December 2011


I am still pretty sick (spent the past two nights coughing instead of sleeping ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) and I got into a huge fight with my parents tonight. Ergo, I’m in a mood.

However, tonight was this season’s Christmas episode of Glee… so I had a little smile on my face for at least an hour.

Glee – Season 3 Episode 9 – “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” (note – I Will Post links to gifs, Videos and songs as soon as I can find them)


NO, we don’t know what was in the box. (Klaine people know what I’m talking about.) HOWEVER, get over it. There was a whole other 42 minutes of mostly pleasant Christmas Glee. (Hold the phone… we DO know what is in the box c/o TV Line… supposedly this scene will be on the DVD. What about all the other missing scenes from prior seasons, though?!?!?! Come on! We want those too…)

The episode opened in the choir room with Mercedes singing “All I Want For Christmas is You.” This was a given that she was going to sing this song. Even though the Mariah Carey version will forever and always be my favorite, this version was nice too. And is it just me, or is Mercedes looking extra pretty this season?! I loved her purple dress.

So, everyone sang and danced about the choir room. Yay happy.

I think after the “glee” title card, we went to Sue’s office where she asked Artie (“Wheels”), Kurt (“Porcelain”) and Blaine (“Other Gay”) to sing at the homeless shelter that Friday. It seems that after her sister’s passing, Sue is nicer around Christmas time this year (remember last year she was the Grinch?). The boys agree to have the Glee club sing and they each get another round of nicknames before she kicks them out of her office… Artie – Stubs. Kurt – Gelfling. Blaine – Young Burt Reynolds. (I LOVED how Blaine reacted to this… he paused and then a crooked smile appeared on his face like, “Yeah. I can totally work with this nickname.” PRICELESS)

Then, Rachel and Finn were discussing Christmas presents in the hallway. Rachel made Finn a list of stuff she wanted and told him to pick 5 things. She made him the list b/c Kurt told her that Finn and the other Glee guys were in the locker room talking about what Finn should get Rachel and they were leaning toward socks.

Back in the classroom, Rory announced to the group that his mom wasn’t going to be able to come visit him for the holidays because plane tickets are too expensive (preach!). So, he sang “Blue Christmas” and depressed everyone. I did love how he said he was going to honor “The King” and Kurt got this weird look on his face and asked, “Baby Jesus?” to which Blaine shook his head and mouthed “no.” Aw.

After the song, Mr. Schue came in and told the kids that they were going to do a public access Christmas special and that he told the producer that Artie should direct it. Artie balked at first, saying he wouldn’t sell out and do television. But, then Artie saw the light and agreed to do it, so long as it involved the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special (which, I actually have never seen… which is blasphemous, as I am a huge Star Wars fan :/ ). I liked the Chewie-in-the-classroom clip ๐Ÿ™‚ Artie also wanted the special to be shot in Black and White.

Cut to Rachel singing “River” on the stage in the auditorium. I always skip this song when it comes on the CD. It’s pretty… pretty boring. (OH SNAP) But seriously, it’s definitely not one of my favorite holiday songs. I did like her dress, though. And the fake snow. However, I did not like how she was not so subtly suggesting for Finn to get her earrings for Christmas.

Artie told her the song was all wrong. He then shared his image for the show – Blaine and Kurt host a gathering at their chalet. Everyone comes over and sings happy songs, and then Rory reads an uplifting version of Frosty the Snowman. Sam was not happy about this. Not at all. Sam reminded everyone that Christmas isn’t always happy – that it’s about the sad stuff as well as the happy stuff. You know, a time to be thankful for what you do have. (Earlier, Sam and Rory had a great exchange in the hallway about how they miss their families. Sam decides to be Rory’s Christmas sponsor and asks Rory to come have Christmas with Sam and his family. I thought that was really sweet of Sam… especially since he and his family didn’t have much last season when they were homeless and now Sam is extended what they do have out to this other kid in need of a family for the holidays. AWWWWWW) Sam walks out of the auditorium to go ring a bell for the Salvation Army. He asks Rory to come with, but Rory stays and says he should practice his lines. (But Rory… didn’t I just write that you and Sam were practically family? Hmmm… more on this later.)

