of Santana to make her uncomfortable, and that she wanted Santana to leave and she never wanted to see her again. Poor Santana 😦

“Constant Craving” – sung by Santana (and Shelby and Kurt). I recognized this song, but kinda tuned out because I was busy uploading something onto my iPod. It’s a good song, and I highly recommend listening to it. The big thing about this scene was the resolution of the elections. At the beginning of the episode, Kurt and Rachel were talking about how he needed the win for his NYADA application. Kurt was contemplating pulling a JFK (stuffing the ballot box…) but he didn’t do it because that would be cheating and Kurt Hummel doesn’t cheat. Kurt won the election, but only because someone actually *did* stuff the ballot box. The principal accused him of cheating and said he’d be suspended for 2 weeks and not allowed to be in Sectionals. Turns out Rachel was the one who stuffed the ballot box, but she didn’t think it through very well and she over-stuffed it by putting in more ballots than there were seniors. Rachel got suspended for a week and is banned from Sectionals. Which are next week. Sooooooooooo, Kurt lost and Brittany won. But, the Hummels didn’t lose everything tonight… Burt beat Sue and was elected to Congress. What does this mean, if anything, for the Hummel-Hudson family?

So many questions, so little time.

So, then there was a promo for next week’s episode… “Hold on to Sixteen“. This promo was all sorts of crazy. First off, Sam’s back. And stripping. Under the name “White Chocolate.” Secondly, Blaine confronts Finn about Finn being mean to him. This happens in the weight room. Blaine is in a wife beater and standing next to a punching bag. (#undapperthoughts) Thirdly, it’s Sectionals time! The group must perform w/o Rachel. The Troubletones are up against the New Directions. Does either team have 12 members? Don’t they *need* 12 members to perform? (There I go… wondering why Glee doesn’t have plot points that make sense when this whole season has been chock full of plot lines that don’t make sense. F-ing show… Jumped the shark like WHOA. But I’ll still watch for Darren and the catchy songs.) I’m super looking forward to the New Directions songs for sectionals. I have been listening to them nonstop all day. Especially “Man in the Mirror.” I LOVE THIS SONG>

Anyway… yeah. Glee. It’s beyond crazy at this point. But I’ll still watch and then gush about it.


In other news, I helped my mom put together some Christmas trees (we have 3 large trees in our house instead of just one…). They aren’t decorated yet, but they’re up.

I have to work tomorrow. But then I have Thursday off – woot.

Have a good one