February 2012

I was an 80s kid, but I loved me some Davy Jones thanks to reruns and record players…

I was super shocked this morning when I went online and saw that Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack at age 66. My mouth literally dropped open and I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds.

I may not have been born during the height of The Monkees, but those reruns were on everyday when I was little and I grew up on their music. I watched their show. I sang their songs. Hell, my earliest dream I can remember is The Monkees were playing a set on our front lawn (and chocolate chip cookies grew on pine trees instead of pine cones… I was 3 or 4 years old).

My heart broke a little bit more today. I may not have swooned over Davy Jones, but his presence on my television and over the speakers of my record player/CD player/iPod doc was a constant in my life. I’ll still be able to watch the show. I’ll still be able to listen to his music. But knowing *he’s* not here anymore just makes all the difference :/

So, in honor of the late, great Davy Jones, here are just a few of my favorite Monkees songs…

(In no particular order)


Have a good one

Hey everybody,

And by “everybody,” I mean the couple people who might of accidentally stumbled across my blog.

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been busy with work and/or really sick/tired. I had off from work tonight, but I’m still pretty sick/tired, so this might not be the most eloquent of posts, but I’ll try…


So, the Oscars were the other night. If you saw the telecast, you might have come to the same conclusion I did – wow… that was a pretty mundane telecast.

Sure, there were highlights (Billy Crystal’s opening was pretty enjoyable, as were Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speeches), but on a whole it was just pretty “meh.” That being said, I didn’t HATE the telecast… I just didn’t feel inspired to jump on my computer and blog the bejesus out of what we just saw.

I did like the show’s set – I thought the old timey movie theater entrance on the stage was really cute and appropriate. The Oscars are meant to celebrate and honor the best filmmakers and films of today. On a whole, I was not super impressed with a lot of films that were nominated this year (that’s not to say that all movies from 2011 sucked… I did enjoy quite a few, though most of what I thought were great films didn’t get nominated for Best Picture… like Bridesmaids, or HP7Pt 2).

However, I was THRILLED that my favorite film of the films nominated for Best Picture *did* win. The Artist was an AMAZING film and I loved, loved, loved that it was ABOUT the movies/the movie industry. (I mean, it was about George Valentin, but it was set against the film industry/the introduction and rise of talkies.)

So, while I loved The Artist and was pumped it won several Oscars, I was not super pumped about the actual Oscars themselves this year. (Though, yay for “Man or Muppet” winning Best Song!)

One of my favorite Oscar moments this year didn’t even happen at the Oscars… it happened pool-side hours prior on the E! channel when Darren Criss and Kermit the Frog sang “The Rainbow Connection” together. That might have been the most precious thing I’ve seen on television thus far this year.

Two of my least favorite things I’ve seen on TV this year were commercials for the new ABC shows “GCB” and “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.”


Since when is it okay for ABC (let alone any network, especially on broadcast television) to have not one, but TWO shows in its upcoming lineup with the word “Bitch” in the title? (Sure, they use the initial “B” in both cases, but WE ALL KNOW what the B stands for…)

That’s SEXIST.

Yep, sexist.

Yes, I am a feminist. And no, I do not think it is okay for television programs to use the “B” word in their titles because it just makes it seem okay to use that term for entertainment purposes. (Here’s a scholarly article about the social harms of using this word…)

Well, guess what… it’s not okay. I pointed this out to my mom the other day and she agreed with me – it’s not okay for these shows to use THAT WORD (well, initial that stands for that word) for their programming because then it just makes it seem like that term is something that people can use against/at/for women at their leisure.

Well, it’s not okay. I get really upset when someone calls me the B word. I know a lot of other women who have similar reactions to the B word. And now here’s ABC… using it in two show titles and making it seem like the women characters on that show are fine with this label.

I’ll be boycotting those shows. It won’t be hard for me to do that… they both look like really bad shows anyway, and I wouldn’t watch them even if they had different titles. Them having offensive titles just makes it easier for me not to support those shows.


Well… that’s my two cents for the night.

I should get some rest… maybe read for a little and get some sleep.

Have a good one

SO, The Oscars just ended and (spoiler alert) The Artist took home Picture, Director, Actor, Score and Costume. (I think that was all…)

The ceremony was pretty mundane. Meryl Streep, of all people, ruined my ballot, so I ended with 20/24 correct predictions. I was happy she won (she’s Meryl, for goodness sake), but I was rooting for Viola Davis. Her performance in The Help was one of the most heartbreaking and vulnerable, yet proud performances I’ve ever seen.

Now, I’m still really sick and I have to get up early tomorrow for work, so I’ll type up my thoughts about The Oscars tomorrow.

Have a good one!

So, I promised some gushing about The Artist.


And I’m not just saying this because the critics loved it and it’s very likely that it’s going to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards tomorrow night.

The Artist was amazing because it was a solid film… excellent cast, gorgeous cinematography, beautiful costumes, great music, and it had the most adorable dog everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The Artist both celebrated and exposed everything that’s wonderful and horrible about film/the film industry. It showed how films and their stars bring people together (I loved the scenes of the groups of well-dressed cinema patrons clapping and cheering for the silent films *they* were watching), but it also portrayed the film industry as an entity that was quick to sweep aside the silent films/film actors to make way for talkies and a younger group of talent. Now, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it was a very effective plot point in the film.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that The Artist was a (mostly) silent film, shot in black and white, AND was still completely riveting and waaaaaaaaaaay more entertaining than a lot of other films I’ve seen in recent history. No explosions were needed to drive the plot. Hell, pretty much no dialogue was needed to drive the plot either. Yes, there were some title cards throughout, but on a whole, The Artist was able to convey its story through superb acting and great music.