Later in the choir room, Blaine and Rachel sing “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” to each other to show how fun they can be while performing Christmas songs. This song is pretty lame. I’m sure I’ll like it more later on (Darren’s voice is like buttah and I will cave and love the song… just give me time.). But, it’s cheesy. But, cheesy is what Artie wants – so the Christmas Special is a go. When Sue walked in the choir room to double check that the kids would be at the shelter that Friday, Artie shot her down saying they were filming the special on Friday. WHAT?! You kids should make time for the homeless shelter people. But nooooo… they want their 15 minutes of public access fame ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The next chunk of show was the black and white Christmas special (YES!).

So, remember how in last year’s Christmas special we only got one scene (albeit a GLORIOUS ONE) of Kurt and Blaine singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (go ahead and watch… I’ll wait ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Well, this year’s Christmas Special within the Glee Christmas Special was basically ALL KLAINE, ALL THE TIME.

You couldn’t smack the smile off my face while Kurt and Blaine sang and danced to “Let it Snow“. How freakin’ adorable and retro was that?! Perfection. Utter perfection. Boys can SAAAAAAAANG. Boys can DANCE. Those two are the cutest things on TV and I think they know it.

When the song was over, I dug Kurt’s affected “oh, I’m hosting a TV show with my boyfriend, but since this is retro he’s my best friend/roommate, and I have to talk like this because that’s how you talk when you host an old timey tv show” voice. There needs to be a “Kurt and Blaine host a Christmas special at their chalet” spin off because this was brilliant.

Mercedes and Rachel came over to Blaine and Kurt’s soon thereafter and Rachel was well aware she was on television. The group of them sang “My Favorite Things“. I kinda wished that Blaine was going to play the piano during the song instead of just sit on the piano bench :/ As much as I like this song, I refuse to think of it as a Christmas song. SORRY, BRO.

Also, props to the writers for Blaine’s Christmas presents from Rachel during the Special… a bowtie w/Christmas trees on it and candy-cane stripped capris. PRICELESS.

Then there was some talk about Global Warming and climate change. I loved it when Mercedes deadpanned how it was the End Times. I really haven’t liked her much this season, but this bit was great.

The doorbell rang and who should appear? Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman dressed up like Luke Skywalker (Finn) and Han Solo (Puck), but not really because the glee kids didn’t have the rights to Star Wars so any likeness to Star Wars was purely coincidental (wink, wink). NGL, but Han Solo Puck was kinda hot… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Puck and Finn sang “Santa Claus is Coming To Town” a la Bruce Springsteen. NICE.

When their song was over, who should appear, but Brittany, Santana, the Cheerios, Tina and Mike (dressed as Santa). While twirling those awesome batons w/ribbons like in the Rhythmic Gymnastics, Brittany sang “Christmas Wrapping.” Again, not one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I like Brittany… and those baton things.

After the song, Rory came out and everyone was like, “Yay!” And he was supposed to read the Frosty story and everyone was going to be happy. But, Rory opted to read the same passage that Linus recites in the Charlie Brown Christmas show… and everyone realizes they shouldn’t be there.

Cut to the homeless shelter where Quinn and Sam are serving food. (Good for them, btw. I used to do this when I was younger as part of Girl Scouts. It was one of my favorite things to do around the holidays because it was not only an opportunity to give back in the community, but it was a chance to meet some really amazing people and get to know them and hear their often untold stories.) The Glee kids, Mr. Schue and Emma finally roll in to help out.

The Glee kids sang “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” My mom had a point… was this really an appropriate song to sing in this location?

Regardless, this song is important. Not really w/regard to Glee, but in real life. It was written for Band Aid to raise $ for charity. The money from the Glee version of the song will also go to the Band Aid Trust.

The episode ended with Rachel Berry finally pulling her head out of her ass. Not literally, of course.

She was bugging Finn the whole episode to give her lavish presents. He got her a sow in her name to help feed people in Africa, but she was not initially happy about that. She did eventually get over herself, named the sow “Barbra” and was happy about how her sow would feed people. Finn also got Rachel a star (named Finn Hudson b/c there was already a star named Rachel Berry [ i.e. her] and her Finn star would always be there to look down on her). He also got her earrings.

Rachel then felt bad/got an idea.

Cut to Sam and Rory ringing the Salvation Army bell. Finn and Rachel walk up (and Finn kinda throws a snowball at Sam’s crotch) and donate all the money from Rachel’s earrings and the iPhone she had bought Finn. They then all ring the bell together. AWWWWWWWWWW

So, Matthew Morrison (i.e. Mr. Schue) directed this episode. On a whole, I was not impressed by his directorial choices… especially while Rory was singing “Blue Christmas.” Yikes. I think that Eric Stoltz and Bradley Buecker should direct all the episodes. ALL THE EPISODES.

