Hey y’all,

I know I haven’t posted on here much this year. Sorry :/

I saw The Artist today and really want/need to gush about its amazingness, but I need to get to sleep as soon as possible, so the gushing will have to wait.

I am on the verge of being horrendously ill and I need to see if sleeping it off will help. I’m cold, shaky and feel like I need to empty my stomach. I tried multiple times a few hours ago, but no dice. So, I just feel epically nauseous and really cold… but since I couldn’t have my hoodie on (it was constricting my neck too much and was making me feel worse), I wrapped myself up in a beach towel. Only my face was showing. My mom actually laughed at me (not maliciously, mind you) when I dragged myself back upstairs to finish watching The Finder w/her.

So, gushing about my love for The Artist will happen over the next couple days, probably.

For now, I sleep.

Have a good one