I had a horrible day at work, so luckily I had some new Glee to watch!

Glee Season 3 Episode 8 – “Hold on to Sixteen” (i will link out to videos when I can find them – as of right now, I couldn’t find some of the Sectionals performances yet 😦 )


So… We started the episode in McKinley’s halls where Quinn approaches Rachel (she’s suspended, but can be at school as long as she’s picking up/dropping off school work) and tells her that she (Quinn) is going to tell Figgins about Shelby sleeping with Puck. Rachel tells Quinn that that is a horrible idea and it’ll ruin Shelby’s reputation, it’ll ruin Beth’s life, and it won’t be good for Quinn either.

After the “glee” title card, I think it was the Lima Bean scene with Kurt, Blaine and Sebastian.

I hate Sebastian as much as Kurt does, but at the same time I’m glad he’s there. I’m glad that Kurt told Sebastian that he didn’t like him and that he said he had a meerkat face and smelled like Craiglist. I like that Sebastian doesn’t like Kurt either, but I don’t like that Sebastian thinks that by the end of the year, Blaine will be his. TO me, this decision is Blaine’s – not Kurt’s OR Sebastian’s. And it seems like Blaine has chosen Kurt. So, back off Sebastian. (Don’t think we didn’t see you at Sectionals, clapping your heart out for Blaine.)

Anyway, We then go to Finn and Mr. Schue in the choir room trying to pick out songs for Sectionals. Finn tells his teacher that they need Sam to win at Sectionals and that he knows he’s in Kentucky (and I quote, “Even homeless people have facebook”). So, Finn and Rachel take their 4 hour trip to Kentucky to where Sam works. They both assume he’s doing musical theater but soon find out that Sam is a stripper named “White Chocolate” and he strips while wearing a construction worker’s outfit. The best line in this scene was when the guy in the Fireman’s outfit came out and Finn commented that he didn’t know Backdraft was a musical. (I hope this was a shoutout to Waiting for Guffman, which co-starred Glee writer Michael Hitchcock. “Backdraft the Musical” was one of Corky St. James’s productions. I tweeted at Michael Hitchcock just now and asked… we’ll see if he Tweets back!). Back stage, Rachel, Sam and Finn talk about why Sam is working there (pays better than DQ) and they ask him to come back to Ohio. They meet with Sam’s parents in their quaint little home and they let him go. They talk about how he grew up too fast and he says how he just wants to be a teenager again (this will be a HUGE theme for the whole episode).

Back at McKinley, the Glee kids are talking about Sectionals and there is brief mention how 3 of the band kids will be in their group (btw – I LOVED this. I was so happy that they had 12 members for Sectionals and how the band kids were singing and dancing with them. AWESOME.). Mr. Schue came in with a stack of Red Solo Cups and then Finn brought Sam in. Everyone was super happy and then Sam sang “Red Solo Cup“. How the F–K is this a real song? Like, I knew it was a real song before it was on the show, but HOW? Anyway… not a huge fan of this song. *shrug*

After the singing, Santana came into the room to throw a bunch of insults at Trouty Mouth. Oh, Santana. I think this is where it’s revealed to Sam that Mercedes has a boyfriend (Samcedes happened in the Season 2 fianle and over the summer…)

The group was fully functional again, but there was hostility in the air during dance practice. Blaine suggested some sort of turn move, but Sam said that they needed to do body rolls and dance sexy to win. Blaine was not very happy about this and said they didn’t need to do that – that HE didn’t need to do that because his body wasn’t for sale. Some shoving ensued and then Blaine walked out.