Glee is now on hiatus until january. They showed a promo. Will is going to propose to Emma. Finn is thinking about joining the army. And it looks like Sam joined the synchronized swim team. And gets slushied b/c of it…

Also coming up on Glee is a big Michael Jackson tribute episode. I am PUMPED. Especially after the great MJ songs used in last week’s Sectionals episode.



I have to work tomorrow. And look for jobs. And try to not be sick anymore. (I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sneezed on my computer screen while I’ve typed this out :/ )

Have a good one


I seriously hope this coughing nonsense stops before I go to work tomorrow. It’s been two days of constant hacking – it hurts and I’m hoarse. My words come out forced, broken and about an octave or two too low. I feel fine (like, no fever or anything), I just sound horrible and my throat hurts from all the coughing. Hopefully I am getting this all out of my system before my siblings get here ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I opted to go Christmas shopping next weekend so I could rest up and get better this weekend, I had a whole day to do as I pleased. So, I applied for some jobs, I watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec, and I tried to upload some more of my CDs onto my iPod.

My iPod connector cord died (I didn’t know *that* was possible), but I knew I had a spare somewhere in my room. I had to dig through 4 boxes of stuff that has been packed away for several years, but I found it. I also found probably 20-30 Sharpies (I โค Sharpies), my missing NYC guidebook (which I was super glad I found), a shower "microphone" that my sister gave me as a joke, and my CORD!!! Oh happy day ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I managed to get my iPod hooked up to my computer and was able to upload my music. Yay!

And that's really all I did today :/. I'm getting ready to watch The Amazing Race with my mom. I have work for the next four days. I work all day tomorrow, but then it's not so bad the next few days after that. I'll be applying for more jobs during my "free" afternoons this week. I'll also have to come up with some sort of plan to finish Christmas shopping. My family members are hard to shop for – but I did finish shopping for my sister, so at least that's a start. I can't believe Christmas is two weeks from today. BUH-WHAT?!

Well… I'm gonna go watch the show with my mom and then read a bit before bed. Sorry this post was pretty uneventful/uninformative.

Have a good one

I’m still not feeling 100%, so I feel perfectly fine spending this friggin’ cold Saturday night sitting in front of the fireplace and watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while one of my dogs is using me as a pillow.

I’ve watched Rudolph every year (usually multiple times) ever since I was born. This show is extra special to me because 12 years ago, we were watching it when a neighbor knocked on our door and asked if we wanted to take in a stray puppy that was dumped in their yard. We gladly accepted guardianship of the most adorable puppy of all time and we promptly named her Yukon Cornelius. We still have Yukon. She’s no longer a puppy, but she is the best guard dog we’ve ever had and we love her to pieces ๐Ÿ™‚ Yukon was sitting with me tonight while we were watching the show, but she ditched me for the other couch. Our other dog, Moose, quickly jumped up and took her spot, so now Moose is sleeping on me. She’s super warm, as is the fire in the fireplace. It’s very cozy in here – feels good. All our Christmas trees and other lights/decorations in the house are lit… the holidays are awesome around here. I’m continually thankful to get to spend them with my family. I can’t wait to see my siblings in the next couple weeks!!

Hey, what do you say we both be independent together, huh?”

Oh that Hermey, what a guy.

(He’s my favorite character on the show… him and his little elf outfit and swoopy blonde hair.)

I was going to go Christmas shopping today, but since I’m still kinda sick, I’m going to go on Friday. I know that’s kinda cutting it close, but I couldn’t drag myself out of the house today.

So, instead of shopping, I watched a lot of Parks & Rec, and I also decorated our last Christmas tree. (We have 3… I decorated the other 2 last weekend.) My mom put up some more lights and garland and even put our tree hat on our mounted deer head in the foyer. (I named our deer “Buck Henry” after Buck Henry, the writer/actor responsible for some of my favorite films).

AWWWWWWWW, the Spotted Elephant! He’s my favorite misfit on the Island of Misfit Toys ๐Ÿ™‚

Well… I’m gonna finish the show and then read/watch more Parks & Rec or maybe Love Actually until SNL is on.

Have a good one

And you know what? I don’t even care. I had off from work. I’m not feeling well. I didn’t have anywhere to be. So I was staying as comfortable as possible while I tried to get over this crud.