Also, I’m pretty sure Jean Dujardin is magical.

If he doesn’t win the Best Actor Oscar tomorrow I will eat my Yoda hat.

Dujardin reminds me of Gene Kelly, with his athletic dancing and his overall manliness/sex appeal. He oozed charm, but at the same time had epically beautiful moments of vulnerability. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him the whole time he was on screen (which, thankfully, was most of the film).

If you appreciate great films with solid stories and quality acting, see this if/when you can.

Besides The Artist, I watched 5 other films in the past 3 days. I’ve been sick, so I have taken up residence on the living room couch. Thursday night I watched Miss Potter (great film, but you’ll likely need tissues). Friday I watched I ❤ Huckabees and Star Trek (two of the best ensemble casts of the last decade) and then today i rewatched On the Waterfront and Bonnie & Clyde (evidently my Ode to the Oscars was all about overtly violent Academy Award nominated/winning films starring ridiculously handsome men…). I was hoping to watch Giant or Lawrence of Arabia tomorrow, but their both super long movies and I might not have the time :/

I really wish I had cable… tomorrow during the Oscar pre-show on E!, Darren Criss is singing “The Rainbow Connection” with Kermit the Frog. Darren’s cover of The Rainbow Connection is one of my favorite covers of his and now he actually gets to sing it WITH Kermit. How awesome is that?!


I’m pumped for the Oscars tomorrow. I still have to write down my predictions with my sister. That’ll be my job tomorrow morning…

… for now, I must sleep.

Have a good one

Hey y’all,

I know I haven’t posted on here much this year. Sorry :/

I saw The Artist today and really want/need to gush about its amazingness, but I need to get to sleep as soon as possible, so the gushing will have to wait.

I am on the verge of being horrendously ill and I need to see if sleeping it off will help. I’m cold, shaky and feel like I need to empty my stomach. I tried multiple times a few hours ago, but no dice. So, I just feel epically nauseous and really cold… but since I couldn’t have my hoodie on (it was constricting my neck too much and was making me feel worse), I wrapped myself up in a beach towel. Only my face was showing. My mom actually laughed at me (not maliciously, mind you) when I dragged myself back upstairs to finish watching The Finder w/her.

So, gushing about my love for The Artist will happen over the next couple days, probably.

For now, I sleep.

Have a good one

Happy Mardi Gras, y’all. I was at work for half the day, then when I got home later I fell asleep in the fetal position on the recliner in the living room… I was so tired.

But, not too tired to watch Glee tonight… it was the “Winter Finale” (i.e. the show isn’t going to be on now until April… sigh). Tonight’s episode was “On My Way” and was Season 3’s Regionals episode (among other plot lines…)

*note* i will post links to songs and videos as soon as I can


Okay, to be up front with y’all… I’m a spoilers junkie, so I was well aware of all the plot lines that unfolded during tonight’s episode, including the last scene which left us with a “To be continued…”

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised, yet still very deeply affected by tonight’s episode. It was one of my favorite episodes of the season (maybe even of the show) and it had a lot to do with the heavy subject matter of some of the plots, as well as one of my favorite songs ever sung on the show.

The show opened with Kurt and Rachel in the Lima Bean, flipping through wedding magazines. This scene was released late last week, so you might have seen Sebastian approach them and threaten to upload a manip of Finn (naked) in red pumps onto the Internet if Rachel didn’t back down from Regionals.

After the “Glee” title card, the kids are in the choir room. Artie has the rulebook for glee competitions and points out how the Warblers should be disqualified for the threats of humiliation that Sebastian had brought up in the prior scene. Mr. Schue said he contacted Dalton’s headmaster, but Blaine shot back how he would likely do nothing after nothing was done when he was almost blinded a couple weeks ago.

Rachel says she’s still going to sing at Regionals and Finn takes offense, thinking the she would do this even though it was a threat to his reputation/image whereas if the situation was reversed, he wouldn’t sing. He stormed off.

We cut to Blaine pacing on the auditorium stage. Kurt walks in and mentions something about Sebastian. Blaine snaps at Kurt, but quickly says he’s not mad at Kurt, and that he doesn’t want to talk about Sebastian. He says he has an idea for a song for Regionals (theme = inspiration, or something like that) and he starts singing a solo version of “Cough Syrup”. His heart wrenching performance is juxtaposed against an equally heart wrenching scene of Dave Karofsky in the weight room at his school.

As Blaine sings, the pain in his voice is mirrored in the eyes of Karofsky who sees that the word “Fag” is scrawled across his locker in pink paint. Blaine pushes through his vocals, face screwing up with shear determination and passion, while Karofsky secludes himself in his bedroom. He sees messages of hate and discrimination aimed at him on Facebook and other social media sites. He cries on his bed, alone. Blaine continues to sing, a musical cry out to whoever is listening but at the same time, it’s like an internal monologue of someone trying to rationalize things out for himself, and Karofsky begins to set out an outfit. He looks so alone, but sadly determined. He tests a belt, pulling it between his fingers like his life depends on it… and maybe it does.

