I didn’t post last night because I was not in a good frame of mind.

On my drive home from work last night (well, on my drive from work to the grocery store where I was to pick up a new notebook for Awards season…), I almost was in a head-on car collision. The roads weren’t awesome and I was driving extra careful (I am a super careful driver… driving freaks me out and I take all precautions, trust me.). I got into the turning lane and slowed down almost to a near stop before I made my turn (there was no one coming in the lane next to mine, so I had plenty of time to make the turn). However, as I turned onto the street I needed to be on to get to the grocery store, my car slide from the very most right lane sideways two lanes over into on coming traffic and I was about 7 feet away from crashing head-on into a Suburban.

Somehow I managed to steer myself back into the proper lane, all the while my heart had legit stopped beating. I made it to the parking lot of the grocery store. I turned off my car, let out the breathe I had been holding in for a good bit of time and just uttered loudly, “FUCK.”

I then told myself (also aloud) not to cry. At least not until I got home. I walked into the grocery store. I picked out a new notebook (my sister and I predict the winners for major awards shows and my notebook we’ve used for the last 10 years was full and we needed a new one since the Golden Globes were on today and we hadn’t done our picks yet…). I also treated myself to the latest issue of TV Guide since Darren Criss (and some other Glee people) was on the front of it.

I drove home as carefully as possible. I turned off my car. I walked into the house. I went to the living room where I knew I would find my parents and promptly asked my mom for a Mom Hug before I burst into tears.

I’m okay. I was just really shaken up. I have never been *that close* to being in a car crash before and I was just really freaked out.

I had today off so I obviously didn’t drive anywhere. No need. No motivation.

My sister and I did our Golden Globe picks. I baked a cookie bar. We had some people over to the house for a bit. I watched the horrible, horrible Packers game (I can’t even talk about it… that’s how horrible it was to watch).

And then the Golden Globes.

I like the Golden Globes because they celebrate/honor Television and Film (two of my most favorite things on earth).


I don’t have cable, so I was not familiar with most of the shows that were nominated. What this says to me is that Broadcast TV needs to step up its game. Forget about all these reality and competition shows and bring back the quality scripted programming you used to rock most nights a week.

Sadly, I also have not seen a lot of the films nominated this year. Of the films that won, I only saw The Help and The Descendants. I really really really want to see The Artist, but it’s not playing anywhere near where I live.

I’m still quite displeased that The Descendants is getting heaped with a bunch of awards. It was a good film, but it didn’t shake me to the core like some of the other films/performances I saw this year. It’s a good film – good cast, good script, good acting, good directing. Good everything. But I don’t think it was Clooney’s best performance ever. In fact, I would argue that his performance in Ides of March was more of an eye-opener for me just because we’re so used to him playing the good guy or a likable protagonist (as in The Descendants…). I was hoping that Leonardo DiCaprio or Michael Fassbender would walk away with the GG for Best Actor in a Drama. Alas.

I also really wanted Viola Davis to win Best Actress – Drama. I mean, I love Meryl Streep. I LOVE HER. But she’s amazing in everything she does – hell, the woman could sit in a chair and not talk for 2 hours and it’d be an award-worthy performance. But Viola Davis was AMAZING in The Help and deserves to be recognized for her work. I mean, Viola Davis is amazing in everything she does too, but her performance in The Help was gut-wrenchingly beautiful and powerful. I hope she gets the Oscar. I really really really hope she does.

Well… I am off. I’m tired and would like to read some before I get to sleep.

I’m gonna go see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy tomorrow, even though that won’t get nominated for anything. I still need to see Hugo, War Horse, My Week With Marilyn and a bunch of other stuff that may or may not be playing around here.

Have a good one