I was so worn out from yesterday’s shenanigans, but I couldn’t sleep last night because my throat hurt so bad (and I had about a bajillion things on my mind… bah). I turned off everything before 11:00 (which, like, never happens), and watched my clock click to well past 4:30 before I finally dozed off. I woke up around 8:30 and it felt like someone scratched the back of my throat with a fork. When I crawled up the stairs to greet my dogs, I sounded like Kathleen Turner. That’s how I really knew I wasn’t going to be having a productive day.

I took care of my dogs and then made myself a big bowl of oatmeal (complete with rainbow sprinkles… I don’t know how people can eat oatmeal w/o sprinkles). I popped in my first of two movies for the day – Taking Woodstock. I hadn’t seen it before, but I liked the cast and director and enjoyed the trailer, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I liked it a lot. I appreciated the backstory of how Woodstock came to be. I obviously wasn’t around during that time period, but I am very familiar with the music and what was going on in our country and around the world. Great cast, man. Great cast.

I was semi productive today in that I spent awhile looking for out of state jobs. I didn’t send in any resumes today (I need to update a few things first), but I bookmarked several positions that I believe I would be an awesome candidate. I read a bit, but then this afternoon when I popped in movie number two (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day), I ended up falling asleep for about an hour.

Man, I needed that. Badly. My eyelids have felt like bricks the past few days and getting an hour of solid sleep was really quite lovely.

One of the best things about today was that my dogs were around the whole time – and by around, I mean sleeping on me or near me. Moose slept in my lap for most of Taking Woodstock. She slept on the floor next to he couch I slept on during my second movie. My other dog hung around too and “checked in on me” (i.e. poked me in the face with her cold, wet nose) every now and again. Dogs are the best company when you’re not feeling well. The best.

When my dad got home, we watched a few episodes of Parks & Rec from season 3. We’re killing time before tonight’s new episodes of Community, Parks & Rec, and Bones are on. Then I’ll probably try and get some more sleep. I work tomorrow night. Hopefully by then I’ll be feeling better. It’s only a 4 hour shift; I should be fine.

Have a good one

P.S. Thank you to my family and friends for being so awesome after yesterday’s crappy day. It’s really great knowing that there are people who care about my well being ๐Ÿ™‚ I โค you all!!

The title of today’s blog post is lyrics from the song “It’s Over Now” from the StarKid production Little White Lie. It very much reflects how I felt today at and after work.

It finally happened. I cried at work. I couldn’t help it. I broke. Today I broke. My work place broke me. And the worst part is – no one is likely to do anything about it.

I still refuse to reveal on here where I work (though some of my friends are well aware by now). However, I will say that today was one of the lowest days I’ve experienced in a long while.

I woke up not feeling 100%. I had to be up at 5:30 and I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because I have this odd fear that my alarm clock is not going to go off. (It always does… but still.)

So, I got up at 5:30. I ate breakfast, took care of my dogs and got ready for the day. I was super tired and my throat was starting to hurt, but I knew I only had a 6 hour shift to get through before I had a couple days off.

Before I left for work, I grabbed my water bottle and a PB&J. Since I was working a 6 hour shift, I would be allowed a 30 minute paid break at some point throughout the day. At said break, I was going to eat my sandwich so I would have enough energy to shop for shoes/boots after my shift (both pairs of my boots are cracking on their soles… ergo, I need new boots).

I got to work and went in early to make sure I had enough supplies at my work station as it was supposed to be a super busy day and I was unfortunately scheduled to be by myself. As I was going about my business, some other colleagues started to trickle in. They were in other work areas, but they were also scheduled to be with people. They offered to help me out if I got too busy.

The day started off a bit weird. We had some big huge visit from some corporate people, so everyone was extra on their toes. I was told several times that one of the more important people would likely come to my area at some point during the day and that I should be ready to talk about my position and what I’m doing to help the company. Fine. I could totally do that.

As work progressed, my work area became super busy. This was to be expected. A colleague or two came over to help me out. We ended up getting even more busy than I expected and by time the corporate people came into my area, I didn’t end up talking with any of them because I was so busy doing my job.

No one was scheduled to come in and take over for me until I left (I was to leave at 1:45, the next person was scheduled to come in at 1:45). Because of this, I knew there was no one around to give me a break when I needed to take one, so I made sure to touch base with my manager to let her know I would need coverage at some point.

