I have spent more than a bulk of my time the past day and night coughing. I don’t have a fever. I don’t have the flu. I don’t have bronchitis. I’m just coughing. A lot. And it’s super old. And painful.

Today at work, I was coughing to the point that there were tears streaming down my cheeks. All the while someone was asking me questions and I was in no position to answer them because I couldn’t get any words out – only coughs. And more coughs.

My voice is nearly gone and my throat is super sore. But besides drinking tea and sucking on throat lozenges, I don’t know what else to do. Alas.

It’ll pass. I’m just extra moody about it because I’ve been like this for almost two weeks now and it really hurts (and I’m tired/bitchy because I’ve coughed more at night than I’ve slept … so there’s that :/ ).

But, enough complaining about something that can’t be helped.

So, I had a fight with my parents yesterday. I’m not going to go into any details or anything, but we’re okay. Sometimes these things happen.

I worked today. It was busy. Most people are still friendly at this point. The highlight of my day was definitely a chat I had with a little boy who was super excited about leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

I’m not a huge fan of kids, but it made my heart swell when this little guy was so excited about Santa. I love it when little kids are in the holiday spirit. The holiday hasn’t been ruined for them – they are excited about Santa and are just super happy it’s Christmas time.

Okay… so I’m watching Survivor right now. (SPOILER ALERT) And Brandon just got immunity. And Coach is pissed. I’m rooting for Ozzy to win the whole thing this season… he’s been rocking the shit out of Redemption Island. Damn.

Well… I’m gonna go read some RS and watch some shows. I have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning for work… not looking forward to that. But, I am looking forward to my 3 day weekend 🙂

Have a good one