As Blaine’s song draws to a close, Karofsky is dressed up in his suit, steps into his closet (there is a chair nearby) and looks up at a rafter.

Cut to black. (This is where my mom asks me in utter shock, “Is he going to kill himself?!” To which I replied… “I think he’s going to try.”)

Luckily, try was all he did.

When we come back from break, Mr. Schue, Emma, Beiste, and Sue are in Principal Figgins’ office. He tells them that suicides and suicide attempts like David’s (he’s alive, thank God) impact other students and could cause copycats. The adults lamented how they didn’t do more to help him while he was still at McKinley. They were so worried about Kurt that they didn’t think to see if something was wrong with David.

The most heart breaking moment of this scene was when Sue mentions how she felt bad for Dave’s dad and there was a jarring cut to Mr. Karofsky holding his seemingly lifeless son and desperately asking him to wake up.

Meanwhile, the God Squad is discussing that they should pray for Dave. Quinn would rather pray for his parents and says the he was selfish to try and take his own life. Kurt comes in and some of the God Squad question why he’s there (Kurt is an atheist – this was established in “Grilled Cheesus” last season). Kurt didn’t know where else to go, and Joe invited him to come. Kurt called Quinn out and said she wouldn’t know what Karofsky was going through because even at her lowest point during her pregnancy and when she was a rebel, the world still loved her. Kurt broke down and said that be blamed himself for Karofsky’s actions. They showed a flashback of Kurt’s phone ringing multiple times (Karofsky each time) and him ignoring all the calls. (Karofsky harming himself was NOT Kurt’s fault, by any means… yes, he ignored him, but this one action was not the catalyst for Karofsky’s actions.)

All the Glee kids are gathered on the auditorium stage with Mr. Schue. They sit in a circle and Mr. Schue talks about how people get to low points where they don’t want to live anymore, but how it’s important to always remember that there is always something to look forward to. He confesses that when he was a junior, he almost jumped off the roof of the school after being caught cheating on his math test. It wasn’t the cheating that made him want to jump… but the fact that he disappointed his dad. Schue had all the kids share something they were looking forward to. Some things were more easily attainable goals (Tina wanted a song, Puck wanted to graduate) whereas some where going to take some effort (Santana wanted her grandma to love her again, Blaine wanted marriage equality in every state, etc…).

Sometime during this episode (I think it happened a bit earlier, but I’m just remembering it now…), Quinn met up with Sue. Sue revealed she was pregnant (how?!), but we don’t know who the dad is. Quinn asked to be back on the Cheerios. (More on this later…)

Inspired by Mr. Schue’s stage pow-wow and the over-arching theme of “life’s too short,” Rachel approaches Finn and says she wants them to get married now. His face scrunched up and he said, “But I have gym…” and she says she wants to do it Saturday after they win Regionals.

Later, Santana, Brittany, Kurt and Blaine march into the Lima Bean to meet Sebastian. Santana gets ready to threaten him, but he counters with an apology about hurting Blaine (who gives Sebastian an epic stank eye), and he also apologizes for how he’s been acting to everyone. As he talks, there is a flashback to a scene of Sebastian and Dave at Scandals. Dave shows some interest in Sebastian, but Sebastian brushes him off and tells him to stay in the closet. Sebastian shows some remorse for how he treated Dave and it appears that his character will be less douchey, at least with regard to teasing. He says he wants the Warblers to win, but he wants them to win fair and square. He also says that the Warblers are going to collect donations for Gaga’s “Born This Way” charity and asks if the New Directions want to participate.

(I wondered why he didn’t say they were going to donate to The Trevor Project, since The Trevor Project aired a commercial with DanRad during the show. If you haven’t heard of The Trevor Project, I highly encourage you to check out their website for more information. They do a lot of really great things for LGBTQ youth.)

And then it’s time for Regionals!!!!!

The Warblers are up first and they sing two songs (both with Sebastian on lead… and as much as I like GRant Gustin, I wish some of the other Warbler boys would get some face time too… alas). For their first song, they sang “Stand.” (audio only) Finn did stand up and start cheering. A girl from another glee club asked why he was cheering for the competition, and he said life was too short and that everyone should stand and cheer. And so they did… I liked this song the best out of their two numbers.

Their second song was “Glad You Came.” It was okay… like “Raise Your Glass 2.0” for me. (Remember the Warblers sang “Raise Your Glass” at last year’s regionals… right after Klaine became official and the boys bored our eyes and ears out with “Candles”?) I’m all for a cappella music, though. I’m going to miss the Warblers. Again.

After the Warblers were some madrigal group from the School of Perpetual Sorrow (or something like that…).

And then it was time for the New Directions (and Trouble Tones… although Sheby was no where to be seen… is she still on the show/a teacher at McKinley?)

First song they sang was a mashup of Nicki Minaj’s “Fly” and R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” (i.e. my jam from the present, and my epic jam from middle school… audio only, sorry). I would be content with Santana and Blaine rapping all of Nicki Minaj’s music. I was glad they gave Blaine the verse he rapped b/c it really reflected some internal/external struggles he’d been having with the Warblers and the New Directions over the course of this season.

The second song was the Trouble Tones singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”. I like this song and it was a good performance, but I wasn’t floored by it. I do appreciate a good girl-power number, though. Snaps to them.