It got to be too busy for me to handle on my own and I was fading fast. My work space is very warm and dry. If you don’t keep hydrated, you feel wiped out sooner rather than later. I was unfortunately across the work area from where my water bottle was stashed (note – we’re not allowed to have water bottles in our work area, but I keep one there because it is super easy to get dehydrated, especially when breaks are never a certain, even though we’re always supposed to get them). I had a seemingly endless line of people I was supposed to be helping. I kept popping Vitamin C pills every now and again to keep my mouth from drying out.

I called several times to try and reach a manager in order to get some help and be able to take a break. After many failed attempts, I managed to get a hold of someone. I explained that I was by myself and how I needed some help and someone to cover while I took a break. Someone came down, but there were too many people and I still couldn’t leave. There was one moment where I could almost go, but I was thwarted. The guy who was helping me had to leave and I was once again left alone.

Around 1:00, I was ready to snap. I had some extremely grating people I was trying to help. But, I could tell I was not in a right frame of mind. My head hurt so bad. I was so thirsty. My hands were shaking. My vision was blurring and I couldn’t see or think straight. I called a colleague and told her I needed to take a break and someone needed to come to where I was because I wasn’t going to make it anymore.

I flagged down a manager and tears just started falling out of my eyes before I could stop them. I made my way to the other side of the work area, grabbed my water bottle and went into the first safe spot away from people I could find – a stockroom. I choked down my water as the tears kept coming. One of the nicer people I work with found me in the stockroom and made me sit down. He asked what happened and I tried to explain what was going on.

This wasn’t the first time I was denied a break when I needed one at work, but this was the first time I almost passed out because of it.

The guy who was calming me down said that this kind of situation should not happen. I am very well aware of this. I’ve actually spoken to a few managers about how a lot of the time we are not able to take breaks when we need them. We’re always allowed to take the longer ones where we have to clock out for them, but our shorter on-the-clock breaks always seem to go by the wayside. This is not fair. This shouldn’t be legal. It’s bad enough we’re not supposed to keep a water bottle by us (we’ve been told, “Of, if you need a drink of water, you can always step away from the floor and get a drink at the water fountain.” That is completely bunk. On busy days like today, there is no opportunity to step away for a sip of water. Especially when you’re scheduled to work by yourself.).

I stayed in the stockroom until I was done with my water, but I knew I needed to eat something and get more water. So, I went back out, grabbed my bag and went to the break room. I drank another bottle of water and slowly ate a granola bar. At this point, I only had 15 minutes of work left until my shift was over. I thought I could collect myself enough to finish my shift in my work area, but I made it about a minute before one of my favorite colleagues asked if I was okay and I just crumbled again. She took me back into her office and sat me down and we talked a little bit with another colleague. They were mad about what happened to me not because it was me – but because this happens to other people all the time and no one does anything about it.

I left when my shift was over and went to my car instead of going shoe shopping like I intended. I just couldn’t be out anymore – I had to get home. I did what people should never do – I drove home crying/upset. I really tried not to. I tried to think happy thoughts… that only goes so far when your head is pounding like whoa.

I got home, I let my dogs run around in the snow, I changed into my pajamas, I got some food, and I put in my DVD of Bull Durham. Bull Durham is my go-to movie for whenever I am feeling awful because it’s got baseball and Kevin Costner. When I was done with my snack, I called my dog up onto my lap and she slept there for awhile while we watched the movie. That was exactly what I needed.

My dad called later to see what we wanted to do for dinner (he’s not feeling well either, so we opted to get take out instead of going somewhere). He asked me if I was doing okay and I told him I wasn’t. I explained what happened at work. He wasn’t too happy. He told me that my job does not pay me enough for me to almost pass out like that. PREACH.

When we hung up, I called my place of business and spoke to someone in HR. I don’t think I was taken very seriously, but they took note of what I said. I highly doubt anything is going to happen, but at least I let HR know. *shrug*

Now I’m sitting next to my sleeping dogs and watching Survivor. I’ll watch Modern Family and Happy Endings too… and then hopefully sleep. I am so worn out.

I have off tomorrow. I was going to go Christmas shopping… we’ll see if that happens.

Have a good one

I had a horrible day at work, so luckily I had some new Glee to watch!

Glee Season 3 Episode 8 – “Hold on to Sixteen” (i will link out to videos when I can find them – as of right now, I couldn’t find some of the Sectionals performances yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )


So… We started the episode in McKinley’s halls where Quinn approaches Rachel (she’s suspended, but can be at school as long as she’s picking up/dropping off school work) and tells her that she (Quinn) is going to tell Figgins about Shelby sleeping with Puck. Rachel tells Quinn that that is a horrible idea and it’ll ruin Shelby’s reputation, it’ll ruin Beth’s life, and it won’t be good for Quinn either.

