I had off from work today and I spent most of it watching movies and reading a book that was adapted into a movie. (Job hunt will continue tomorrow, I swear… I just needed to clear my mind, watch some movies and deal with a massive headache)

I went to a 10:30 screening of The Hunger Games this morning. I’ve read The Hunger Games, but have yet to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I have those books in my possession, but I’m not allowing myself to read them until I’ve finished reading The Help (which is due back at the library soon… I have 250+ more pages to go – yikes!)

So, I really enjoyed The Hunger Games. While some plot points of the book were changed or glossed over (which is to be expected in any adaptation… I took a film adaptation class in grad school and have attempted writing some adaptation scripts, so I know firsthand how some stuff has to be altered in order to best fit the cinematic version… but I digress), I thought this was a fairly faithful and ultimately a successful transfer from page to screen.

I had my fingers crossed that Gary Ross and his epic ensemble would keep the spirit of the book in tact and I think they did. I was wondering how they would portray the violence and brutality of the Hunger Games while keeping a PG-13 rating, but I thought between the handheld camera work and quick edits, anything super violent was partially obscured and the point was gotten across without sacrificing story or visuals.

Toward the end, the script got a little fan-ficish, but then I remember that’s kinda how the book ended too, so I wasn’t too disappointed. I am such a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence and think that she made a great Katniss. She has that character down pat and I honestly can’t think of anyone else who could have played that part. She’s just so talented and was very much able to balance Katniss’s moments of harshness/independence and those of vulnerability and caring for others. The Hunger Games are a mindfuck and you could see Lawrence, as Katniss, working it all out in her mind on screen.

I think Katniss is a really great female protagonist. She’s strong, she’s strong-willed, she’s loyal, she’s caring, she’s an independent thinker, and she stands up for what she believes in. I almost threw up in my mouth a little before the film because they showed a teaser trailer for the second Breaking Dawn movie of the Twilight series and I was again reminded how Bella Swan is one of the worst female protagonists of all time. *shudder*

But back to The Hunger Games. Katniss is awesome. And I know people are doing the whole “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale” (much like the horrible “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” in Twilight… ugh), but I refuse to pick a side in that debate. Right now, I am Team Katniss 100%. In this film, we don’t get much of Katniss and Gale’s relationship, and though Peeta is likable, I’m still on the fence if what happened in the film between him and Katniss was just for the audience, or if it was real (I really need to read the other two books). So far, neither Gale nor Peeta have treated Katniss like an object (*cough* like Edward and Jacob treat Bella in Twilight *cough*), so they both are upstanding young men in my eyes.

For me, The Hunger Games series is more about Katniss and her responsibility to her family, as well as how her involvement in The Hunger Games could potentially lead to something bigger (i.e. an uprising that I am fairly sure, even without reading the last two books, is coming).

So, yeah…

I was really moved by this movie. It deals with legitimately heavy subject matter and the formation and destruction of alliances and relationships are really emotional and powerful. I didn’t cry (which isn’t a surprise, if you know me), but I found myself really caring about what was happening and thinking about how horrible it would be to go through something like that because your government made you do it. Yikes.

In addition to The Hunger Games, I rewatched the newer version of Footloose… twice. I watched it once with commentary (b/c I’m a dork and I like listening to director’s talk about their work), and then once without commentary b/c there was nothing on TV tonight and my dad hadn’t seen it before.

I posted awhile ago about this film when I saw it in theaters a few months ago. I still really love this movie. Watching Kenny Wormald dance is literally like having a religious experience – the way he dances is just so manly and nrqeuhwfurbncq;kwlj. I just really appreciate how he is able to master such a variety of dance styles. I’m not big on line dancing, but DAMN. And while I was not a huge fan of the original Footloose (sorry, Kevin Bacon… I love you and all, but….), I LOVE the last dance sequence. Like, if I had time, I would totally teach that to myself. (You think I’m joking, but I used to teach myself the choreography to music videos and musicals… so, yeah.)

I just love dancing, okay? I’m not awesome at it, but I love it.

Well… I’m gonna read some more. I NEED to finish The Help. Like, soon.

Have a good one