The third song was a Rachel Berry-heavy version of “Here’s to Us.” (audio only) It was nice to see her parents and the Hudson-Hummel parents in the crowd (BURT HUMMEL, I LOVE YOU!), but what I didn’t understand was why Rachel’s dads were reacting like they’ve never seen their little girl sing on a stage before. UM, HELLO?! That didn’t make any sense.

While I like this song, I do not like when it’s a singing competition and Rachel is on stage by herself singing for half the song (or more, in some cases, during other competition episodes). To me, it’s a glee club competition… I would rather see all the kids on stage than watch Rachel Berry sing a solo at/about Finn (ugh, I can’t believe I shipped Finchel for all of Season One… shame on me).

At least halfway through the song, the glee girls came ons stage and the boys were up in boxes. But still… it was basically the Rachel Berry show. Boo.

When we got back from commercial, it was time to announce the winners. The madrigal group from Perpetual Sorrow placed 3rd (which they were super happy about…). Then, it was time to announce the winner. I would have bet even odds that the Warblers were going to win, but I was wrong… the New Directions are going to Nationals. While the McKinley kids celebrated, Blaine went over and shook Sebastian’s hand (because Blaine is a respectable young man with manners… BLAINE ANDERSON, I LOVE YOU!).

And now that Regionals is over… I guess it’s time for a wedding. And some updates on Karofsky.

Quinn goes into Sue’s office (Regionals was at McKinely, so this makes sense… also, Sue went to Regionals, which doesn’t make sense… but, she’s with child, so it’s like we’re in Bizarro World). Sue tells Quinn she admires Quinn for the ways that she is not like Sue. Sue hands Quinn her Cheerios uniform back and Quinn is back on the squad. Nationals, here we come…

Quinn (in her Cheerios uniform) meets Rachel in the hallway. Rachel and her make up (Quinn did not initially support Finn and Rachel’s upcoming nuptials) and it’s planned to meet up at City Hall (or where ever the Justice of the Peace ceremony takes place) for the wedding in a little bit.

(I think this scene came right after… I’m not super sure… but it was sometime during the episode, obviously)

Karofsky is at the hospital. Kurt comes to the door with a flower arrangement and asks if he can come in. He puts down the flowers and pulls up a chair next to the bed. Kurt says he’s glad Dave is alive and Dave says he’s glad he is too. Dave is off of the 72 hour watch and will go home the next day. Kurt apologizes to Karofsky for not answering his phone calls. Karofsky says he doesn’t blame him… he bullied Kurt for months and when people did the same to him, he didn’t even last a week. He also explains that his bff doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and that his mom says he has a disease that needs to be cured. Tears just fell from his eyes and my heart just broke over and over again. But Kurt, oh Kurt, reached out and said that screw the other people who can’t accept Karofsky for who he is. Kurt mentions how Mr. Schue had them all share something about the future that they were looking forward to. With Kurt’s help, Karofsky imagines that in 10 years, he’s a sports agent (or something like that), and his partner comes through his office door with their son and Karofsky is just really happy. He smiles through his own tears. It was really a beautiful moment. Karofsky asks Kurt if they could still be friends… Kurt reaches out and holds his hand and says yes. I’m good with this.

At City Hall (or where ever) Sue and Schue have a little talk. Sue asks/offers to help Schue prepare for Nationals. He gives her a look like “Really?!” but they hug and it seems she’s nice now (again, Bizarro World).

Meanwhile, Burt, Carole and Rachel’s dads are panicking in the hallway because their reverse psychology didn’t work and their kids are about to get married. Hiram comes up with an elaborate plan to distract the kids in time to kidnap Rachel and drive her to Broadway so she’ll remember her dreams. They all agree to object when it comes to that time in the ceremony.

Before or after this bit, Finn and Rachel meet up in the hallway. He looks dapperish in his suit. I’m not a huge fan of her wedding dress (nor do I think they should be getting married… but that’s me).

A little later, Rachel gets a text from Quinn that she went home to get her bridesmaids dress and that she’d be there soon.

It’s nearing 5:00 and Finn’s rushing to get them going so they don’t lose their slot. Rachel texts Quinn “where are you???” and Quinn, who is driving on a country highway, texts back “On My Way” and then gets slammed in her driver’s side door by a truck.

And then the screen cuts to black and “to be continued…” shows up and now we don’t have Glee until April.


Which means no promo.

Double blah.

However, in April, we’ll get an episode with Blaine’s older brother, Cooper (played by Matt Bomer… I can’t wait. They will be singing Duran, Duran. BE STILL MY HEART)

Anyway… I really liked tonight’s episode even though I knew all of the plot lines ahead of time.

