If you have a job where you are on your feet for 6-8 hours at a time, I’m sure you can appreciate the gloriousness of just sitting on the couch for a little bit.

I am presently sitting on my couch with one of my dogs and we’re watching American Idol. Yay for sitting down.

(About to talk about Glee “Michael” episode, so SPOILERS if you still haven’t seen it.)

So, the day after a new episode of Glee airs, I read all the recaps to see if I agree with the writer. Usually I am 100% in sync with Christie Keith, a blogger on AfterElton.com, as she ships Klaine as much as I do. But, part of her recap really stuck out at me the wrong way.

She wrote: “And yeah, I admit it: My heart jumped when Blaine took that slushy for Kurt, and while I’ve always been a fan of this pairing, it was mostly because Kurt wanted Blaine. Now I love Blaine on his own, too. Best. Boyfriend. Ever.”

And I was like, “Hold the phone.” A group of friends and I have a Glee message board and this is what I wrote to them…

“Blaine is the Best. Boyfriend. Ever. But Blaine has also been captaining this Ship since “Original Song”. As soon as he realized he had feelings for Kurt, Blaine has been the one initiating most of the big steps in their relationship. Kurt “wanted” Blaine up through the Alcohol episode, but then kinda backed off. As soon as that little “I have feelings for Kurt” light bulb went off for Blaine during “Blackbird,” that boy has been all in ever since. So, to me, taking a slushie for Kurt wasn’t unexpected at all. It’s just Captain Blaine trying to protect his first mate.”

So yeah… I obviously spend way too much time thinking about this show and Klaine (I think I only ship them this hard b/c of Darren. NGL, I love Chris Colfer, but Darren/Blaine is my favorite person/character on that show beside Mike O’Malley/Burt Hummel). But, I firmly believe that Blaine has been as much, if not more, invested in their relationship since 2×16.

Also, here are some SPOILERS for the regionals episode, 3×14… OMG, I CAN’T WAIT.

And *here* is an article about an upcoming Blaine/Blaine’s brother (yes, he has a brother… played by Matt Bomer) song. WOOOOOOOOOOT.


Okay, so I’m tired and I’m gonna curl up with my dog and take a nap/watch Idol.

Have a good one