After the “glee” title card, I think it was the Lima Bean scene with Kurt, Blaine and Sebastian.

I hate Sebastian as much as Kurt does, but at the same time I’m glad he’s there. I’m glad that Kurt told Sebastian that he didn’t like him and that he said he had a meerkat face and smelled like Craiglist. I like that Sebastian doesn’t like Kurt either, but I don’t like that Sebastian thinks that by the end of the year, Blaine will be his. TO me, this decision is Blaine’s – not Kurt’s OR Sebastian’s. And it seems like Blaine has chosen Kurt. So, back off Sebastian. (Don’t think we didn’t see you at Sectionals, clapping your heart out for Blaine.)

Anyway, We then go to Finn and Mr. Schue in the choir room trying to pick out songs for Sectionals. Finn tells his teacher that they need Sam to win at Sectionals and that he knows he’s in Kentucky (and I quote, “Even homeless people have facebook”). So, Finn and Rachel take their 4 hour trip to Kentucky to where Sam works. They both assume he’s doing musical theater but soon find out that Sam is a stripper named “White Chocolate” and he strips while wearing a construction worker’s outfit. The best line in this scene was when the guy in the Fireman’s outfit came out and Finn commented that he didn’t know Backdraft was a musical. (I hope this was a shoutout to Waiting for Guffman, which co-starred Glee writer Michael Hitchcock. “Backdraft the Musical” was one of Corky St. James’s productions. I tweeted at Michael Hitchcock just now and asked… we’ll see if he Tweets back!). Back stage, Rachel, Sam and Finn talk about why Sam is working there (pays better than DQ) and they ask him to come back to Ohio. They meet with Sam’s parents in their quaint little home and they let him go. They talk about how he grew up too fast and he says how he just wants to be a teenager again (this will be a HUGE theme for the whole episode).

Back at McKinley, the Glee kids are talking about Sectionals and there is brief mention how 3 of the band kids will be in their group (btw – I LOVED this. I was so happy that they had 12 members for Sectionals and how the band kids were singing and dancing with them. AWESOME.). Mr. Schue came in with a stack of Red Solo Cups and then Finn brought Sam in. Everyone was super happy and then Sam sang “Red Solo Cup“. How the F–K is this a real song? Like, I knew it was a real song before it was on the show, but HOW? Anyway… not a huge fan of this song. *shrug*

After the singing, Santana came into the room to throw a bunch of insults at Trouty Mouth. Oh, Santana. I think this is where it’s revealed to Sam that Mercedes has a boyfriend (Samcedes happened in the Season 2 fianle and over the summer…)

The group was fully functional again, but there was hostility in the air during dance practice. Blaine suggested some sort of turn move, but Sam said that they needed to do body rolls and dance sexy to win. Blaine was not very happy about this and said they didn’t need to do that – that HE didn’t need to do that because his body wasn’t for sale. Some shoving ensued and then Blaine walked out.

Finn went and found Blaine in the weight room and Blaine was punching a punching bag something awful (the bag was Sam and Finn’s faces, in Blaine’s mind). Angry!Blaine… man, Shit Just Got Real. Now, I don’t condone violence, but Angry!Blaine is kinda hot…


This scene was actually very informative, funny and plot-driving all at the same time. We learn that Blaine took up boxing because he was bullied. He also started a Fight Club at Dalton “which. I. obviously. can’t. talk. about!” (I laughed out loud at this line. I just can’t… it was so out of left field, so ridiculous and yet so perfect and perfectly delivered… holy hell). I’m so glad Blaine finally confronted Finn about Finn having a problem with him. Yay for Finn for finally manning up and confessing that he was jealous and threatened of Blaine’s talent. Once Finn finally opened up, Blaine calmed down and the two of them had a bro moment and bumped fists, ready to work with each other instead of against each other. (Since in my head, Kurt and Blaine are endgame and going to get married, it’s good that Finn and Blaine get along since they’ll basically be brothers… But anyway)

Small tangent – while I was glad for this small glimpse into Blaine’s past (we still don’t know much about him, but now we know he took up something to defend himself after all the bullying he went through. Now he’s shoved Karofsky and Sam and has had shouting matches with Kurt and Finn), I’m a bit concerned that there is potential for more violence from him in future story lines. While I know this is something that a LOT of fan fic has already delved into, Blaine’s violence (or potential for violence) is canon now. Not quite sure how I feel about this. I mean, he’s come across as this peaceful, fun-loving, playful kid… but how much of this is a facade now that we know boxing/Fight Club Blaine exists? I’m thinking/hoping that Blaine is the puppy that he appears to be and that he just has flashes of anger when he’s put into a situation that reminds him of when he was bullied. If you notice in the Finn/Blaine clip that Blaine goes from Hulk to Bruce Banner rather quickly.