Finn went and found Blaine in the weight room and Blaine was punching a punching bag something awful (the bag was Sam and Finn’s faces, in Blaine’s mind). Angry!Blaine… man, Shit Just Got Real. Now, I don’t condone violence, but Angry!Blaine is kinda hot…


This scene was actually very informative, funny and plot-driving all at the same time. We learn that Blaine took up boxing because he was bullied. He also started a Fight Club at Dalton “which. I. obviously. can’t. talk. about!” (I laughed out loud at this line. I just can’t… it was so out of left field, so ridiculous and yet so perfect and perfectly delivered… holy hell). I’m so glad Blaine finally confronted Finn about Finn having a problem with him. Yay for Finn for finally manning up and confessing that he was jealous and threatened of Blaine’s talent. Once Finn finally opened up, Blaine calmed down and the two of them had a bro moment and bumped fists, ready to work with each other instead of against each other. (Since in my head, Kurt and Blaine are endgame and going to get married, it’s good that Finn and Blaine get along since they’ll basically be brothers… But anyway)

Small tangent – while I was glad for this small glimpse into Blaine’s past (we still don’t know much about him, but now we know he took up something to defend himself after all the bullying he went through. Now he’s shoved Karofsky and Sam and has had shouting matches with Kurt and Finn), I’m a bit concerned that there is potential for more violence from him in future story lines. While I know this is something that a LOT of fan fic has already delved into, Blaine’s violence (or potential for violence) is canon now. Not quite sure how I feel about this. I mean, he’s come across as this peaceful, fun-loving, playful kid… but how much of this is a facade now that we know boxing/Fight Club Blaine exists? I’m thinking/hoping that Blaine is the puppy that he appears to be and that he just has flashes of anger when he’s put into a situation that reminds him of when he was bullied. If you notice in the Finn/Blaine clip that Blaine goes from Hulk to Bruce Banner rather quickly.


The next scene showed Sam locking hands with Mercedes in the hallway and them having a bit of a scene about how she’s with Shane now and that what they had in the summer was a fling (even though it seemed insinuated that they pulled a “Teenage Dream”… if ya know what I mean.). Sam seemed interested in giving them a go again, but Mercedes brushed him off (later on during the New Directions number, she was totally checking Sam out though… and he was cheering her on during the TroubleTones number… just sayin’)

Then, I’m not completely sure about the order of events here, but there was a scene with Quinn and Sam in the hallway at some point and she was trying to get back together with Sam because she’s going to get Beth back and he’s good with kids. He basically tells her that that is not a good plan and then he quotes some “Jack and Diane” and tells her that his favorite lyric deals with the phrase “Hold on to Sixteen” (the show’s title, guys!!!!!!). What he means is that she’s young and she should hang onto that youth. He grew up too fast and it seems like he wants to prevent her from having to do the same. (Quinn will get a similar speech from Shelby later.)

Oh shit, I can’t believe I almost forgot about Mike Chang! So, Mike’s dad wants him to drop dance and be a doctor (Episode 3×3, remember). Mike’s family has been estranged a bit since WSS b/c his mom supports his want to dance, but his dad doesn’t. So, Mike tells Tina that he’s going to Stanford for pre-med. Tina tells him he needs to dance and follow his dreams. They have a little spat. Tina visit’s Mike’s dad at work and tries to give him a bootleg WSS DVD and tell him that Mike needs to perform. Mike’s dad tells Tina that her and Mike’s want to perform is not a good path because of how hard it will be. She doesn’t give up. Later before New Directions goes on, Mike tells Tina that she shouldn’t have gone to his dad. but, it all ends well for them because Mike’s dad comes to Sectionals and sees Mike and Tina perform. And by the end of the New Direction’s MJ medley, Mike’s dad stands and claps for his son. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

So, Sectionals.

It’s Sectionals and the other group competing besides the TroubleTones and New Directions are the Defiance Unitards (horrible, horrible name!). Their lead singer was Harmony (who we met in the season premiere… The Gerber Baby… i.e. Lindsay from The Glee Project). God, I would love her singing voice. Girl can SIIIIIIIING. I loved their “Buenos Aires” number, complete with Evita hair. Me gusta. SO MUCH

After their number, Quinn leaves the auditorium and Rachel finds her. Rachel tells her that Quinn shouldn’t tell Figgins about Shelby, or if she does, at least tell Shelby first. Rachel tells Quinn to grow up.