Things I liked:

1. “Cough Syrup“- This is my favorite song of the season, thus far, and one of my favorite songs they’ve done on the show. I had never, ever heard this song before until last Friday. I purposefully didn’t seek out the original because I fell fast and hard for Darren’s version for tonight’s episode. His voice is uh-may-zing on this track… I think I liked it so much because it didn’t sound like a Blaine song… it sounded like a Darren song. But, after watching the episode, it totally is a Blaine song. One of the key words in this song is “control.” Funny… Blaine sang a song called “Control” at Sectionals. Even though the lyrics were really more for Karofsky’s plot, I think they very much apply to Blaine’s character. He might be in a good place now, but my head canon thinks that this wasn’t always the case. We’ve heard about scared/coward Blaine before (when he told Kurt that he ran from his last school before Dalton). We’ve seen angry Blaine (punching that punching bag in 3×8, his little shouting outbursts at Kurt and Finn). I am very, very much looking forward to more canon backstory on his character in the upcoming episode where we meet his brother. I know I probably wouldn’t care so much about Blaine if he wasn’t being played by Darren, but because Darren is just owning this character, I am in it for the long haul. Plus, I just love when Darren/Blaine gets solos. Darren nails them every time. And this vocal was just oiuadfshbjkneqwfhdqiuewfhdqw

2. Max Adler – You deserve the most epic of slow claps, sir. This boy has so much talent and he just brought it tonight… he is so capable of just tearing your heart out and ripping it up with a look. He’s so expressive he doesn’t need words to let you know exactly what he’s thinking because all of his feelings are spelled out for you with his eyes. That scene in the hospital was just so well done. I hope we get to see more of him this season.

3. Warblers – God, I love them so. I’m glad we got to see them a few times this season. I still wish we would have seen the “I Want You Back” number from the Michael episode, but it was really great to see them sing twice tonight.

4. Relevant plot points to important issues – Well, that last scene should drive the “Don’t Text and Drive” message in pretty good. I won’t even talk on the phone while I drive, let alone text. Yikes. But, I also was very glad they showed the negative consequences of bullying. More and more, people are using social media and the Internet to put down other people because it can be done anonymously, or at the very least, not face-to-face. However, those words still hurt people. Bullying hurts people. Bullying people based on their sexuality or sexual preference is cowardly, ignorant and intolerant. It’s unfair to put down others for a character trait that they were born with. Rolling Stone just had a really powerful article about a community in Minnesota (located right near where I live, sadly) that had horrendously high suicide numbers in their youth because of bullying and how the schools weren’t doing anything about it because of political intolerance. Glee may just be a show, but bullying in schools in a real issue that needs to be dealt with.

I’m bummed we don’t have new Glee for several weeks. But, when it comes back, we’ll get the last seven (eight? but I think seven…) episodes in a row. Woot.

For the record, though… I am pretty sure Quinn survives that car crash. Like, I’m pretty sure someone on the show tweeted that she just recorded a song recently. So, unless she’s singing from Heaven, she’s alive. So, yeah… at least the Finchel wedding didn’t happen yet. Maybe the car accident will postpone it. I sure as heck hope so.


Well… I’m gonna go read.

Have a good one

Oh Jesus.

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 I went and saw The Vow w/my mom. My favorite part of the movie was the trailer for Titanic that they showed before the movie actually started…

So, tonight’s episode of Glee was “Heart”


First off… As soon as I saw Max Adler’s name in the opening credits, I knew exactly what his story line was and how it was going to play out. My heart broke when my predictions came true … I hope we get some resolution next week. (But more on that in a bit)

So, Valentine’s episode of Glee. This episode, while chock-full of good songs, was nowhere near as amazing as last year’s Valentine’s episode, “Silly Love Songs.”

To be perfectly honest, I am having a hard time remembering how tonight’s episode started because my mind is reeling from some plot points that happened and some that likely won’t but seriously need to. So, my plot lines are likely going to be a bit out of order and all over the place, but the end result will be the same… I promise.

It’s Valentine’s at McKinley and next week is Regionals.

While everyone is being all lovey-dovey, poor Kurt is sitting alone at the piano with the words “World’s Greatest Love Songs” written on the dry-erase board behind him. Don’t worry Kurt, we miss your boyfriend too :/ (In fact, listen to Jim Cantiello’s Glee-cap from last week’s episode, “Spanish Teacher.” ALL OF THIS IS TRUE.)

The Glee kids need to raise $ for costumes and hairspray. Mr. Schue suggests they do singing Valentine’s-grams (or something like that). The kids groan and remind us that when they did that at Christmas last season, they got shoes and food thrown at them. Luckily, Sugar Motta’s dad is rich, so she hands Mr. Schue a stack of cash and then announces that her dad is throwing her a V-day party at Breadstix (temporarily named “the Sugar Shack”) and that no single people are invited. Cue the single people scrambling to get a date the rest of the episode (i.e. Artie & Rory both want to go with Sugar).

I think right after the “glee” title card, we find Finn and Rachel entering the auditorium, both with notes signed by Mandy Patinkin (be still my heart!). Turns out, Rachel’s dads wanted to surprise the two of them and congratulate them on their engagement. They say that they want to have a big family dinner with the Hudson-Hummels. Yay for Burt & Carole 🙂 Rachel’s dads are played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell – two performers whom I love dearly. Sadly, they will be underused in this episode, even though they actually appear a lot…


In the hallway, Brittany approaches Santana with a computer. Santana asks what’s up and Brit says that she was making Satana a mix CD of all the songs that remind her of Santana, but that she only made it this far in the process before she needed help. It’s a sweet little exchange and as they lean in to kiss, Principal Figgins yells “TEEN LESBIANS!” at them in an authoritative voice and the two girls are then in his office. He tells them that PDA is not allowed because someone complained.

I’m glad the writers allowed Santana to be the voice of reason when she went on how there is a double standard that she can’t be shown kissing her girlfriend, but that (the grossness that is) Finnchel can make out in the hallway and it’s fine.