The next scene showed Sam locking hands with Mercedes in the hallway and them having a bit of a scene about how she’s with Shane now and that what they had in the summer was a fling (even though it seemed insinuated that they pulled a “Teenage Dream”… if ya know what I mean.). Sam seemed interested in giving them a go again, but Mercedes brushed him off (later on during the New Directions number, she was totally checking Sam out though… and he was cheering her on during the TroubleTones number… just sayin’)

Then, I’m not completely sure about the order of events here, but there was a scene with Quinn and Sam in the hallway at some point and she was trying to get back together with Sam because she’s going to get Beth back and he’s good with kids. He basically tells her that that is not a good plan and then he quotes some “Jack and Diane” and tells her that his favorite lyric deals with the phrase “Hold on to Sixteen” (the show’s title, guys!!!!!!). What he means is that she’s young and she should hang onto that youth. He grew up too fast and it seems like he wants to prevent her from having to do the same. (Quinn will get a similar speech from Shelby later.)

Oh shit, I can’t believe I almost forgot about Mike Chang! So, Mike’s dad wants him to drop dance and be a doctor (Episode 3×3, remember). Mike’s family has been estranged a bit since WSS b/c his mom supports his want to dance, but his dad doesn’t. So, Mike tells Tina that he’s going to Stanford for pre-med. Tina tells him he needs to dance and follow his dreams. They have a little spat. Tina visit’s Mike’s dad at work and tries to give him a bootleg WSS DVD and tell him that Mike needs to perform. Mike’s dad tells Tina that her and Mike’s want to perform is not a good path because of how hard it will be. She doesn’t give up. Later before New Directions goes on, Mike tells Tina that she shouldn’t have gone to his dad. but, it all ends well for them because Mike’s dad comes to Sectionals and sees Mike and Tina perform. And by the end of the New Direction’s MJ medley, Mike’s dad stands and claps for his son. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

So, Sectionals.

It’s Sectionals and the other group competing besides the TroubleTones and New Directions are the Defiance Unitards (horrible, horrible name!). Their lead singer was Harmony (who we met in the season premiere… The Gerber Baby… i.e. Lindsay from The Glee Project). God, I would love her singing voice. Girl can SIIIIIIIING. I loved their “Buenos Aires” number, complete with Evita hair. Me gusta. SO MUCH

After their number, Quinn leaves the auditorium and Rachel finds her. Rachel tells her that Quinn shouldn’t tell Figgins about Shelby, or if she does, at least tell Shelby first. Rachel tells Quinn to grow up.

The TroubleTones were next, but first Quinn goes and finds Shelby in the choir room to tell her she knows about Shelby and Puck and that she’s going to tell. Shelby tells her she’s ending it with Puck and then tells Quinn how Quinn needs to stay young while she can because one day it’ll all be gone. Quinn argues that she wants to be grown, but Shelby tries to change her mind.

Small tangent – people are always telling us to either grow up, or to act our age. For some situations, I guess it is best to just take things in stride – we’re our age and we can’t help that. We can be mature about things. But we shouldn’t have to take on the roles and responsibilities that are way beyond our years. This may not always happen, but we can try, right? I know I was forced to grow up faster than I should and ended up missing out on a lot of stuff I should have been enjoying when I was 18 (and instead I was helping to take care of an injured family member and not spending my last summer before college doing normal teenager things). But at the same time, I was still encouraged to take some time for myself and do normal teenager things when I could that summer. *shrug* To each his/her own.


The TroubleTones went on and did a mashup of “I Will Survive” and “Survivor”. I was not a huge fan of the choreography for this number (it looked like dance moves out of one of those Just Dance games)… plus, you know those girls would have been too winded to sing. I liked the song, though.

After them, it was time for the New Direction. The New Directions did an amazing Jackson Medley.

