So, *this* Glee hiatus is over (FINALLY). (i will link out to videos and songs as soon as i find them!)

Tonight’s episode, “Yes/No” brought the tunes, moved forward some plot points, and had some messages (some preachy, some not so much) about relationships and the inside/outside-ness of people.


J’adore Grease, so I was all for the show opening with Sam and Mercedes (flanked by the boys and girls/Kurt, respectively) singing “Summer Nights.” Though I am not a hardcore Samcedes shipper, I sort of like that these two characters have a romantic past (present and future…) because they totally shouldn’t work, but in a weird way they do. (I also appreciated that the writers acknowledged this in a Samcedes hallway scene where he flat-out asks if they can’t be together b/c he’s white and she completely brushes him off because race is a non-issue between them. Sam and Mercedes shouldn’t work because she’s a diva and he’s a nerd. But they work because he’s a grounded individual who has had to overcome hardships and she’s a caring person who has as big of a heart as she does voice.)

This opening number was both out of place and completely fitting for the theme of the episode. Even better than the opening number was the teacher’s lounge scene. I LOVE COACH BIESTE. I did not see her and Cooter’s elopement coming at all. HOW ADORABLE?! And I liked that Emma and Sue were happy for her (btw – I loved Sue this episode. And that rarely happens.) I also dug that Emma and Sue were a bit jealous. Nice Sue is a rarity on show, so I took full advantage of her words of wisdom this episode. I liked that she told Emma that it’s 2012 and if she wanted to be married to Will, she should ask him. I was over-the-moon with Emma’s song this episode, “Wedding Bell Blues.” (audio only) OMG, I LOVE THIS SONG. (I love The 5th Dimension, y’all. LOVE THEM.) And it was a perfect fit for the episode. While Sue and Bieste’s bridesmaids dresses and hats were heinous, I liked this number so much because I love this song so much.

So, how amazing is it that Helen Mirren is Becky’s V/O voice? LOVE IT. I’m glad we finally got a little peak into Becky’s mind. Massive props to Glee for making Becky a prominent-ish character on the show. She’s not a series regular, but we’ve seen her since season one and are always learning more about her and her relationships to the main Glee characters. This episode, we got to see her interact more with Sue, as well as have a lot of screen time with Artie.

In this episode, Becky decides she wants to date Artie. She watches him and some of the other Glee guys perform a mashup of “Moves Like Jagger” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (as much as I used to ❤ Matthew Morrison, there was not enough Mike Chang, Blaine Anderson and Noach Puckerman in this song for me…). They go out to eat at Breadstix (where Artie and Becky exchange some adorable small talk/banter).

The other Glee kids stage a Becky-vention for Artie. Finn and some of the others tell him not to lead her on. Artie argues that he likes spending time with Becky and it's nice to be around someone who is like him – someone who is a minority because he/she has a disability. Santana flat-out calls Becky conniving (Becky is the co-captain of the Cheerios w/Santana… Santana doesn't treat Becky differently b/c Becky has Downs. Santana treats her like crap b/c she's competition.)

Becky then texts Artie a picture of herself as a "this is a preview of what you'll get on Friday" and that takes it one step too far for Artie. Artie likes spending time with Becky and being her friend, but her doesn't want to date her. Artie goes to Sue for advice on how to let Becky down and she tells him to just be honest with her. Artie takes the advice and tells Becky that he likes being her friend but he doesn't want to date her. Becky asks if it's because she's too intimidating and Artie scrunches his brow a bit and says yes. Becky walks away and her Helen Mirren V/O admits that she didn't ask if he didn't want to date her b/c of her Downs. I LOVE that the writers addressed this.

This episode dealt a lot with what a relationship looks like on the inside and outside. Sam/Mercedes. Will/Emma. Finn/Rachel. Artie/Becky.

The whole point of the episode was that Will wanted to find the perfect way to propose to Emma. So, he enlists the Glee kids to help him out. Artie and some of the boys offered up the mashup mentioned earlier. Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Santana offer up something a little less Jagger and a little more Flack. Roberta Flack, that is.

The girls sing a stunning version of “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” (audio only) While Will listens and each girl sings, the girls think back on their own loves. Rachel thinks about Finn. Tina thinks about Mike. Santana thinks about Brittany. And Mercedes thinks about Sam (even though she’s still dating Shane. But does anyone really like Shane? I don’t… we haven’t seen too much of him, and what I have seen of him hasn’t impressed me much.) After the song, Mercedes runs crying into the bathroom and admits to the other girls that she thought about Sam instead of Shane. So, I predict some more Samcedes drama in the coming episodes.

I would like to rant for a bit about how little screen time the Tina/Mike relationship gets. They had some moments during “Asian F” and “Hold on to Sixteen,” but I would like to know more about Mike and Tina’s relationship. I think because they are so stable, they get put on the back-burner a lot. I love those characters, though, and I wish we’d get more of them. Plus, Tine deserves some more solos – I love Jenna Ushkowitz’s voice like whoa.

