Money is always a problem, right?

Like, gas prices shot up again today… really? $3.79 for a gallon of gas? I’m sure some oil executive schmuck is rolling around in his piles of money like Scrooge McDuck while the rest of us are trying to figure out how we’re going to afford the gas it takes to drive to our barely minimum wage paying jobs.

Breathe, Kate.

But how am I supposed to breathe when I’m about to break down into tears?

I just looked at my paycheck that I’ll be getting this Friday and it’s SHORT almost an entire day’s pay!


I have to call in tomorrow and see what the epic HELL is up with that. There is no way I am not getting paid for the hours I put in last week. You don’t work 21+ hours and then only get paid for 16. NOPE. Not on my watch. I even double checked my schedule… I clocked in and out on the days I was scheduled to work. Even my schedule says I worked over 21 hours. So, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that my paycheck says I worked 16 hours. NO SENSE.

I am livid right now, like you would not believe. Good thing my place of business is closed right now so I can’t call them up and demand answers. Instead, I must sleep on it (well, roll around restlessly for the entire night… I won’t be able to sleep because this will keep me up) and then call in right away tomorrow morning.

It just doesn’t make any sense. I can’t even begin to rationalize out how they are going to try to pay me for 16 hours when I clearly am supposed to be paid for 21+. NO SENSE.

I am so worried about money. But, aren’t we all? (Well, rich people aren’t. BLAH)

I’m visiting my sister soon. I’ve been picking up extra shifts here and there to pay for the expensive gas it’ll take to drive the 14+ hours round trip to see her. I plan on moving within the next few months and it’s going to take $ for a moving truck and for an apartment.

It’s just super frustrating to watch gas prices soar and my paycheck gets fucked with (and people still owe me money from the NYC trip we took over New Year’s) and know that my wages are pretty much stuck in the same spot. The cost of living has gone up so much (gas, insurance, etc…), but people’s wages haven’t. And I’m not just talking about mine, here. So many people in this country are barely scraping by and the prices of food, gas, rent, other goods and services just keep escalating.

I am beyond blessed that I haven’t had to pay rent for the last 20 months. Like, BEYOND blessed. (I have the best parents on the planet. For reals.) But, I need to move out and get a better job and start a better life for myself. (That’s not to say I haven’t had a good life thus far… I’ve had a GREAT one… but it’s under the roof of parents. I need some independence. And a better paying job that hopefully has something to do with either/both of my degrees.)


Another super frustrating subject right now.

I have been job hunting like a mad woman for well over a year. I should add that I’ve been job hunting for out of state jobs for well over a year. Stupid me didn’t really look for anything better around where I live now b/c I thought I would be hired and out of here by then.

HOWEVER, no one seems to want to employee me because I live in MN and *not* where I am applying to jobs.

Equal opportunity employer, my foot.

I have gotten a few nibbles from prospective employers, but it’s ultimately been NO from everyone so far because I live in MN and *not* in the state where their job is.

So, I am still going to be applying for jobs, but I think apartment hunting will have to become my number one priority. I really need to get out of MN. There’s nothing for me here except for my family. And while I super love my family, I cannot keep going at the pace I’m at now. It’s not rewarding, I’m not earning enough for my future, and my skills are being underutilized. I need to branch out and attempt employment in my field in another city/state. I know I am hirable. I’m a damn hard worker, I am a damn good worker, and I am awesome at following directions and working on a team as well as working on my own.


I am just too wired right now. I can’t do anything about my paycheck until tomorrow morning, so I just need to wind down and try and sleep it off tonight. Looks like I’ll be reading… I’m halfway done with Mockingjay!!

Have a good one