Hey everybody,

And by “everybody,” I mean the couple people who might of accidentally stumbled across my blog.

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been busy with work and/or really sick/tired. I had off from work tonight, but I’m still pretty sick/tired, so this might not be the most eloquent of posts, but I’ll try…


So, the Oscars were the other night. If you saw the telecast, you might have come to the same conclusion I did – wow… that was a pretty mundane telecast.

Sure, there were highlights (Billy Crystal’s opening was pretty enjoyable, as were Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speeches), but on a whole it was just pretty “meh.” That being said, I didn’t HATE the telecast… I just didn’t feel inspired to jump on my computer and blog the bejesus out of what we just saw.

I did like the show’s set – I thought the old timey movie theater entrance on the stage was really cute and appropriate. The Oscars are meant to celebrate and honor the best filmmakers and films of today. On a whole, I was not super impressed with a lot of films that were nominated this year (that’s not to say that all movies from 2011 sucked… I did enjoy quite a few, though most of what I thought were great films didn’t get nominated for Best Picture… like Bridesmaids, or HP7Pt 2).

However, I was THRILLED that my favorite film of the films nominated for Best Picture *did* win. The Artist was an AMAZING film and I loved, loved, loved that it was ABOUT the movies/the movie industry. (I mean, it was about George Valentin, but it was set against the film industry/the introduction and rise of talkies.)

So, while I loved The Artist and was pumped it won several Oscars, I was not super pumped about the actual Oscars themselves this year. (Though, yay for “Man or Muppet” winning Best Song!)

One of my favorite Oscar moments this year didn’t even happen at the Oscars… it happened pool-side hours prior on the E! channel when Darren Criss and Kermit the Frog sang “The Rainbow Connection” together. That might have been the most precious thing I’ve seen on television thus far this year.

Two of my least favorite things I’ve seen on TV this year were commercials for the new ABC shows “GCB” and “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.”


Since when is it okay for ABC (let alone any network, especially on broadcast television) to have not one, but TWO shows in its upcoming lineup with the word “Bitch” in the title? (Sure, they use the initial “B” in both cases, but WE ALL KNOW what the B stands for…)

That’s SEXIST.

Yep, sexist.

Yes, I am a feminist. And no, I do not think it is okay for television programs to use the “B” word in their titles because it just makes it seem okay to use that term for entertainment purposes. (Here’s a scholarly article about the social harms of using this word…)

Well, guess what… it’s not okay. I pointed this out to my mom the other day and she agreed with me – it’s not okay for these shows to use THAT WORD (well, initial that stands for that word) for their programming because then it just makes it seem like that term is something that people can use against/at/for women at their leisure.

Well, it’s not okay. I get really upset when someone calls me the B word. I know a lot of other women who have similar reactions to the B word. And now here’s ABC… using it in two show titles and making it seem like the women characters on that show are fine with this label.

I’ll be boycotting those shows. It won’t be hard for me to do that… they both look like really bad shows anyway, and I wouldn’t watch them even if they had different titles. Them having offensive titles just makes it easier for me not to support those shows.


Well… that’s my two cents for the night.

I should get some rest… maybe read for a little and get some sleep.

Have a good one