I seriously hope this coughing nonsense stops before I go to work tomorrow. It’s been two days of constant hacking – it hurts and I’m hoarse. My words come out forced, broken and about an octave or two too low. I feel fine (like, no fever or anything), I just sound horrible and my throat hurts from all the coughing. Hopefully I am getting this all out of my system before my siblings get here 🙂

Since I opted to go Christmas shopping next weekend so I could rest up and get better this weekend, I had a whole day to do as I pleased. So, I applied for some jobs, I watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec, and I tried to upload some more of my CDs onto my iPod.

My iPod connector cord died (I didn’t know *that* was possible), but I knew I had a spare somewhere in my room. I had to dig through 4 boxes of stuff that has been packed away for several years, but I found it. I also found probably 20-30 Sharpies (I ❤ Sharpies), my missing NYC guidebook (which I was super glad I found), a shower "microphone" that my sister gave me as a joke, and my CORD!!! Oh happy day 🙂

So, I managed to get my iPod hooked up to my computer and was able to upload my music. Yay!

And that's really all I did today :/. I'm getting ready to watch The Amazing Race with my mom. I have work for the next four days. I work all day tomorrow, but then it's not so bad the next few days after that. I'll be applying for more jobs during my "free" afternoons this week. I'll also have to come up with some sort of plan to finish Christmas shopping. My family members are hard to shop for – but I did finish shopping for my sister, so at least that's a start. I can't believe Christmas is two weeks from today. BUH-WHAT?!

Well… I'm gonna go watch the show with my mom and then read a bit before bed. Sorry this post was pretty uneventful/uninformative.

Have a good one