I get home from work and go online to check my email and all I see everywhere is the headline that Whitney Houston died at the age of 48.

My jaw literally dropped and my heart stopped beating properly for a few moments. I couldn’t actually process what I was reading. How can Whitney Houston be dead? Why is Whitney Houston dead? What the hell just happened?

I didn’t know Whitney Houston. But I know her songs. (I’m sure you do too… they were and still are quite popular)

I’ve seen some of her films. I’ve belted her songs in the shower, in the car, in my room, into a hairbrush, with my friends, by myself, anywhere and everywhere. I grew up listening to her music and it’s part of me and will continue to be a part of me until the end of time.

I don’t have a favorite Whitney song… there are just too many to whittle down into a smallish list. But, in her honor, here are just a few of my favorites…

Her version of the Star Spangled Banner is probably my favorite version of this song EVER. And I’m not just saying that because of her unfortunate passing… it’s my favorite version of this song and has been since I heard her sing it:

The Bodyguard will forever be one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies of all time. “I Have Nothing” is one of my favorite songs in that film, and this is one of my go-to songs whenever I feel like singing really loud.

Okay, three more…

Her live version of “All the Man That I Need” is GORGEOUS. And, then, of course, “How Will I Know” is just such a fun song. And then, I just love love love “All at Once.” I can’t explain why, I just love it. I love all of her music. I can’t help it… her music has just been so present in my life, I still am having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that she is gone.


Was Whitney’s music important to you? Do you have a favorite Whitney song (or, like me, is it hard to pick just one?)?

Have a good one