Sometime during the episodes, the Glee kids are in the lunch room at a table and they are talking about who is going to take who to the dance. Puck’s going with a whole sorority. Kurt still only has eyes for Blaine and is fairly confident Blaine is sending him love notes from his recovery bed (seriously, how long is this kid out because of eye surgery? Oh Blainers…). Kurt is approached by a person in a gorilla suit and is handed yet another card signed “Your Secret Admirer” and gets some balloons. (More on this later…)

This week we FINALLY get some Mike/Tina time 🙂 They sing an ADORABLE duet of “L-O-V-E” (audio only)… which is sadly undercut by a montage of Rory and Artie trying their damnedest to woo Sugar. Can’t we just get some Mike and Tina w/o interruption? Can’t we get legit Mike and Tina scenes. We know they can do more than sing and be all cute with each other. I need a whole Mike/Tina episode to make up for the epic lack of these two this season.

Artie stepped up his pursuit of Sugar by singing her “Let Me Love You” (audio only) while the other Glee boys (minus Rory) backed him up. I forgot how much I love this song, since i hadn’t heard it in forever!!! Gosh, good times… Sugar fell for it as much as I did and she had heart eyes for Artie for a bit.

So, remember that time when Samuel Larson won The Glee Project over the summer? Well guess who FINALLY showed up on the show… now, I thought he was supposed to play Puck’s cousin, but evidently he’s playing an uber-Christian named Joe who is in the God Squad w/Mercedes, Sam and Quinn.

The God Squad took over where the Glee kids left off – singing Valentine’s-grams for $10 to raise $ for charities. Their first number of the night was “Stereo Hearts,” which they sang to Rachel (from Finn) out in the courtyard. I thought this was a cute number… Samuel was one of my favorite contestants on The Glee Project, so I’m glad to see him in action on the show. (Plus, he’s super adorable… ngl.)

After their song, Santana approached the group and asked them if they’d sing for anyone. Joe said yep and Santana slid a $10 bill in his guitar and said she wanted them to sing a song for her girlfriend, Brittany. Joe’s face screwed up into a confused/concerned/unsure look as the screen cut to black and we cut to commercial.

In the choir room, Rory tells the glee kids that his Visa was denied to be renewed for the next school year, so that after this school year, he has to go back to Ireland. He sings a tearful rendition of “Home” (audio only) and everyone gets misty. Sugar feels bad for him, and asks him to be her date on Valentine’s Day. (Was Rory lying about having to go back to Ireland just to get Sugar?? Who knows/cares?)

I think then there was a Samcedes scene (again, I apologize for being super out of order with the plot points tonight… the show was a jumble of plots, songs, and feelings, so it’s kinda all over the place). Sam gives Mercedes a figurine of St. Valentine (well, really a wise man that he painted to be St. Valentine). She tells him that she told Shane (her boyfriend) about her and Sam and how he (Shane) cried about it. Poor Shane. Mercedes shouldn’t have cheated on him (but to be honest, I’m not a fan of his character… so if this means we’ll see less of him, I’m all for it). Mercedes tells Sam that she can’t be with him. Poor Sam. But, she’s right… she needs to figure out some stuff first. (btw – I love Amber’s singing voice, but I still stand by my opinion that she is not the strongest actor on this show. Some episodes she nails it, in the acting department, but this unfortunately was not one of them.)

As Sam walks away from her locker, Mercedes starts singing “I Will Always Love You.” I knew this song was in this episode, but it still caught me off guard and I cringed a bit. Amber sang it beautifully and with so much heart and feeling… but I know I’m still nowhere near over my grief for the late, great, Whitney Houston. I wish the Whitney dedication came right after this segment of the show instead of at the end of the episode. This song is epic, and was perfect for tonight’s episode… but I still had all the Whitney feelings 😦

Sometime at school, there is another meeting of the God Squad. They have a conversation about whether they want to sing to gay people. Mercedes, Sam and Quinn are fine with it, but Joe has to think about it. They have a super weird conversation about how 1 in 10 people is gay, so one of the 12 apostles was probably gay, and Mercedes claims it was probably Simon b/c his name is the gayest. The group gets a little preachy about the Bible and interpreting pieces of it aren’t as black and white as it seems. Quinn mentions how the Bible says eating lobster is wrong, but there’s nothing in there about slavery. (Wrap your mind around that…)

Then we spent some time at the Berrys house… Leroy and Hiram sang an all to short snippet of (audio only) “You’re the Top” (ugh, did they have to have Rachel sing too on the show…). I could watch Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell sing and make heart eyes at each other forever… but alas. I was glad that Finn and Carole seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performance. Burt looked so out of place. (God, I love Burt Hummel)

They all had dinner and Finn asked Rachel’s dads how they met. I was hoping for a more drawn out and adorable story. Alas.

After dinner, both sets of parents told their kids that now since they are getting married and everything, that they were going to sleep with each other. The kids eyes bugged out as Carole explained she packed Finn an overnight bag.

Finn and Rachel went up to Rachel’s room. She took forever to do her nightly routine and when she was finished, Finn said he had to go to the bathroom. Rachel freaked b/c he was about to poop in her house, in her bathroom, while she was right there. They squabbled for a bit about how they will have to live together and deal with these sorts of things.

Downstairs, Rachel’s dads finally revealed to the audience that they are using reverse psychology on the kids in hopes they will fight enough now to ultimately call off or at least postpone the wedding. (OH YEAH – I forgot – Finn and Rachel told the rest of the Glee club about their engagement. Some of the kids were happy for them, while others were not so much… Kurt and Quinn are on Team No. As am I… yikes.)

