How did it come to this?

I mean, I am always more than willing to help colleagues out at work because it’s a very team-oriented environment (I mean, we all have our own jobs and our own sales goals to focus on, but there is no way to work where I work without helping or getting help from others at various points throughout the day), but today got a bit ridiculous.

I would estimate that I probably spent half my day helping out a colleague who was working by herself in her work area because otherwise she might not have been able to get everything done. I felt so bad that she was stuck working by herself on one of the busiest days I’ve seen in a long time. The kicker was, she wasn’t supposed to be by herself – she was supposed to be with someone else, but that someone else somehow managed to not be at work today. But, the woman who was there (and by herself) kicked so much ass today. Sadly, she will likely not get recognized for her herculean efforts today :/

I was actually not supposed to be at work today, but I picked up an extra shift because I’ll be in need of some extra gas money in the next couple weeks since I hope to go visit my sister and gas is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Funny… gas goes up, goods and services prices go up, my health insurance went up… but my pay remains the same. Blah.

I do have 3 days off ahead of me, though. And I plan on spending them job hunting and reading Catching Fire and MOckingjay. I’m halfway done with Catching Fire. It would appear that (spoiler alert) Peeta is one of the most moral and seemingly selfless characters in literature. At least he seems so up to where I am in the book. Damn. That kids is just a good guy.

Well… I’m off to read some more before I go to sleep 🙂

Have a good one