Happy International Women’s Day…

… did you know that this is not recognized as an official holiday in the United States of America?

(sorry, this is another very political post… It’s just been that kind of week.)

Regardless, I feel that recognizing the achievements and social contributions of women is a super important thing and I am thankful that some countries celebrate women on March 8th.

A group of girlfriends and I had a lengthy discussion last night about being women, the whole birth control debacle from the other day (you know, when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” because of birth control…), how we feel upset that male politicians are misinformed about birth control and women’s health on a whole, and how women are strong not only because we face the potential task of child birth, but because of the pain and sheer amount of blood we deal with for one week every month for decades. 

I am proud to be a woman, but sometimes it really sucks. We are at least half (if not more) of the population. We are responsible for procreation (sure, you need a sperm… but guess whose uterus that baby is growing and developing in for 9 months…). But we still aren’t exactly treated as equals all the time. I find it disturbing how women’s health is treated in politics. I find it disturbing how there are people who are anti-establishments like Planned Parenthood (because that organization does so much for women who need access to affordable women’s health care). I find it disturbing that Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” for using birth control and how he (and a bunch of other male politicians) are misinformed and undereducated about the purposes and functions of birth control. I find it disturbing when some male politicians feel they have the end-all, be-all answer when it comes to women’s issues like abortion even though it has nothing to do with their bodies. 

I understand that I am super lucky to be an American and live in this country where I am able to vent my opinions about such matters. I understand that even though all this political stuff sucks and is not likely to radically change any time in the near future, I still have it better than a lot of other women all over the world.

Happy International Women’s Day. For reals… women are awesome and we have and will continue to achieve awesome things.

So, here’s to all the amazing women who have come before me, and those who are waiting in the wings for their time to shine. 


Have a good one