The TroubleTones were next, but first Quinn goes and finds Shelby in the choir room to tell her she knows about Shelby and Puck and that she’s going to tell. Shelby tells her she’s ending it with Puck and then tells Quinn how Quinn needs to stay young while she can because one day it’ll all be gone. Quinn argues that she wants to be grown, but Shelby tries to change her mind.

Small tangent – people are always telling us to either grow up, or to act our age. For some situations, I guess it is best to just take things in stride – we’re our age and we can’t help that. We can be mature about things. But we shouldn’t have to take on the roles and responsibilities that are way beyond our years. This may not always happen, but we can try, right? I know I was forced to grow up faster than I should and ended up missing out on a lot of stuff I should have been enjoying when I was 18 (and instead I was helping to take care of an injured family member and not spending my last summer before college doing normal teenager things). But at the same time, I was still encouraged to take some time for myself and do normal teenager things when I could that summer. *shrug* To each his/her own.


The TroubleTones went on and did a mashup of “I Will Survive” and “Survivor”. I was not a huge fan of the choreography for this number (it looked like dance moves out of one of those Just Dance games)… plus, you know those girls would have been too winded to sing. I liked the song, though.

After them, it was time for the New Direction. The New Directions did an amazing Jackson Medley.

They started with “ABC”, then did Janet Jackson’s “Control,” then ended with “Man in the Mirror”. So much happened during these songs! Mercedes eyeballed Sam a bit. We saw Sebastian cheering on Blaine, and Kurt seeing Sebastian and then going from Bitch-face to dance machine. We saw Mike’s dad come in (Mike and Tina seeing him do so…) and ultimately clap for his son. Lots of people had solos, which was great, instead of just one or two people singing the whole thing. (Though, Artie and Blaine were heavily featured on “Control” and “Man in the Mirror”… this makes sense since Artie has such 2 previous MJ songs, and it was established that without Rachel there, Blaine was the most talented performer in the group).

I loved, loved, loved this medley. “Man in the Mirror” was my favorite part, though, because that’s one of my favorite MJ songs of all time. I can’t wait to watch and rewatch this routine. 🙂 The dancing was great!! Just makes me look even more forward to seeing Darren in H2$ next month 😉

When it came down to who won, the Unitards placed 3rd (Harmony was happy about this… and when Kurt went to congratulate her, she smiled and said that she’s that great and only a sophomore and how the next year will be a bloodbath. He cringed. So did I…). The TroubleTones placed second and the New Directions won!! Yay 🙂

After the judging, everyone was celebrating the choir room. Mike’s dad found his son and told him that Mike needs to dance and follow his dream. AWWWWWWWW. Mike’s dad told him to apply to the top 10 dance programs. Mike said he missed the submission deadlines, but fear not b/c Tina sent in his applications. And forged his signature. (Go girl!)

The next day, Rachel and Quinn talked in the Principal’s office. Quinn opted not to tell on Shelby b/c of what Rachel said. Rachel then asked if they were kinda friends. They are. Aw. How nice.

Quinn then went into the girl’s bathroom to talk with Mercedes, Brittany and Santana. She didn’t ask them to come to the New Directions, but said they could if they wanted. She said that the TroubleTones could perform one song per competition if they wanted (and that Mr. schue and Rachel agreed… oh, really?). She also said that she wanted them all to be friends and make the most of the next six months because after that, they’ll all be gone and will only see each other for special occasions. Time is really running out for these kids… and us too this season. (We only have 14 episodes left, y’all.)

The show ended the same way last season’s Sectionals episode did – with a group number set against the cloud background (I think the same director did both episodes… this was more than just referential to me, and was almost a bit lazy.) However, last year’s end of Sectionals singing and dancing was somberish due to the end of Finnchel whereas this year’s song “We Are Young” was much more celebratory on a whole. Everyone was singing and dancing and everyone was happy. Things were looking up for the whole group.

And scene.

Next week is the Christmas episode! Here is the promo. I am very much looking forward to “Let it Snow”. I love me some holiday Klaine.


Well, that’s about it for now. I have to get to sleep as I need to be up at 5:30 am to take care of the dogs and whatnot before I leave for work at 7. BAH

Have a good one