Seriously, though. This coughing needs to stop. I tried to go to bed early last night since I had to be up at 5:30, but I was up well past midnight b/c of the coughing. I’m coughing as I’m typing this. Buh-what the heck.

I have off from work tomorrow and was thinking about seeing a movie before I went Christmas shopping, but I might have to skip it if I’m coughing too much. I would hate to ruin the movie for other movie goers (as well as myself) by coughing through the whole thing. If I have enough cough drops maybe I’ll go. I really want to see Young Adult. So, we’ll see.

I worked until around noon today and then went home and had some lunch w/my mom before we went out so she could do some Christmas shopping.

We were *this close* to getting a puppy. We saw the CUTEST Black Lab/Retriever puppy and we both wanted it really bad. But, we were at the mall. And you don’t buy puppies from a mall. Especially not for an astronomical price. But this little puppy was ADORABLE. She was trying to pick a fight with the other two puppies she was with (they were sleeping and not budging even though she was biting them). And then she yawned real big and just crashed with her little puppy nose against the glass. I wanted her so bad. SO BAD. Puppies are the best.

My dogs are currently sleeping. *They* are the best.

Well… I’m gonna go grab a snack. And then read. And then hopefully sleep some tonight :/

Have a good one

P.S. 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!