Rachel and Finn seem to make up and have a conversation as they awkwardly spoon on her bed. They finally realize that they are running late for Sugar’s party at Breadstix. When they get downstairs, her dads ask about their fight. Finnchel expresses that they are closer than ever, that Finn is going to spend the night at his own house, and that the wedding is set for May, after Nationals. UGH.

At Breadstix, we see that the place is decorated for V-Day.

Kurt shows up early, Valentine’s card from his Secret Admirer in hand. A waitress tells him he’s early, but he said he thought he was on time to meet his cutie, though he seems to be running late. She says otherwise and nods over to the gorilla standing by the door.

My heart dropped when the person in the gorilla suit took of the mask to reveal that it was Dave Karofsky. (Sadly, as soon as I saw Max Adler’s name in the opening credits, I KNEW he was going to be in the gorilla suit, and I knew he was going to be Kurt’s Secret Admirer).

My heart stayed dropped as Kurt soon realized that Dave, not Blaine, was the sender of the Valentine’s. They sat down and Karofsky basically poured out his little heart and told Kurt that he loved him. Kurt, as confused as the rest of us, asked how that could be… they hadn’t talked/seen each other since Scandals (episode 3×5… you know, the episode where Kurt and Blaine went to the gay bar with Sebastian and then later Kurt and Blaine had sex for the first time…). Kurt tried to let Dave down gently, saying he liked him as a friend, but how he was with Blaine. Dave’s heart broke… man, when he reached for Kurt’s hand. Poor guy 😦 Even worse, after Kurt let Dave down and they got up to leave, Nick (not Warbler Nick, another Nick) recognized Karofsky and insinuated that he and Kurt were together. Both he and Kurt denied it (Karofsky is not out to anyone his age but Kurt, Blaine, and Santana… remember?), but as Karofsky stormed out, I have a HUGE feeling that something is going to happen to him because of this Nick guy during next week’s episode. I predict either Karofsky is going to get bullied to the point of hospitalization, or he might attempt suicide. (These are just hunches… repeat JUST HUNCHES… but they wouldn’t bring Karofsky back like they did tonight unless his character arc is going somewhere/something big is going to happen to him.)

After Dave left, we cut to Sugar’s party in full swing. Poor Kurt is still by himself. (Where is your boyfriend, yo?)

The God Squad finally makes good on Santana’s request that they sing her girlfriend a song. (Joe’s rationale is that love is love, man). So, we get a cute mashup of “Cherish/Cherish” (audio only) and I am a happy camper. I like Brittana, and I’m glad they are together on the show… but that last kiss was hella awkwardly shot, don’t you think? Santana’s head was basically sideways… Really, I was just super glad they FINALLY sang The Association on the show! (“Cherish” is legit one of my favorite songs of all time. ALL TIME.)

After the song, Sugar got the mic and introduced the welcome return of our pirate king… BLAINE’S BACK!!

Blaine, in a Jason Mraz hat and heart-shaped eye patch, was back! He ripped off his eye patch, jumped up on stage and lead the girls (and ultimately Kurt) in a rendition of “Love Shack.” It was all sorts of cheese ball, but I’m just glad to see Darren back on the show. (This was, by far, NOT one of my favorite Blaine performances. We were so spoiled after last year’s Valentine’s episode that “Love Shack” paled in comparison to “When I Get You Alone” and “Silly Love Songs”).

I’m losing so much faith in this show, that I’m really just hanging on because of Darren and Mike O’Malley. So… Blaine’s back. What I need now is a scene between Blaine and Kurt discussing Kurt and Dave’s conversation at Breadstix. Were I a betting woman, I would bet that this isn’t going to happen… because the writers love leaving HUGE-ASS HOLES in the plot.



The episode ended and next week is Regionals. I.E. The return of the Warblers. I.E. The Winter Finale… we’re not getting new Glee until April. This pisses me off to no end. Here is the promo for next week.


So yeah… Glee.

Well, I should get going… I have to be up early for work.

Have a good one

I get home from work and go online to check my email and all I see everywhere is the headline that Whitney Houston died at the age of 48.

My jaw literally dropped and my heart stopped beating properly for a few moments. I couldn’t actually process what I was reading. How can Whitney Houston be dead? Why is Whitney Houston dead? What the hell just happened?

I didn’t know Whitney Houston. But I know her songs. (I’m sure you do too… they were and still are quite popular)

I’ve seen some of her films. I’ve belted her songs in the shower, in the car, in my room, into a hairbrush, with my friends, by myself, anywhere and everywhere. I grew up listening to her music and it’s part of me and will continue to be a part of me until the end of time.

I don’t have a favorite Whitney song… there are just too many to whittle down into a smallish list. But, in her honor, here are just a few of my favorites…

Her version of the Star Spangled Banner is probably my favorite version of this song EVER. And I’m not just saying that because of her unfortunate passing… it’s my favorite version of this song and has been since I heard her sing it:

The Bodyguard will forever be one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies of all time. “I Have Nothing” is one of my favorite songs in that film, and this is one of my go-to songs whenever I feel like singing really loud.

Okay, three more…

Her live version of “All the Man That I Need” is GORGEOUS. And, then, of course, “How Will I Know” is just such a fun song. And then, I just love love love “All at Once.” I can’t explain why, I just love it. I love all of her music. I can’t help it… her music has just been so present in my life, I still am having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that she is gone.


