So, I just got off the phone with one of the HR people at the place where I work.

Even though I DID get shorted a whole day’s pay from last week, it was merited. (Well, not really, but in the end, when you look at the numbers over the last few weeks, it makes sense.)

See… the system messed up my schedule the week before and I had to fill out some paperwork to get my clock ins/clock outs corrected. While my paperwork was promptly fixed and reflected on my clock ins/clock outs schedule, it somehow didn’t make it to the payroll people in time. SO, I got overpaid on my paycheck two weeks ago because payroll didn’t get my corrected schedule until this past paycheck. So, they shorted me on this paycheck because they had messed up my prior paycheck.

It’s frustrating that my clock ins/outs were corrected in time but my paycheck wasn’t. I check my schedule more often than I do my paycheck (you always just assume Direct Deposit is doing it’s thing, you know?), so I just assumed that since my schedule was correct, then my paycheck would be correct too… especially since my schedule indicated that the extra time I was supposedly clocked in for (but I wasn’t) was removed. So, I didn’t even think to question my paycheck since (1) my schedule was fixed and (2) I earned a bunch of commission that week anyway, so the slightly inflated check didn’t surprise me.

Lesson learned here – you can NEVER trust the system. Even if it appears to be under control, it’s not. I need to check and re-check my schedule and paycheck every week, else something like this could happen again.

Even though the numbers ultimately now make sense, though their effects were felt over two weeks instead of one, I am still a lot pissed off about my paycheck being shorted. It just sucks knowing you’ve been working your ass off, only to have them take away a day’s worth of your pay because of a mistake someone else made.

So, most of my rant from last night is now seemingly invalid, but all things dealing with money still frustrate me. I really wish I was living to work instead of working to live, you know?

Today is definitely not that day, but hopefully someday this will be the case.

I know more people than me feel this way. And we can’t give up. As much as this really, really sucks right now, I hope we can pull ourselves up and work through these tough/rough times. The economy and job market sucks, but hopefully this won’t be the case forever.

So, I’m going to go hug my mom and dogs, eat some lunch (being upset and hungry is not a good combination), and get on with my day. Search for jobs. Start trying to figure out how to look for apartments (I’ve never done that before… when I lived with my sister, she took are of finding the places we would live.). Play some ping pong. Watch some Idol. Read the rest of Mockingjay.

Have a good one