Meanwhile, Will is picking out engagement rings and has Finn along with him. Will asks Finn to be the Best Man (um, that’s a little weird, right?) and then in a moment of sharing, Finn tells Will that he’s talked to an army recruiter.

Will tells Burt and Carole this and they (along w/Will and Emma) have a bit of a chat with Finn regarding Finn’s future. Burt wants Finn to take over the Tire & Lube shop. Finn wants to be in the army and be a hero like his dad. And that’s when Carole drops a huge truth nugget on Finn and tells him that his dad didn’t die a hero in the war… he died from a drug overdose in Cincinnati. I haven’t been on the Finn-wagon in awhile, but my heart went out to this character so much in this scene. Poor kid – finding out your dad… the man you want to most be like… isn’t who you were told he was. I still love Carole. So much. And Burt.

Finn is a bit out of it for the rest of the episode. He, Rachel and Kurt are out to dinner at Breadstix and are pretty miserable together thinking about the future. Kurt and Rachel are still worried about NYADA and Finn is worried about figuring out what he’s going to do now that he knows the truth.

Rachel looks at him and knows that he’s her everything (well, in addition to her fierce want to get into NYADA and be a diva) and starts singing Usher’s “Without You.” (audio only) As much as I love this song (Usher can do no wrong, musically, in my eyes), I didn’t think it was the best fit for Rachel. However, I still loved it and will be singing it like whoa until all the Glee MJ music comes out.) During this song, it was sweet to see the other Glee couples connect with their significant other. Sam and Mercedes share a glance. Blaine looks at Kurt like he’s his whole world and nothing else/nobody else matters. (Here is a Klaine gif. Gah, I love Blaine.) Mike and Tina are adorable. And Finn stares at Rachel and you see something just click with him. (More on this later…)

You can also tell in this scene that Will is going to propose to Emma. Throughout the episode he wrestles with this. He wants to marry her (hence the Glee assignment), but after talking with her CRAZY ASS parents, he questions whether it’s the best thing for both of them. Emma is still battling her OCD and Will worries she won’t be able to handle a marriage, or a kid, if she can’t handle herself all the time. I loved Emma’s little speech to him about how she is who she is – she’s a broken person but she has so much love for him, so if he doesn’t want that, he needs to be honest with her and with himself.

Well, after Rachel’s song, Will finally pulls his shit together. Near the end of the episode, he asks her to come with him and the walk down the hall with people (including Bieste and Sue[!]) hand her white roses. They end up at the pool where the Glee kids and the other members of the synchronized swim team do a beautiful, fun, rom-com worthy rendition of Rihanna’s “We Found Love“. (audio only 😦 ) I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot throughout the whole song. I’m usually not such a sucker for outright romance on a tv show or in a movie, but I couldn’t help myself. The song is just so freakin’ wonderful. And all the Glee kids were in red, white and blue swim suits. And it was just so cute and charming. Gah.

Why were the kids in the pool to begin with? Well… near the beginning of the episode, Sam goes to Cach Bieste to see if he could get on the basketball team. he needs to get a varsity jacket/letter (to woo Mercedes, obviously). The only sport that was open was synchronized swimming, so Trouty Mouth joins up and gets lectured by the coach (a hilarious guest spot by NeNe Leakes of RHoA… omg, everything out of her mouth was GOLD).

So yeah… synchronized swimming. Can you dig it?

The episode ended with a huge Finchel scene. Like, HUGE.

Finn and Rachel are on the stage of the auditorium and he asks her to let him finish talking before she says anything. As soon as he said this, I knew where this scene was headed and a big part of me was thinking, “Oh, honey, don’t do this right now.”

Finn makes a nice little speech about how he’s lucky that Rachel lets him love her and blah blah blah (I don’t remember it… watch the clip. It was sweet. Honest.) and then he pulls out a box, opens it up and asks her to marry him. She doesn’t answer right away and the screen goes black. (Cliff hanger… of course.) I really really really don’t want Rachel to say yes. I do think Rachel and Finn are endgame, but it’s too early for them to be getting married. But, I liked how mature Rachel was in this scene. It’s nice she doesn’t have to be a silly girl around Finn like she was in Season 1.

So, that’s my opinion on that.

No new Glee next week, but on the 31st is the Michael Jackson episode. I cannot fucking wait for this. Michael Jackson music is as necessary as air to me and the Warblers will be back and Blaine is going to get slushied and I am going to die from smiling so much after watching Blaine sing “Wanna Be Starting Something”. Here’s the Promo. And here’s a pic of Blaine getting slushied. IT’S SO ON. I lost it when Puck calls Blaine “Eggs Benedict.” LOST IT.

OH – And it was announced that Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum will be Rachel’s dads. BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL WILL BE SINGING ON GLEE.


So yeah…


I need to read and then sleep.

Have a good one!

P.S. I saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy yesterday. I need to see it again at some point. I also need to watch the latest season of Sherlock ASAP. Benedict Cumberbatch is in TTSS and he looked so f-ing GOOD, I almost made inappropriate noises when he was on screen b/c his tie and pocket square matched his eyes, and his hair was all oierwulqkdsfnlqkj3fr. Holy hell. Benedict Cumberbatch.