They started with “ABC”, then did Janet Jackson’s “Control,” then ended with “Man in the Mirror”. So much happened during these songs! Mercedes eyeballed Sam a bit. We saw Sebastian cheering on Blaine, and Kurt seeing Sebastian and then going from Bitch-face to dance machine. We saw Mike’s dad come in (Mike and Tina seeing him do so…) and ultimately clap for his son. Lots of people had solos, which was great, instead of just one or two people singing the whole thing. (Though, Artie and Blaine were heavily featured on “Control” and “Man in the Mirror”… this makes sense since Artie has such 2 previous MJ songs, and it was established that without Rachel there, Blaine was the most talented performer in the group).

I loved, loved, loved this medley. “Man in the Mirror” was my favorite part, though, because that’s one of my favorite MJ songs of all time. I can’t wait to watch and rewatch this routine. ๐Ÿ™‚ The dancing was great!! Just makes me look even more forward to seeing Darren in H2$ next month ๐Ÿ˜‰

When it came down to who won, the Unitards placed 3rd (Harmony was happy about this… and when Kurt went to congratulate her, she smiled and said that she’s that great and only a sophomore and how the next year will be a bloodbath. He cringed. So did I…). The TroubleTones placed second and the New Directions won!! Yay ๐Ÿ™‚

After the judging, everyone was celebrating the choir room. Mike’s dad found his son and told him that Mike needs to dance and follow his dream. AWWWWWWWW. Mike’s dad told him to apply to the top 10 dance programs. Mike said he missed the submission deadlines, but fear not b/c Tina sent in his applications. And forged his signature. (Go girl!)

The next day, Rachel and Quinn talked in the Principal’s office. Quinn opted not to tell on Shelby b/c of what Rachel said. Rachel then asked if they were kinda friends. They are. Aw. How nice.

Quinn then went into the girl’s bathroom to talk with Mercedes, Brittany and Santana. She didn’t ask them to come to the New Directions, but said they could if they wanted. She said that the TroubleTones could perform one song per competition if they wanted (and that Mr. schue and Rachel agreed… oh, really?). She also said that she wanted them all to be friends and make the most of the next six months because after that, they’ll all be gone and will only see each other for special occasions. Time is really running out for these kids… and us too this season. (We only have 14 episodes left, y’all.)

The show ended the same way last season’s Sectionals episode did – with a group number set against the cloud background (I think the same director did both episodes… this was more than just referential to me, and was almost a bit lazy.) However, last year’s end of Sectionals singing and dancing was somberish due to the end of Finnchel whereas this year’s song “We Are Young” was much more celebratory on a whole. Everyone was singing and dancing and everyone was happy. Things were looking up for the whole group.

And scene.

Next week is the Christmas episode! Here is the promo. I am very much looking forward to “Let it Snow”. I love me some holiday Klaine.


Well, that’s about it for now. I have to get to sleep as I need to be up at 5:30 am to take care of the dogs and whatnot before I leave for work at 7. BAH

Have a good one

I finally got my new computer cord in the mail today! You don’t know how pumped I was to rip it out of its packaging, plug it into my computer and see that my computer was actually charging and not getting the life sucked out of it! Oh, happy day.

Since I’ve been offline a lot the past few days or so, I’ve had a lot of free time …

I ended up watching all of Season One of The Walking Dead. Holy shit, that show is amazing. I’m not usually very into zombies (Though I love Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later), but I thought this show was completely riveting. Prior to this, I have only seen Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually (in which his character is the biggest gpoy of all time… holy smokes). So, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A British guy playing a Southern cop. But he freakin’ NAILS IT. Some of his best moments are when it’s just him reacting to his surroundings. I know I’ve gushed on here about how I like to watch an actor’s eyes during his/her performance… well, Andrew Lincoln is the epitome of awesome when it comes to this. His eyes are very expressive and he is very capable of covering the entire gamut of emotions with just his face. For some reason, at times his performance reminded me of Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love (more specifically the scene where Shakespeare is at Marlowe’s funeral and he says “It’s worse; I’ve killed a man.”). I think it was just the way he carried himself… This probably doesn’t make much sense to you, but that’s okay.

I really need to see Season Two now ๐Ÿ™‚

I also watched Bridesmaids with commentary and Deathly Hallows Part II w/the BTS footage throughout the movie. Very, very educational. Like, I didn’t know Ciaran Hinds was Aberforth! Buh-what?!

Well… The Sing Off Christmas is on. I’m gonna go watch that… and Castle.

New Glee tomorrow… I’ll post my opinions after the show airs.

Have a good one!

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