Sometimes I can keep it under control, but more often than not I can’t. I had a coughing attack in the middle of Target today – I’m sure that was not appealing to the people around me. Oh well – I couldn’t help it.

I had off from work today, so I went Christmas shopping. I had all these ideas and a few of them fell through, but I got it done and everything is wrapped. When I got home, I told my mom that I was done, but how it wasn’t my best year in terms of buying presents for the rest of my family. Like, you know some years how you just know you got the perfect gifts for the people on your list? Well, this was not one of those years. I tried. I honestly did. But, I just feel like something is off. We shall see come Christmas Eve/Christmas morning.

In addition to Christmas shopping, I spent probably an hour or so trying on clothes. Not at the mall or any store – but at the house. I have something I need to dress up for in the coming weeks and I didn’t want to have to buy anything new, so I tried to piece together an outfit and a backup outfit. I think I did okay.

I have off from work tomorrow too. I will be doing laundry, cleaning up before my sister gets here, job hunting, and I will need to call where I work.

I submitted a request for a Leave of Absence from December 29-January 21st (though that date might change). I was told that my request was approved… yet, when I went to check my work schedule for the week of the 25th-31st, I was scheduled to work on the 29th. HOLD THE PHONE, YO.

So, I need to call work tomorrow and get that straightened out. I can work on the 29th, I just was trying to avoid it so I could have the day to get ready.

What’s really disappointing is that I made sure to submit my paperwork well over a month ago. And then a couple weeks ago, I went in to double check that everything was submitted and asked when I would find out if it was approved or not. I spoke to the HR person in charge of all this and she said that it was approved and that I could plan to be off on the days I asked. WELL, THAT OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T HAPPEN. So, I will call. And I will be completely civil about it. But, it’s just a little frustrating when I check and double check about such things and then when it comes down to it, it appears my request was either not put into the system, or they just mistakenly scheduled me during the time I was approved to not be there.


Well… I’m going to go cough some more and read. And hopefully sleep

Have a good one