This’ll be super quick…

First off – If Phillip Phillips doesn’t win American Idol this year, I’m going to be a sad Idol-watcher. That kid is amazing. He needs music like the rest of us need air. I can’t stop staring at him when he sings – he’s so engaging, even though he never really looks at the camera. I didn’t even know the song he was singing tonight (“Still Rainin“), and I just sat there and watched, thinking to myself, “Holy Shit. This kid feels this music so much, that vein on his forehead is about to explode.” Watch his eyes when he sings – the way he interprets his songs is RIDICULOUS (in the best way possible). I cannot say enough good things about him… he’s truly a unique performer. I’m glad he hasn’t caved and conformed to the Idol model of contestants past. I sincerely hope this kid makes it… I would love to see him perform in a coffee shop-esque setting. The way he contorts himself when he sings and just pours everything into his phrasing and lyrics. Day-yum. Kid’s got talent.


Glee released this BTS of the next episode, “Big Brother.” I’m super excited for this episode for 3 reasons: 1.) This hiatus has sucked 2.) the episode centers around Blaine and 3.) Blaine’s brother, Cooper, is played by Matthew Bomer… who I ❤ *almost* as much as I ❤ Darren Criss.

I am very, very, very much looking forward to Blaine and Cooper's duets (yes, DUETS!!), as well as some back story about Blaine. We don't know much about his family, so it's going to be an important episode in that regard. HOWEVER, I seriously, seriously, seriously hope that Cooper does not end up being the father of Sue's baby (see THIS promo for how I came to that conclusion). I think Cooper being the baby daddy would cheapen and make a joke of the character of Blaine. Uncle Blaine? I think not. Blaine’s already been through enough shit (daddy issues, got the shit kicked out of him at a dance, had to have eye surgery from getting slushied by his former friends/schoolmates, etc…), he doesn’t need to have his brother’s sperm impregnating one Sue Sylvester.

But, I seriously need this episode and its music NOW. Matt Bomer + Darren Criss = my heart will likely explode while this episode happens.


Well… I finished Mockingjay today. I won’t spoil that for you, but I will say OMG. I wasn’t entirely pleased with how that last book played out, but I will accept it for what it is and am glad that my favorite character (who shall remain a mystery to you) ultimately overcame obstacles and succeeded in the end.

Off to read The Town

Have a good one