Was Whitney’s music important to you? Do you have a favorite Whitney song (or, like me, is it hard to pick just one?)?

Have a good one

Hey there,

Usually on Tuesday nights when there is a new episode of Glee, I do a recap right away.

Well, there was a new episode tonight… I think it was called “Spanish Teacher.” It was actually kind of okay, if you overlook the fact that Blaine wasn’t in the episode and most of the plot was about Mr. Schue and Sue (I’m so over the grownups on this show, it’s ridiculous). There was a good Finn/Kurt scene. Yay Furt.

 I won’t be recapping the episode tonight since I’m supposed to be asleep already as I have an early flight tomorrow morning. I probably won’t be able to sleep since I’m nervous (I hate flying), but I should at least try.

My favorite part of the episode was the promo for next week’s episode, “Heart”. It’s this year’s Valentine’s Day episode. Blaine will be back (even though he doesn’t seem to be in the promo at all), and, more importantly, Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell will be on. WOOOOOOT

I won’t be posting probably until this weekend, since I’ll be out of town. 

Have a good one!

So, I worked all morning/most of the afternoon and came home to find my mom doing what she’s been doing for the past few weeks – scanning all of the family pictures onto her computer.

See, a few years ago, she made my brother, sister and I all scrapbooks that chronicled our birth through our senior year of high school (she made 2 individualized scrapbooks per kid… like, a LOT of time and thought went into these wonderful, wonderful scrapbooks). Now, she’s scanning ALL of the family pictures so that my brother, sister and I will have digital copies of everything (i.e. 30 years of pictures…).

My mom is a saint, obviously.

So, I was sitting at the table and looking over at what year she was on. It was the summer of ’94, since I was on the orange softball team (I was on the orange team in ’93 & ’94). I was getting some sort of trophy… this was not a huge surprise as every summer I was on a team that either won PErcentage Champs (i.e. best record in the league) and/or was in the Day of Champs (the finals for the league). I was never on the winning team of the Day of Champs, but I definitely have a lot of Percentage Champs and Day of Champs trophies packed away somewhere.

Somehow my mom and I got to talking about the ball team I was on in ’97 & ’98 (the light blue team). My mom was my coach in ’98 and she told me how another coach made us play our semi-finals game on the one day my mom was busy with something else and how he did that on purpose because he was pissed that my mom/my team was undefeated that season even though we were basically the equivalent of the Bad News Bears (talk about a rag-tag bunch of kids… I don’t know how we won a few games, let alone 20).

But, what really made me laugh was hearing the story about how I ended up on the light blue team to begin with in ’97. My sister was on that team the past two years, but she was done with that league. I had a hunch I was going to be on that team, but I didn’t know that I was the first round draft pic for the whole league that summer.

My mom recalled the story and I just laughed. I guess the coach said that his daughter wasn’t going to pitch that summer, so he needed a pitcher (the teams that didn’t have an established pitcher were allowed to pick first so that everyone would have a decent pitcher to keep things “fair”), so he nabbed me before any of the other teams could. Drafts were held at the middle school, and my elementary school gym teacher was one of the umps in the league, and after I was “drafted,” I guess he ran out and told everyone waiting that I was the first one picked (because I guess it was a big deal that I was out of the running for the other teams… I mean, I know I was a good pitcher, but it makes me laugh to think that it mattered to people which team I ended up on that summer).

Turns out the coach’s daughter still did pitch that summer, so I was the relief pitcher (and then the primary pitcher that next summer), but I guess the whole point was that I wouldn’t be pitching *against* his team.

Crazy times.

In all honesty, I was one of the best pitchers in my age bracket from 4th-9th or 10th grade. Then everyone else finally caught up and then ultimately surpassed me. I had a few unofficial pitching lessons from one of my sister’s coaches, but I just threw for fun. I didn’t have an very diverse set of pitches. I could throw a change up, and I could throw a fastball. I could control the ball inside, outside, high or low. At one point, one of my coaches tried to teach me to throw a knuckleball. I threw that twice successfully. But, I didn’t have a breaking ball. I didn’t have a slider. By time you hit high school, coaches expect you to throw crazy shit. I had control, but I couldn’t throw crazy shit.

The summer before my freshman year, I got hurt. I fell backward during a game and hit my head against the ground pretty bad and messed up my spine a bit. I did physical therapy, but I’m still feeling this injury and it’s been 14 years now.

I still pitched throughout high school, but it hurt. I pitched almost every game my freshman year (was JV MVP b/c of it), and then off and on in 10th grade. When I hit Varsity in 11th grade, I was turned into an outfielder (I had a great arm. Again, this is not bragging. I could throw. My first Varsity game I threw a girl out at home plate from left field.). I was still a relief pitcher and threw every now and again. Other girls on the team were better (or at least were way more serious about playing softball after high school), but I was put in when needed and I delivered.

I’m what we call a “has been.” I was a good athlete. I was an asset to whatever team I was on. Now I’m just someone who used to play ball. I might now play anymore, but my back still thinks I do. This damp weather is killing me.

Well… that’s enough shop talk 🙂

I’m off from work tomorrow… gotta run some errands (I’m gonna get a portfolio or something fancy to put my paperwork in for next week’s interview) and then bake some brownies or something!


Have a good one

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